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Listmas 2018: Piano Songs (Past and Future)

Since last year, the Duck has returned to the piano with a renewed determination.  In that time, I have taught myself six songs, all of which I recorded and uploaded to our Virtual Bastion Youtube channel.  Those videos have also been posted on my blog and listed below, for added convenience and exposure. Continue reading Listmas 2018: Piano Songs (Past and Future)

Piano Time: The Last Travel

For probably a few months, the Duck has been hard at work relearning a song I used to semi-know on the piano.  It was The Last Travel, a beautiful song in an…okay game.  At long last, I was finally able to record the full song (minus the violin), which meant not only learning one of my toughest songs yet (the other is It’s Raining Somewhere Else), but learning to sing whilst playing the piano!  Somehow, I managed, and my finished work is below….  Enjoy! Continue reading Piano Time: The Last Travel

Spoopy Music: Mad Monster Mansion

The Duck has recorded another song on the piano, this time a tune quite befitting this most spooky of holidays, the church music from Banjo-Kazooie’s Mad Monster Mansion!  Though I am uncertain what the monsters are mad about, I do know that this song was really fun to play, even if the faster part at the end took quite a bit of practice to get right.  It is also totally truthful and not fanciful storytelling that Motzand himself taught it to me, and you can all believe this without question because I am a very honest and trustworthy Duck who has never given anyone any reason to doubt me…. Continue reading Spoopy Music: Mad Monster Mansion

Piano Time: Song of Healing and Clock Town

I’ve got two more piano videos for you guys today, both of which come from The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask, one of my dearest and most favorite games of all time.  The songs in question are the Song of Healing and Clock Town.  I’m particularly proud of the video I put together for the Song of Healing.  I wanted it to tell a story, and I think it did?  Hope you guys enjoy!
Continue reading Piano Time: Song of Healing and Clock Town

Piano Time: It’s Raining Somewhere Else and Organization XIII

Ever since playing Undertale, the Duck has been inspired to return to several abandoned hobbies, piano and drawing.  As far as the former goes, the first song I decided to learn was It’s Raining Somewhere Else.  Fortunately, there are some very useful tutorials out there on Youtube.  The one I used is below: Continue reading Piano Time: It’s Raining Somewhere Else and Organization XIII

100 Theme Challenge No. 9: Drive

(Just a note: You may have seen this post a week or two ago.  That’s because I meant to save it, but instead, I published it.  Then deleted it, so it would no longer be published.  So yeah.  This is the official one.)

Today’s topic for the 100 Theme Challenge is #9, Drive.  This makes me think of several things.  One is driving a car, which I hate.  I hate driving.  I hate green lights.  No, really, I hate green lights, not red.  There is no certainty in a green light.  It means go, unless it turns yellow all of a sudden, and then you must decide to stop and possibly stop so fast someone rams into your backside, or do you speed through and potentially run a red light.  I am not good at measuring distances at high speeds (not that I go that fast, but it’s faster than I can walk, and I’m a pretty quick walker, too, seriously, you don’t know how many people have commented on how fast I can walk), so knowing if my car has enough distance to stop safely or not is difficult.  A red light, on the other hand, is certain.  It means stop.  You see a red light, and you have no hard decisions to make.  You stop that vehicular transport of yours.  Unless it turns to green, and then you have the whole conundrum I just described to worry about again.

            The other meaning of drive is what drives you.  What motivates you.  And that I shall focus on for the rest of this post.  So what drives the duck?  Well, it depends.  Certain things I do for fun.  I play video games for fun.  It is relaxing.  The stories and characters are interesting.  And it’s a break from a world filled with frowns.  I also play the piano for my own enjoyment, kind of an extension of my video games, as I mainly play video game music on it.  (Currently more or less mastered Organization XIII’s theme from “Kingdom Hearts” and can do a slow, crappy version of “The Last Travel” from “FFXIII-2”, which doesn’t sound right in parts without the violin.  Who wants to come over and play the violin parts?  I’ll even make eggless cookies, which means even the dough is safe for human and avian consumption.)

            Ahem.  But, while I DO things for fun, I CREATE things for several reasons.  First and foremost, I create things because I enjoy it, or else I wouldn’t do it.  And I must admit, when I think into it, it seems I also create things for acknowledgement from others.  I don’t want to sound like someone who needs the attention of other people.  Because I don’t.  At least, I don’t think I do.  (I like to dress plain so people will not notice me at the grocery store.  Don’t look at me!  Otherwise, I might possibly get compliments, and with compliments, comes stress.)  Despite my usual desire to avoid the spotlight, there are certain things I don’t want to do if I can’t share it with other people.  I wouldn’t do something I don’t enjoy just to share it with others, but I am less driven (ha, there’s a form of that word again!) to do certain things I enjoy if no one will ever see it.

            For example, if no one ever read my blog, I don’t know if I’d keep doing it.  I should do it for my own enjoyment.  But, for whatever reason, I want people to look at what I wrote.  Even if it’s people I don’t even know.  I mean, we all want that.  Much of the people reading this right now are bloggers, and so you know how that is.  It’s not that we need attention, but we receive a certain satisfaction when someone reads, comments on, and likes what we wrote.  And it’s the same for other things, too.  I used to like to draw more (I’ve gotten rather bored with it as of late, though, as my efforts always seem to be, well, sucky), and I wanted people to see my pictures.  If no one was going to ever see it, I kind of didn’t want to do it.  I also didn’t want to bother with my comic, whether it was fun or not, if no one would see it.  Which is silly, but I couldn’t help feeling that way.  And I love writing fan fiction, but it just would not be the same if people didn’t read my stories.  I have such a great time writing them, but if I couldn’t post them online, would I even bother?  There’s a good chance I wouldn’t.

