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Feeding the Gulls

Just a poem illustrating my experience with feeding seagulls.

Seagulls flying.

I throw out crumbs,

Old Wonder bread,

And they come.


Swooping, screaming,

Piercing cries.

Pointed beaks

And beady eyes.


More arrive,


They chase away

The new addition.


More and more,

White, everywhere.

Wingtips brushing

By my hair.


Terror, wide eyes;

They’re all around.

Flapping and screaming,

The only sound.


Heartbeat racing,

This isn’t fun.

I drop the bread

And then I run.

Sea Duck

Comic Draft 1 Done and Other Things

I finally finished my comic script.  It took from 7/13/10 to 4/23/11, with a lot of breaks in between.  It is 9 issues, each around 20 pages or so, and it filled up my Gir notebook and went into the beginning of my “Nightmare Before Christmas” notebook.  It needs a lot of fixing, but I’ll wait six weeks or so, and then get started on draft 2.  I still don’t have a title for it or any of the issues.  I think it started out pretty okay and ended okay, too.  The middle needs lots of help.  It still has more potential than the novel, at least.

            And since I’m on this subject, I’ll tell you where I am in my other projects:

            I barely started draft 2 of the Fiddle novel a while ago and now gave up.  I don’t think it stands much of a chance, but maybe I can use bits of it.  At least, some of the characters are good.

            The Kura novel is just sitting there.  I don’t know what’s going to happen there.  If I work on it again, I may plan it all out over again so I have some clue where I’m actually going with it.

            I wrote a short story I’m not sure about the other day, and I started another one a while ago that I don’t know if I’ll get back to.  I have another short story I actually like that I’m almost done with.  Maybe I’ll send it to publishers.  Maybe.

            My three poems have still not been published.  I don’t know if I’ll try sending them out to more places or revise them or just leave them be for now.

            I have a new idea for a novel that sounds interesting, plus another comic series.  Both sound fun, but I think I’ll start the comic soon.  Or at least, start planning it out.

            I’m currently finishing up a picture of Xigbar from Kingdom Hearts, and soon I plan to draw an octopus and practice textures.

            I’m currently on sketch pad #15.

            I am also near the end of “Donkey Kong Country Returns”.  Just the final boss is left, I think.  Then, next up, the Playstation 2 games I got recently.  Yay!

A Duck with Many Projects

A Post on Toast

Recently, I was pretty much looking like my avatar.  Yuck!  Runny nose, cough, a painful throat.  Just a general case of the icks.  And so one thing I knew I could safely eat without fear was toast, and it occurred to me how odd it is that burnt bread is so darn delicious.  This poem is dedicated to you, toast.

Burn some bread,

And you’ve got toast.

It’s just the thing

I like the most.

Put some butter on

That white or wheat

And you’re all ready

To eat and eat.

Cream cheese or gravy

Or even some honey.

There’s so many toppings,

It’s not even funny.

Jams and jellies

And marshmallow fluff.

Marmalade, peanut butter,

And all that fun stuff.

Have it for a meal

Or to break your fast.

You’ll want it for first

And also for last.

It’s good when you’re well;

It’s great when you’re ill,

Like a yummy, crunchy,

Buttery pill.

So now I must eat

Some more burnt bread.

I’ll eat it all up

Until it is dead.

Yum, yum, munch, munch!

Butter and jam and jelly…

Oh, my tummy hurts;

I feel quite unwelly.

Too much toast,

Not another lick.

I hate toast now!

It makes me sick!

That is all.  I hope you enjoyed my silly poem.

A Toasty Duck

Christmas Limericks

I felt like doing something special for Christmas (it is Jesus’s 2010th birthday or so, after all), so I wrote some silly limericks.  Limericks are so fun!  Here they are!  I numbered them so it’s easier to tell them apart.

1.) There once was a fat man named Claus

Who ate whatever he saw.

He ate all of our treats,

All our crackers and beets,

And even the roast that was raw.

2.) I made a snowman one day

Whose scarf was merry and gay.

So I hugged him real tight,

With all of my might,

Which made him melt right away.

3.) There once was a reindeer named Bob

Who had a very hard job.

He got nothing done

‘Cuz he didn’t have thumbs,

So it made him seem like a slob.

4.) My tree was glowing with cheer

With my cat standing quite near.

Then, she pulled it right down

And drug it around

With needles all left there and here.

          And I just couldn’t finish this last one, but I liked how it began, so can anyone think of a proper ending?

