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Filling in the Plot Holes

I was walking along one day.  It was a nice day, until I fell.  Fell into a gaping, dreadful plot hole.  I climbed my way out, brushed off the dirt, took a step, and fell into another.  The place where I was walking…was my comic script.  It really is an unsafe place.  No amount of hard hats and knee pads and band-aids are going to keep me safe there, especially if I keep on at this pace.  So I decided, a bit of maintenance is needed.

            And the best way to fix a plot hole is to fill it in.  I can’t just cover it up.  Someone might fall through again.  No, that simply wouldn’t do.  But, plot holes must be filled in with a very special kind of dirt.  And not even that yummy dessert that looks like dirt and has gummy worms in it.  It has to be even more special than that!

          So I got out my super special notebook and started writing about the past of each main character.  I know where they are now, but I don’t know why or how they got there.  I also wrote some general history and wrote more about June’s powers.  I was able to come up with some interesting ideas and answered some sharp and dangerous questions that would surely give me tetanus if I ever fell on them again.

            It took several days of toil, but I have made myself a safe place to work again.  I feel much better about my story, and I have all kinds of scenes for the ending swirling about in my head.

            I want it to be epic.  I want it to be suspenseful.  I want to make people cry.

A Duck with a Shovel

What the Duck’s Been Doing

The duck has been doing a lot lately.  It is an exciting time, really.  I sent my poems to my first publisher (well, excluding my attempts years ago with that cruddy “novel” I wrote) just recently and am working towards finishing several more cover letters to be sent to even more publishers.  And then getting even more ready for even more publishers.  I’m just gonna keep cranking them out.  My reply from the first publisher is expected in 4 months, so mid-January.  Gah, the suspense!  Quack!

            Also, next weekend, I hope to get started on draft 2 of my novel.  I’m also about 10 pages or a little less into issue 5 of my comic, and I recently got another idea for a novel.  I like it quite much, and it will likely include some memories I have to give it better detail and make it more personal than some of my other work.  I already have the beginning planned out, and it can merge with another novel idea I got, too.

            I also just finished up picture number 80.  Just 20 to go until 100!  Next up, I’m working on characters from issue 4 of the comic, two sisters, that I’ll be putting in the Comic Characters page.  I also plan on adding more pictures, maybe fan art and original art, very, very soon.

            And of course, I’m on disc 3 of Final Fantasy XIII.  Just got past the Earthworks.  Great game!  Will write a post for it when I’m done.  Just beat two tough enemies.  Yeah, I’m good.

An Active Duck

My Favorite Notebook

I have this awesome notebook.  No, it doesn’t have magical powers.  It can’t fly, talk, or do the dishes.  It’s not even those ones with the multiplication tables inside the cover or the folders.  But, it s awesome, nonetheless.  Because it’s an Invader ZiM notebook.  It’s little and actually more like those little composition books rather than a normal notebook.  I never understood those, like when in school, the teacher wanted a composition book specifically.  Isn’t that pretty much the same as a notebook?  Why did it matter?  I still don’t know.  Composition books are annoying, all stiff at first, and you can barely open them.  Then, when you do, that thing on the spine starts to peel off.  (And teachers always got binders, folders, ad notebooks mixed up.  I never knew what they really wanted.)

            Anyway, my notebook is awesome and has Gir riding a pig on the cover and Zim on the back.  Zim’s just standing there, but who cares?  It’s Zim!  I got it over 5 years ago at a Hot Topic.  Those places were awesome, but they’re just so noisy, I can’t go in anymore.  And it’s probably silly, but I saved that Gir notebook for all these years for something special.  I couldn’t soil its pages with the usual drivel.  And then, not long ago, I started thinking of ideas for my comic and decided a comic script was quite worthy contents.  And so I’m writing my comic in my awesome Gir notebook now.  I’m glad I saved it.  When I fill it up, I’ll be sad, though.  The script will have to continue on into an uncool notebook, if it gets that long!  Oh, woe!  Why can’t more places sell awesome notebooks!  Why!

 The Duck that Likes Awesome Notebooks

More Comic Details

Finally working more on the comic again.  Currently finishing up issue 4 and I thought I’d give more details on how my comic will be organized.  The beginning lasts several issues, where the characters get an idea of just what the heck is going on (but it’s not slow-paced).  And then, I want several (or maybe more than several) issues with different adventures they have along the way.  Each issue will have its own new characters and problems to solve.  They will also be working towards solving the greater evil along the way, as well as working towards improving their skills, June especially.  And eventually they’ll reach their final destination, which will likely be several issues.  There are many things they don’t know yet, and many surprises that await them.  I don’t know how long it’s going to be, but I want it to be a decent length.  And it will be a while before any big secrets are revealed.  I don’t even know all of them yet.  I’m getting new ideas as I go along.  I got a new one right now….

            Also, along the way, there’s another plot involving characters the two main ones met early on.  Currently, their names are Flynn and Gretchen.  They will have their own story, too, that will be fairly important.  I want to make it tie into the main plot a lot, but I don’t have it all worked out yet.  I haven’t started it yet, either, but likely soon.

            By the way, Gretchen is a character I’ve had for a while.  I just decided to use her in the comic, and she fits in nicely.  I’ll put her picture up soon, I think.  Flynn was made for the comic, though the name is from a dream I had.  I don’t know if it’s a real name or not (though my spell check has no problem with it), but it sounded good.  Most other characters were created for the comic.  One important one I simply made the name up for a while ago, and another important one came from a dream.  Dreams can be quite useful.  But, also scary sometimes.

            I look forward to telling you guys more.  And showing more pictures!  Hooray!

Indeed an Excited Duck