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Top Songs from KH1

“Kingdom Hearts” is a most fantastic game, with a wonderful story and great characters and lots of great music, as well, and so I shall be sharing with you all my top ten favorite songs from this game.  By the way, to make things more fair and because I have a habit of making unnecessary rules for things that don’t really matter, I will only be including songs original to this game (to my knowledge, at least), not songs from Disney movies or “One-Winged Angel”.  Otherwise, “One-Winged Angel” and probably “This is Halloween” would be in here, too.  The former because it’s just too awesome and the latter probably just because I love “The Nightmare Before Christmas”.

10. “Merlin’s Magical House” is quite a fun song that plays in Merlin’s house (who would have guessed?) in Traverse Town.  It’s so cute and fun!  I just love it!

9. “End of the World” is the final level of the game, the place housing the remains of all the worlds taken by the Heartless.  This song is slow and depressing and makes one feel lonely and empty, very fitting for such a place.

8. “Monstro” plays inside, well, Monstro the whale.  It is a fun song to listen to while you wander around in this giant whale’s tummy.

7. Captain Hook’s Pirate Ship has some great music when you fight enemies.  I always thought it was quite a fun song.  And it sounds…pirate-y to me.  Yeah.  Pirate-y.

6. “Night of Fate” mainly plays when the Heartless come to Destiny Islands.  I love this song.  It just really gives a certain feel to this area, as Sora attempts to fight off an endless amount of Heartless overtaking his world.  The song speaks of hopelessness and one’s fruitless attempt to save their world when there is no hope of doing so.

5. “Dearly Beloved” plays during the title screen and other places, too, I believe.  It’s just a simple and slow, pretty song that’s played on the piano.  When I hear it, I instantly think “Kingdom Hearts”!  Just try not to!  You can’t!

4. I very much enjoy “Fragments of Sorrow” (thanks, PurpleArmadillo, for telling me the name of this song), as well, the music that plays in the End of the World during battles.  It is just so epic, and I love the vocals, especially at 0:43.  It’s pretty darn dramatic battle music, and it fits well for the final level of the game.  It makes you feel like you’re heading towards something really important, like the fate of all worlds rests on you and your actions, and, you know what, it does.

3. “Traverse Town” is one of the first locations of the game, and I find the music here to be very soothing and peaceful as you wander around this town at night.  When I played this game for the very first time, I remember wandering around this place, with this music playing, and just thinking I couldn’t believe I was really playing this amazing game.  (I didn’t need to be very far into the game to know it would be awesome.)  I still get the same feeling now.

2. “Hollow Bastion” is played in the enormous castle near the end of the game in a world bearing the same name.  I always loved this song, and I think it gives the place a rather ancient, mysterious feel to it.

1. “Simple and Clean” is this game’s theme, sung by Utada Hikaru.  It is no doubt the best song of the game.  I still remember when I first heard this song during a commercial, and it just made me want the game so very much.  (I must admit, though, I have no idea how the words relate to the game.  At all.)

Simple and Duck