            So is that what drives me?  People’s acknowledgement of what I do?  Do I need people’s approval for my work?  Is it that simple?  Or is it something else?  Perhaps it’s not that I do these things because I want their approval.  Maybe I do it because I like doing what I’m doing, and it seems more worthwhile if I can share it with others.  What use is a fantastic novel filled with suspense and mystery and cake if no one ever reads it or a masterpiece (of a painting of cake) no one has ever laid eyes on?  That is not to say my work is that grand, but certain things need others to see it by virtue of being what they are.

            And some things just feel a lot more worthwhile if it can be shared.  It feels like I’m not simply wasting my time, but I’m actually receiving some kind of payment in the form of others enjoying my work.  We wouldn’t go to our jobs everyday if we didn’t get paid for it.  I would have less of a desire to continue creating things if I didn’t get the joy of comments and favorites and such from it.  It would feel like wasted effort that could be better spent gaming more or learning to not be so crappy on the piano.

            So in short, I guess what drives me to do certain things starts with my enjoyment of that thing, and my drive to share it is just that, my, well, drive to share it.  Because sharing is good and all that nonsense.  Remember that little bit of wisdom (even though it doesn’t apply to germs or gossip, so maybe it’s not so true, after all…)?  I am motivated to do lots of things because they are fun, including maintaining this blog, but you, my dear reader, are what gives it meaning.  Now, does that not DRIVE you to review?

            What drives you to do the things you do?

I’m Driven to Be a Duck, Because “Be a Duck” is a Store Someone Drove Me To, What?!

Anna, Yuki, and Helen

Those aren’t the names of people, though.  They are the names of a few instruments I’ve been trying to learn.  That’s right, I name my instruments.  Anna the piana (I know I spelled it wrong).  Yuki the ukulele.  And the little harp looks like a Helen.  (I can’t figure out a good name for the guitar).

            I like instruments.  Strangely enough, I am not a fan of most music, yet I like instruments.  There’s such a variety, and they make all kinds of different sounds, and sometimes it is fun to try to learn how to play a few songs here and there on different instruments.  I have gotten pretty decent with the guitar (I can’t figure out the timing of music or anything like that, but I at least know what dot corresponds to what string), but I still have a few other instruments I have a decent amount of trouble with.

            Out of the three named in the title, I am the best with Anna.  Remember, the piano.  Problem here is, there are so many darn keys.  You have to have an entire thing of notes for the right hand and the left.  I don’t know the word for it.  The thing with the five lines the notes go on.  The guitar requires one.  Anna has two. Yeah.  I got the right hand just fine, as those notes are the same as with the guitar, but the left hand eludes me.  It’s not the same as the right.  Not in the slightest.  The middle line is no longer B.  It is, I forgot.  But, I can’t remember both.  It’s impossible.  So I can play okay on the right side, but when I get to the left, I have to hunt for a while until I find the right note.  I mean, the left note, or something.  You can’t play a song with a minute gap between each note.  And this piano book came with stickers with the letters only.  That is meaningless to me.  So I got a bunch of slips of paper with the lines with the dots on them and used the stickers to hold the paper on the keys so I know what dot goes to what key.  And then there are these three little pedals at the bottom that I never use.  (And I still haven’t taken off the things they left on for protection, so it looks like Anna is wearing socks, which you’d think would be cute, but it’s actually creepy.)  I like Anna, though.  She’s fun to play, and the notes on the far left sound positively sinister.  She’s just difficult.  At least I’ve gotten pretty decent at such songs as the organ music that plays in the haunted church in “Banjo-Kazooie” and the Song of Healing from “The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask”.  Now it sounds like when the Happy Mask Man is playing it.  Which should be bad, though, because he’s really creepy.  Ahem, rambling.  Also can play the “Winnie the Pooh” theme because, why not?

            Yuki (ukulele) gives me even more trouble.  Just four strings (though the book decided to leave out one), but I am used to the guitar, so I end up reading the notes as if I’m playing the guitar, and I get all messed up.  And she won’t stay in tune.  I must constantly use Anna to tune her for me, then, by the next day, she’s completely off again.  Darn, Yuki, it’s like ADHD for instruments!  Plus, I found that not many songs sound right on the ukulele.  I can play the Gelato Beach theme from “Super Mario Sunshine”, though.

            Helen is even worse.  What a disobedient child she turned out to be.  It took a long time to figure out what strings were what notes, and she won’t stay in tune, either.  Once again, I must use Anna to tune her, then before you know it, out of tune again.  To make matters worse, I really can’t remember what strings are what notes when trying to read the music, and you can’t do sharp notes or flat notes, so the songs I can play are quite limited.  I’m a fan of sharp notes.  Sharp notes are great.  But, Helen won’t do them.  Because Helen’s stupid.  Stupid Helen.  I can’t really play a thing on her.

            So instruments are hard.  Really hard.  I doubt I’ll ever fully get most of mine figured out.  I’m never even trying the flute or ocarina again.  Now those are really impossible.  Plus the ocarina hurts my ears.  The flute might, too, if it would even make noise….