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You Didn’t Know What Fear Was Until

You’ve played a creepy game called “Porky Pig’s Haunted Holiday” for the Super Nintendo.  It’s an old game, obviously, but I just can’t get over the creepiness.  It’s the creepiest game I have.  You would think it would just be a fun kind of creepy, and there isn’t really anything in it that is that scary, but the whole game gives you an uneasy vibe that seeps down into your very soul.  I can feel it just by thinking about it.  And I don’t like it.

            In this game, Porky ventures from his house, I guess, through a whole bunch of creepy places.  And to make matters worse, you can’t save, so if you want to beat it, you must suffer through hours of horror like I did, unable to escape.  No breaks, just trapped in a disturbing world of spookiness to rival Stephen King’s “1408”, but in video game form, and it just goes on and on and there seems to be no escape and then it’s finally over and you’re okay and all you have is the memory of this freakish journey that will haunt you the rest of your life.  Okay, maybe it’s not quite as bad as that, but it is true that this game will probably give you the creeps.  But, what exactly is so creepy about a game starring a stuttering cartoon pig?

            Well, for one thing, the music.  It’s just creepy.  I can’t even think of a better word.  The music in world 2 is the worst, but the underwater world isn’t much better, especially before you go underwater.  I have the world 2 music in my head right now.  Guh, get out of my head!  And then there’s the actual levels…

            You start the game off in a forest, complete with leprechauns, evil shoes, and walking cauldrons.  After traversing many branches and spider webs and the like, you fight a dorky ghost.

            After suffering through that, you reach the creepiest place, world 2.  This one, in general, really freaks me out.  It’s an abandoned, old Western town that is spooky right off the start.  Even the sun creeps me out.  This world also features weird little hopping coyotes, stuffed moose heads with the ends of rifles sticking out of their mouths that they shoot at you with, weird trains that go by over and over again when you get near the tracks.  And like I said, the music.  Oh, horror!

            After that dreadful ordeal is world 3, which starts off above the water, and then the rest is under the water.  The music at the beginning also creeped me out, though I can’t really remember it.  It is quite an annoying place to be in, and it isn’t as creepy as world 2, but it is difficult, so I get stuck in parts for a long time, prolonging the horror.  It took many attempts throughout the years before I could beat it.

            After that is a confusing mine with some music that sounds very familiar.  You would think a mine would be creepy, but this place wasn’t too bad, though I remember wandering aimlessly a lot and falling into deeper passageways quite often.

            After that is a super random place that is easy to get lost in.  There is also very odd music, and I believe there are different versions of the background, and one has eyeballs.

            Last of all, a castle that I don’t remember too well.  But, one thing’s pretty much for certain.  It was likely creepy.

            Another random thing they have throughout the worlds is Daffy, who shows up and then laughs evilly at you with fangs and scares Porky into jumping high.  And I think Porky himself is creepy in this game.  And when he dies, he kind of turns into smoke and disappears.  Okay then.

            This game really gives me the creeps, and I only played it because I was determined to beat it just once, but I’ll never play again.  In fact, I need to just sell the thing.  But, would it be wrong of me to spread this infection of the mind to another unwitting victim?

            Is that just what it wants me to do…?

A Spooked Duck