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Draft 2 of My Artist Comic is Done

I recently finished draft 2 of the script for that artist-y, black and white comic I was working on.  It was pretty easy.  I pretty much rewrote it issue by issue and didn’t really need to add extra scenes.  Wherever things were boring, I found ways to make it much more interesting.  I also made changes to make things seem a lot more urgent.  In much of my stories, there doesn’t seem to be any real need to hurry.  Now there kind of is.  Now it is more possible for the main characters to fail.  I also tried to make sure things made more sense.

            I am much happier with my story now.  Issue 2 is pretty good, issue 3 and 4 are all right.  Issue 5 is better, and I fixed the ending a little.  Issue 1 still needs extra work.  But, we’re getting there.  With a bit more changes, it’ll be on the same level as the other issues.  This comic is going to be much easier than my June comic.  The story is much simpler.

            So anyway, this draft took me 28 days, from 1/3/12 to 1/30/12.  (Draft 1 took 84 days.  I was pretty fast this time.)  I’m going to get to draft 3 no earlier than 3/12/12.  When I get to draft 3, I need to redo parts that are still boring.  Issue 1 must have a lot of changes.  Other than that, it might be nearly perfect by the end of draft 3.  I may even finish this one before my June comic, even though I started it later.  I look forward to this one very much.  I think it will be a pretty good comic after all.

The Duck is Double Drafty

Draft 2 of My June Comic is Done

I was really lazy with my June comic for a while.  I got really distracted by “Final Fantasy VII” and stuff, plus I was running out of ideas, but now I’ve suddenly come up with new ideas and am making major changes to my comic.  After a lot of work, I’m finally done with draft 2.  Huzzah!  This is now the farthest I’ve ever gotten in any story ever.  (I usually quit once draft 1 is done.)

            So when it comes to the changes, one thing I did was I really changed the role of June’s brother.  He was lame.  He’s taking the place of another character now.  He’s still her brother, but he just has a much different part.  Also, I’m trying to make June less obnoxious and less passive.  She was lame, too.  Not as lame as her sibling, but still lame.  I’ve also…added the tiniest, teeniest, most infinitesimally small love story.  I’m usually not a fan of such things, but I think it helps with the story.  It’s so very tiny, though.

            I also gave the characters better reasons for doing things, and I also worked on streamlining things a bit.  No more needless traveling because I can’t think of something plot-related.  I did more with the characters so they aren’t so pointless, and now there should be more plot and actual things happening.  I tried harder to fill in the gaps with interesting things and expanded more on certain things.  The story now makes more sense and what the characters do is more believable.

            So I’m really excited about the new changes.  I think the comic is way better now, but there are still parts I’m having trouble with.  But, we’re getting there.  Draft 2 took me from 7/28/11 to 12/30/11, 156 days.  Draft 1 took a little over 9 months.  I was faster this time!  I’ll get to Draft 3 no earlier than 2/10/12.  Since my comic was written in chunks, not in order, when I get to draft 3, I’m going to put the pieces together in order, then fix them up, fill in the gaps, and fix any plot holes.  I’ll be getting pretty close to having the script done by the end of draft 3, I think.  Aren’t you excited?  I am.

A Drafty Duck

The First Draft of My Second Comic is Done

I recently finished the first draft of my second comic script.  You know, the one that starts out black and white, with the artist girl and the bird.  It took from 5/1/11 to 7/23/11 to write, and I will start the second draft no earlier than 9/3/11.  It is 5 issues long, each about 20 pages or so.  It took up a good chunk of my “Nightmare Before Christmas” notebook.  Gosh, I’m gonna need a new one soon!

            This comic was a lot of fun to write and easier than the last one, probably since so far, it has a simpler plot.  I still don’t have names for anyone yet, though.  The main character got MG (main girl) to show when it’s her dialogue.  The bird got B.  I need to give them names!  I will be at least drawing the two main characters sometime soon-ish.  I need to design the rest sometime, too.

            There are some parts I don’t like so much, such as the beginning and end, but I think I have more going on in the middle than the last comic.  It’s like a plump sandwich with yummy innards, but bad bread.  Some details must still be sorted out, such as what the main character is able to do with her magic art skills, plus plot holes must be filled in.  They’re a danger to all.

            I’ve also started the second draft of my first comic.  I’m going to figure out what is going to happen in each issue and try to fix any plot holes.  I’ll summarize one issue at a time, then, add in some other bits and pieces.  I’m going to make some changes to make the story more interesting.  Once I have a good summary of the whole thing, I’ll start rewriting it one issue at a time.  By the time I’m done, I hope to at least have the whole story there and all the action, and maybe draft three will finish it up.

            So far, I’ve figured out a whole bunch of general info.  What the characters are doing and why and all that.  Then, I summarized a few issues so far.  It’s been fun.  I look forward to seeing what this story is going to end up like.  I think if I do it right, it could be a good story.

MD, Main Duck

Comic Draft 1 Done and Other Things

I finally finished my comic script.  It took from 7/13/10 to 4/23/11, with a lot of breaks in between.  It is 9 issues, each around 20 pages or so, and it filled up my Gir notebook and went into the beginning of my “Nightmare Before Christmas” notebook.  It needs a lot of fixing, but I’ll wait six weeks or so, and then get started on draft 2.  I still don’t have a title for it or any of the issues.  I think it started out pretty okay and ended okay, too.  The middle needs lots of help.  It still has more potential than the novel, at least.

            And since I’m on this subject, I’ll tell you where I am in my other projects:

            I barely started draft 2 of the Fiddle novel a while ago and now gave up.  I don’t think it stands much of a chance, but maybe I can use bits of it.  At least, some of the characters are good.

            The Kura novel is just sitting there.  I don’t know what’s going to happen there.  If I work on it again, I may plan it all out over again so I have some clue where I’m actually going with it.

            I wrote a short story I’m not sure about the other day, and I started another one a while ago that I don’t know if I’ll get back to.  I have another short story I actually like that I’m almost done with.  Maybe I’ll send it to publishers.  Maybe.

            My three poems have still not been published.  I don’t know if I’ll try sending them out to more places or revise them or just leave them be for now.

            I have a new idea for a novel that sounds interesting, plus another comic series.  Both sound fun, but I think I’ll start the comic soon.  Or at least, start planning it out.

            I’m currently finishing up a picture of Xigbar from Kingdom Hearts, and soon I plan to draw an octopus and practice textures.

            I’m currently on sketch pad #15.

            I am also near the end of “Donkey Kong Country Returns”.  Just the final boss is left, I think.  Then, next up, the Playstation 2 games I got recently.  Yay!

A Duck with Many Projects