5.) I gave my parents a gift

That was heavier than what they could lift.

           Anyway, Gleeful Christmas!

 Old Saint Duck

On Second Thought

Change of plans, methinks.  I’ve been trying to work on my art, comic script, and the second draft of my novel, and I’m realizing…that is too much to do at once.  So I decided, the novel can wait.  I’ll get back to it once the comic script is done.  Also, I am currently working on pictures of my comic characters (though, I won’t show you guys all of them because I don’t want to spoil anything), and I think I should start practicing backgrounds, though I don’t know if I will.  That’s something I’ve also been lacking on, which is why I don’t like drawing them.

            I have submitted my poems to seven publishers now.  My first reply is expected by mid-November or maybe even earlier.  I’m excited!  I would love for my stuff to be published!

            Blog-wise, I know the posts have been a little slow lately, but I’m trying to hurry it up.  And I’m adding more art to the other pages, so I’d appreciate it if you guys would take a look every once in a while.

The Duck with a New Plan

When Effort Doesn’t Pay

There is something I found out that will make me seem lazy.  Every once in a while, I try to write a new poem, and it seems that the less effort a poem takes, the better it turns out.  My three completed poems are my best and were the easiest.  I just wrote them down one day, just like that.  There were a few stanzas or lines I didn’t like, so I’d go one line at a time fixing it up until I liked it all.  But, the main thing was there.

            Some other poems are very hard to write, and they take so much effort but don’t actually end up turning out good.  So I realized, this is a situation where giving up is the better option.  When a poem is too hard to write, I’ve learned to just give up.  The rhymes and everything must be just right, or it won’t be good, so if you don’t get a good start, you may as well quit.  But, once a poem starts off well, I can just keep going and finish the main thing in one sitting (not including fixing the mistakes).  I may try to write those bad poems again sometime, but pretty much, that is how things seem to be for me.  Does anyone else have this same situation when writing poetry?

The Lazy Duck Poet

What the Duck’s Been Doing

The duck has been doing a lot lately.  It is an exciting time, really.  I sent my poems to my first publisher (well, excluding my attempts years ago with that cruddy “novel” I wrote) just recently and am working towards finishing several more cover letters to be sent to even more publishers.  And then getting even more ready for even more publishers.  I’m just gonna keep cranking them out.  My reply from the first publisher is expected in 4 months, so mid-January.  Gah, the suspense!  Quack!

            Also, next weekend, I hope to get started on draft 2 of my novel.  I’m also about 10 pages or a little less into issue 5 of my comic, and I recently got another idea for a novel.  I like it quite much, and it will likely include some memories I have to give it better detail and make it more personal than some of my other work.  I already have the beginning planned out, and it can merge with another novel idea I got, too.

            I also just finished up picture number 80.  Just 20 to go until 100!  Next up, I’m working on characters from issue 4 of the comic, two sisters, that I’ll be putting in the Comic Characters page.  I also plan on adding more pictures, maybe fan art and original art, very, very soon.

            And of course, I’m on disc 3 of Final Fantasy XIII.  Just got past the Earthworks.  Great game!  Will write a post for it when I’m done.  Just beat two tough enemies.  Yeah, I’m good.

An Active Duck

The Time Draws Nigh

It is almost time to start submitting my poems to publishers.  I’ve fixed the format, did a little research.  Now I just need to decide who I’m sending it to, type up whatever I need, then, get sending.  I am sending them to magazines, mainly Literary Magazines (as they’re listed in the Writer’s Market).  They’re kind of the medium magazines, between the well-known ones like Ellery Queen and the small circulation ones.

            I’m sending my favorite poem, “The Nameless Grave”, the silly “Laments of a Spider”, and the free form prose poem, “To Catch a Comet”, inspired by a picture I did with the same name.  Maybe I’ll show it to you sometime.

            I have several literary magazines picked out so far and am finishing up the cover letters for them.  So far, I can only send to three of the five I’ve looked at because the other two don’t take stuff this time of year.  I’ll find more to send to soon, too.  I’m just taking it a couple publishers at a time.

            So we shall see if my hard work has paid off.  Wish me luck.

 The Unpublished Duck

How I Started Writing

I haven’t been writing quite as long as I’ve been drawing, of course, but it makes little difference.  It seems to me that writing naturally improves with age more so than drawing does, and I certainly have improved a lot.  When I look back at the things I wrote many years ago, they are just silly.  I wrote several stories, some through to the end, some unfinished, but they mainly all consisted of people traveling across wide areas.  That’s all I could think of for fantasy stories.  They always had to do something that was really far away.  One story was three little “books” worth of this.  And to add to my already lacking skills, I just didn’t know how to make them very long, and I didn’t like the characters, either.

