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What Makes Super Metroid Great: 21 Years Later

The waning health of my Super Nintendo has been a double-edged sword.  On one hand, it is quite a sad day indeed when one of your oldest consoles begins to die.  (Well, characters disappearing is definitely a nuisance, to say the least.)  Plus, now I need to hunt down a used one, still in working order, mind you, from Amazon in order to play games that aren’t available anywhere else (such as Illusion of Gaia).  On the other hand, this (minor) calamity has also forced me to connect my Wii to the Internet in order to check out the Virtual Console.  (I really wanted to play the DKC trilogy, you see, and I have yet to replace my SNES, so I thought the next best thing was to play the Virtual Console versions.  This is also great because it allows me to record gameplay this way, as well.)

Anyway, while I started off downloading my favorite SNES games, namely the DKC trilogy and The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, I also came to a crossroads.  This would be a really great way to try out a SNES game I have never played before.  My top choices at the time were Super Mario RPG and Super Metroid (and Earthbound, but at the time, I was downloading games onto the Wii, and that game is only available on the Wii U).  After some research, I decided to go with Super Metroid.  I love Metroid.  The reviews seemed a bit better.  And I wasn’t in the mood for an RPG.  I’m over 80 hours into Lightning Returns at the moment.  After spending 80 hours in Ni no Kuni.  And who knows how many in KH2.5.  I think I’m good on RPGs for a while now. Continue reading What Makes Super Metroid Great: 21 Years Later

Other M

I just finished “Metroid: Other M”.  It took a few seconds less than 16 hours and 15 minutes, and I managed to get 100% of the items (I only looked at a walkthrough for 2 of the missile tanks, but I did the rest myself, so I only sinned a little).  I don’t know about other Metroid games, but this game was quite different from the “Metroid Prime” trilogy, which were the only other Metroid games I’ve played.

            For one thing, this game tells us a lot more about the main character, Samus, which is quite interesting.  The whole thing takes place on the Bottle Ship, which Samus is investigating, along with some Galactic Federation soldiers, after receiving a distress signal.  I quite enjoyed how it has a lot more of a story than the other Metroid games I’ve played.

            Another difference is the gameplay.  In the “Metroid Prime” games, it was all in first-person, but in this game, it is pretty much played in third person, but you can point the Wii remote at the screen for first-person, though you can’t walk around.  At first, I was pretty disappointed by this, but I must admit, it was fun to actually get to see Samus in action this time.  She’s one cool chick.  Another difference is that you don’t have multiple visors and beams to switch between, which is no big whoop, and you no longer have to shoot doors to open them, which didn’t make sense in the first place.

            One thing in this game was annoying, but maybe I’m just not very observant.  Sometimes, you’d be stuck in first-person, and you had to target something to get more information, but you didn’t always know what you were looking for.  I sometimes could find what they wanted me to see quickly, but sometimes I would spend quite a bit of time looking all over the place, pointing at everything, until the little targeting thing showed up.  And you had to point pretty much exactly at what they wanted.  This angered the duck.

            Another thing I don’t like is that the only way to recover your health is to save or wait until it gets low, then you stand still and hold the remote upright while holding A to get some of it back.  In Metroid Prime, you could pick up little things to restore your health, so you could move around and weren’t as vulnerable to enemies attacking you.  In this game, once your health got low, it was often better to just keep fighting than try to recover.

            Some things that are rather neat are that Samus can dodge attacks really well, which is especially useful when you just can’t find time to restore your health, and she later gets a jumping attack that defeats many enemies really easily.  Also, later on, if you run in a straight line long enough, Samus will run super fast and can also jump super high, which is cool but would be completely terrifying if you were bad and she was chasing you.  Yeah.

            On another note, something I’ve never understood was how Samus was able to curl up into that tiny morph ball.  It’s insane.  Maybe she’s a contortionist.  That’s my theory.  But, I also still wonder how she sees where she’s going.  And drops bombs.  Speaking of bombs, where’s she store all those missiles?

            Anyway, the game was super fun, but I don’t think the ending was as awesome as it could’ve been.  And it was too short.  But, once Samus leaves the Bottle Ship, it’s not quite over yet.  After the credits are over, she returns for one more thing…

            Once again, I am baffled by the lack of cute, mini sheep.  There was something that was small, fluffy, and had two little bird legs, which seems like it should be cute, but it wasn’t.  Especially after it hissed.

            But, even though there was a lack of cuteness, there were still two creatures I liked.  One was the thing that pretends to be a tree, and then you find out it’s this creepy wooden looking thing with a bunch of legs and the things that hang from the ceiling with the two little hooks on their long thin arm things.  I found those creatures particularly neat.  But, then again, I found the whole game pretty neat.  I missed it quite a bit when it was done.  It looks like a different company is making Metroid now, which surprises me, since it used to be Retro Studios, and now it’s Tecmo.  But, they did a good job.  I look forward to more.  I still don’t understand the title, though.

Other Duck