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Community Post: The Duck’s Top 5 Mario Levels

Screenshot by Flickr User: JEAN-Louco por Animes e Mangas
Screenshot by Flickr User: JEAN-Louco por Animes e Mangas

United We Game’s February community posts continue, with today being the day the Duck will present you all with my entry on the topic of levels in the “Mario” series.  Gamer or not, pretty much everyone’s heard of Mario, and there’s a reason this squat plumber is so popular even after people have been playing his games for over three decades.  Because the games have something in them for everyone.  They have good, old platforming goodness through a wide variety of environments, an innocent charm that people of all ages can enjoy, challenge (and boy, can they be challenging), not to mention princesses to save and big Koopa Kings to toss.  There are so many “Mario” levels out there, and yet they still manage to find ways to do something new with each one and make them stand out from the rest.  So I decided for my post that I would list my top five “Mario” levels, and to make it fair, I am going to list my top level from each of my five main “Mario” games in order from least favorite to top favorite.  The games I considered for this post span 1991-2010, “Super Mario World”, “Super Mario 64”, “Super Mario Sunshine”, and the two “Super Mario Galaxy” games.

5. Okay, this first one is not strictly my favorite level from a particular game.  I chose it more because I have some good memories associated with this level that I can’t really claim to have with the others.  This level is Stand Tall on the 4 Pillars, which is found in Shifting Sand Land from “Super Mario 64”.  In this level, you go into the pyramid and fight the boss, called the Eyerock (consisting of two hands with an eye on each palm, a surprisingly common boss in games), for a star.  As I hinted at before, the level itself is not that exciting, but the last time I played this game was the very first time in about 10 years of owning it that I finally got 100%.  And this particular playthrough consisted of my very first time through this level.  Ever.  So, for one thing, getting to play an entirely new level in a game I had been trying to beat for a decade was pretty exciting, which is one cause for my fond memories of it.  The other reason is what took place while I was playing it.

I remember I was relaxing in my most comfortable chair one afternoon playing this game.  It was quite a peaceful time, and for some inexplicable reason, my cat, Alex, decided to jump onto the chair with me, which he had never done before and never did ever again.  The chair was much too small for the two of us, so he had to settle with largely laying on my lap, making it that much more fun to play the game.  And this happened to be during this very level, which was also a surprise, considering it was my first time through it and my first time ever seeing this boss.  And so I will forever have pleasant memories of playing this level one lazy afternoon with a comfy chair and a cat on my lap.

Video from Youtube user: MrGamingZone

4. My next favorite level comes from “Super Mario Galaxy”.  This level, despite not being a fan of the fiendish creature called the bee one bit, is Bee Mario Takes Flight, a level in the HoneyHive Galaxy.  And I just love it, for many reasons.  To start, it’s just such a cute level.  It’s so bright and colorful, with cute, cheery music.  And then there’s the bees.  Not just Bee Mario, but the regular bees in the level.  While most bees are terrifying and evil, these bees are just so darn adorable!  I’m not kidding you!  They are so cute!  They are plump and fluffy, and they make adorable sounds when you go up to them.  Honestly, it’s mainly the adorable bees that make me love this level, not just Bee Mario, even though he can be pretty useful, the way he can fly and climb around on certain surfaces.  But, I guess in the end, it’s really the adorable bees that make this level great.  This level and the bees that populate it are the bee’s knees.

Video from Youtube user: Overhazard

3. My next favorite level kind of bends the rules a bit.  This one comes from “Super Mario Galaxy 2”, and my favorite level from this game is, without a doubt, Return of the Whomp King from the Throwback Galaxy.  I’m kind of cheating here because, oh, my gosh, this is actually a level from “Super Mario 64”!  A bit ironic, as I honestly was not a huge fan of “Super Mario 64” (it was so darn hard, and that’s why it took me a decade or so to beat!), but this level was just so great because of the pure nostalgia.  This level is a replica of the second world from “Super Mario 64”, complete with the same delightful music and everything.  And it makes me happy because it was a world I actually liked from “Super Mario 64” (because, unlike most of the game, it was much easier).  Then, you get to fight some Whomps.  I like Whomps.  They look goofy.  (Even though we all know Thwomps are better.)

