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The Duck is Now an Author, a Wiki Author That is

A little while ago, I decided to join the Raywiki.  It all started when I grew tired of playing “Rayman 3” for eight years while still not knowing what the characters were saying, so I started looking for a script.  But, I never found one.  I only found a page on the Raywiki that had some “Rayman 3” quotes, but not that many.  Driven to madness, the duck decided it was time to listen extra hard and figure out these quotes myself.  And while I was at it, I may as well list them on the Raywiki for everyone else to see.  Does my kindness know no bounds?

            So I listened, and I listened.  After straining my ears and my mind, I finally started to understand what the characters were saying.  I don’t know why I didn’t do this before.  Then, I was faced with a new challenge.  Learn how to create a Raywiki account.  The web site did not want me to log on.  Time after time, I would charge at it and be tossed back like a toddler trying to do battle with a sumo wrestler.  After quite a bit of effort, I spotted a sign of hope on the horizon.  I mean, I saw the word “Register” in the forum.  And alas, my account was created.  Oh, glorious day!

            So I compiled dozens of pages of quotes in my notebook, then I typed them on the Raywiki.  Check it out.  Not to be arrogant.  Not to be a bragging jerk.  Not to be a scumbag, but it is with 100% honesty when I say that most of the quotes were the ones I added.  At least, for now.  I’m pretty proud of what I did.  It’s not often I make a contribution to society.

            But, when looking at the rest of the Raywiki, I have done next to nothing.  I’m trying to help here and there.  Little bits and pieces.  A link here, a sentence there.  I did write much of this page, the one on the dreaded, glitch-containing Pirate’s Treasure level that plagued me in “Rayman Origins”.  I was excited to see a page I could do.  Hooray!  I also wrote a few more pages on other “Rayman Origins” levels, and I also added some “Rayman 2” quotes.  I want to be useful.  Hopefully I am, even if just a little.

            Anyway, I’m pretty excited to see what I can contribute.  I’ve never worked on a wiki before.  And if you don’t mind, check out my user page.  I thought some of it was rather funny.  Great, now I sound like a creep again.

An Arrogant Duck?