            I did try to send one in to publishers, though.  Somehow I must have liked it at the time, for whatever reason.  Obviously, no luck.  And my hopes of becoming a novelist soon faded away.  I didn’t care anymore.  I couldn’t write well enough anyway.

            And then, just for fun, I wrote a story I actually liked.  That I still like.  I mentioned it in an earlier blog, the one I started redoing.  That one had a sequel that wasn’t too bad, either, (and then I started another one that was not very good and not really related to the first two at all, which I didn’t finish).  It was funny, back then I enjoyed killing off almost every character.  I even killed one character, then brought her back, then killed her again.

            Anyway, since the first two stories, the first especially, weren’t too bad, I decided to redo the first one.  As I said, I started getting lazy.  I skipped parts that I didn’t feel like doing, then, just stopped altogether.

            And then it was that dream that gave me the idea for my current one, which is now about 58,000 words and almost done.  First, I read Stephen King’s “On Writing”, and then got started shortly afterward.  I don’t know what happened, but I am much more determined to finish my stories now.  Especially now that I know I can write something novel-length.  It may not be really long, but it’s a novel, and I’m satisfied.

            I’m also working occasionally on poems, but the novel is my main goal.  After that, I will likely take a break from novel writing for a little bit and work on more poems and short stories.  I have a small list of ideas.  We’ll see.

            By the way, I finally put my avatar up.  And I’m starting to draw up some of my comic book characters.  Perhaps I’ll show you some time.  Wouldn’t that be grand?

 An Indeed Duck

A Little Bit About My Writing

            So you must be thinking, isn’t she going to say what her stuff is about?  Huh?  Well, yes and no.  Which equals kinda.  I would like to tell you all about it, but since I’m afraid of someone stealing my ideas, I’ll only tell you a little bit for now.  The Internet can be a scary place, no?

            First of all, when it comes to my writing in general, I like dark things, fantasy, sci-fi.  When it comes to fantasy, I don’t write about elves and dwarves and those types of things, though.  More vampires, witches, ghosts.  With sci-fi, more machines and “oh, my gosh, the world will be destroyed if something’s not done!” type of thing.  I don’t do alien stuff yet, but perhaps someday when I can actually think of cool designs for such things.  Also, I like to make characters very different from what you’d expect.  No stereotypical vampires, witches, or even villains.  And I like to keep in mind that villains don’t think they’re doing anything bad.

            I’ve written two poems I may try to publish, one written several years ago, after I read all of Edgar Allen Poe’s work.  I revised it recently, and I hope to start sending it in soon.  I can’t describe it without giving away too much.  Just Poe-inspired.  My other poem is based on a picture I did.  It’s very simple, based on the innocence of a child who thinks she can achieve something impossible….

            I wrote a darker novel a few years ago, and I felt quite proud of it.  I wrote the entire thing, actually, but it’s not publish-worthy material.  So, I decided to seriously redo it.  Rethink what will happen and why.  I’m no longer satisfied with, “Oh, they’re the chosen one, so that’s why they must save the world.”  There has to be a better reason that that.  Sometimes it works, but it may not for an unpublished author like myself.  I started rewriting it, then, got lazy with it.  I’ll get back to it someday.

            But before I did continue with it, I had this bizarre dream.  It was random bits of this adventure, a creature fighting a very evil man.  (And another character came from another later dream, too.)

And I figured out how this vague dream idea could turn into a story.  That is the novel I have almost finished, a girl and her two companions, fighting an enemy who seems unstoppable, who has lied in wait for hundreds of years because of the simple mistake of not killing him when they (not the main characters) had the chance.  Each of the three heroes has a personal reason for defeating this menace, who believes it was really the king he overthrew that was causing the trouble.  I fear I have not planned it out as well as I should have before I began, but I’ve gone too far to give up now (Over 50,000 words so far, woo, it’s a novel now!).  I’m going to finish and rewrite what wasn’t done well, and perhaps it may not be a bad story.

Well, that’s all for now.  I’ll tell you about my comic next time.  It’s even more complicated to explain.  And someday, when my story is fixed up, maybe I’ll type up part of it for you all.  I hope you’ll enjoy it.

 The Indeed Duck