Video from Youtube user: omegaevolution

2. My second favorite level comes from “Super Mario World”, the Donut Ghost House.  I always liked the ghost houses.  They were creepy, with the spooky music and the dark interiors, not to mention all the ghosts (the big ones were so freaky!), and they were confusing, with all the doors and the strange order in which you had to go through them in order to escape, but that was what made them fun.  And I just love those old-fashioned Boos.  Adorable.  Except the ones that follow you when you look away.  That’s rather scary.  And so, since these levels were my favorites from the game, I just chose this one because it’s the first and because it’s the easiest.  Easy is good.

Video from Youtube user: BURTTtv

1. And my favorite “Mario” level, as you’d expect, comes from my favorite “Mario” game, “Super Mario Sunshine”, despite this one being the most different, but maybe that’s why I liked it.  I love this game, and I always loved Noki Bay most of all, a rather beautiful place with peaceful music and towering cliffs (which are, oh, so fun to climb), and I actually found the water to be even prettier when it was purple and polluted.  This level was so lovely and had such fun platforming that I always loved visiting it.  And as odd as it is, my favorite level in this place was Eely-Mouth’s Dentist, where you go underwater and clean the teeth of this giant eel.  The boss music in this game is quite awesome and epic (even when you’re playing dentist), and I just found it so darn satisfying cleaning up all those filthy teeth (except it was gross when some of them came out).  Maybe I’m a weirdo for getting such a rush from cleaning eel teeth, but I did, and that’s why I found this level to be awesome.

Video from Youtube user: Anon7906

Duck, Dentist of Eel Teeth

Another Super Galaxy

Oh, happy day!  Another thing to add to my list of “Completely Unimportant Accomplishments”!  I finally got all 242 stars in “Super Mario Galaxy 2”!  I had to look at a guide to figure out how to get 2, but 240 out of 242 without help isn’t too bad, right?  The game took me a few minutes less than 42 hours (not including the hours that didn’t get saved because I had no accomplishments to save in the first place) and slightly over two months.  The first game only had 120 stars, and I got all of them, too.  I think that game was harder, though, or maybe I’m just better now.  No, the first game was probably just harder.

            So Princess Peach was kidnapped once again by Bowser, which is getting pretty silly, if you ask me (and you should).  This is what, the 20th time?  She must be getting used to it by now.  She spends about as much time at home as she does in Bowser’s clutches, it seems.

            Anyway, there are minor differences, but I’d say the game is pretty similar to the first.  The biggest differences are that you can sometimes ride Yoshi and play as Luigi.  Yoshi can eat enemies and also certain foods, such as a spicy pepper that makes him run like mad.  It’s rather amusing.  It’s fun to play as Luigi, too, probably just because we’re always stuck playing as Mario.  The two are hardly different, though, except I hear that Luigi can jump higher.  Good for him.

            One new thing worth mentioning is cloud Mario, which allows Mario to make up to three cloud platforms by spinning.  (These clouds have smiles on them, and no wonder.  Cloud Mario makes me happy, too.)  There is less spring Mario, I think, which is good because that was annoying and hard to control.  And seriously, how unrealistic.  In real life, Mario would have had severe brain injuries, bouncing on his head like that.  And then, he’d be in the hospital, and it would just be sad.  No one wants hospital Mario.  Well, there’s Dr. Mario, but that’s not the same.

            I don’t think they made as much use of the motion as they did in the last game, but whatever.  At least, you don’t have to chase the bunnies as much.  I hated that.  So much.  They still have two of those annoying ball areas, though, where you hold the remote upright to have Mario stand still on the ball, then tilt it to make him move.  I suffered through those with plenty of complaining.

            Anyway, there are a lot of stars in the game, and the last is positively dreadful.  Just dreadful.  I kept dying a zillion times, which made me madder than a hatter at an unbirthday!  Which is pretty darn mad, I’ve heard.  It took me about a week to finally get it.

            And while there are no mini sheep in this game, either (I know, weird), there are still some very cute things.  The cutest things are the bees.  Compared to real bees, I guess they’re enormous and would fill all who gazed upon them with absolute terror, but in the game, they’re adorable, with their toothy smiles and fluffy collars and the cute sounds they make.  Not as cute as mini sheep, but still a fine competitor.  Well done, Nintendo.  Done well.

Super Duck Galaxy