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Solving a Murder Mystery in Jenny LeClue: Detectivu

Jenny LeClue: Detectivu is one of those rare obscure gems that prove that taking a chance on games you’ve never heard of before can indeed pay off.  This puzzle and adventure game is great for anyone who’s a fan of mysteries, and it follows the story of child detective Jenny LeClue, who finds herself in the midst of her first murder mystery after a string of disappointing ones.  The story is frequently narrated by the author of the Jenny LeClue series, Arthur Finklestein, who is faced with making drastic changes to his beloved series’ formula for the sake of appeasing his publisher, who feels his stories have become too boring.

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Jenny LeClue Playthrough on Virtual Bastion

In the quiet town of Arthurton, nothing exciting ever really happens.  At least, not until our young detective, Jenny LeClue, is faced with solving the first murder in years and uncovering the seemingly sleepy town’s darkest secrets.

Video from YouTube User: Virtual Bastion