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100 Theme Blog Challenge No. 13: Misfortune

Today’s topic for the most exciting 100 theme challenge is #13, misfortune, and I suppose that makes sense, with it being #13 and all. Hmm, well, what do I have to say about misfortune? It’s certainly unfortunate, that much is for sure. Um, and it’s…bad…? Well, I’m certainly not going to get into some negative post about misfortune in my life because who wants to hear about that? And I also don’t mean, oh, woe is me, no one cares about my problems anyway. Now I’m starting to ramble….

You know what came to mind as I began thinking about this topic? Why is the number 13 supposed to be unfortunate? I hear they often don’t even have a 13th floor in some buildings as a result of this superstition, but who are they fooling? We all know the 14th floor really is the 13th. This is no secret. It certainly made no difference in Stephen King’s story about the evil room 1408. Even the room wasn’t fooled, and it’s an inanimate object. Or, to be more accurate, cube-ish shaped spaces of air contained by walls. And if walls could talk, they’d say, “Um, is it just me, or did the people who built this hotel not know how to count?” Don’t worry, sentient walls, we all noticed. Continue reading 100 Theme Blog Challenge No. 13: Misfortune

My Memories of Chain of Memories

I recently beat the PlayStation 2 remake of “Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories”.  Sora’s story took 27:25, and Riku’s story took 16:04.  This game was originally released on the Game Boy Advance, and I thought it was really boring.  But, nevertheless, I still bought the remake, and I thought it was a lot more fun.  It’s probably mainly because I just don’t like GBA games, but still.

            Anyway, in this game, Sora, Donald Duck, and Goofy are searching for King Mickey and Sora’s friend, Riku.  They find a mysterious castle where “to find is to lose and to lose is to find”, whatever that means, called Castle Oblivion.  As they go further and further into the castle, they start to lose their memories, while Sora starts to remember a girl he knew when he was a little kid.  But, why hadn’t he remembered her until now?  Also in the castle are some strange people in black clothes from a group called Organization XIII that are led by a man named Marluxia.  Now what could they be up to?

            This game is played a bit differently than the other “Kingdom Hearts” games.  You still fight in real-time, but now you use cards.  You choose what cards you want, then as you fight, you scroll through your cards and can use attack cards to attack, magic cards to use things like cure or fire, and item cards for reloading cards.  There are also summon cards where a character appears for a short time to help you.  My favorite is Cloud (the same Cloud from “Final Fantasy VII”) because his attacks are strong and because he’s Cloud.  There’s also Tinkerbell, the Genie from Aladdin, and others.  Cards are numbered from 0-9, and the higher the number, the more effective.  Plus, if you play a card higher than what your enemy is using, you can break their card and stop their attack.  (0’s can break anything or be broken by anything, depending on when you use them.)

            Each world in this game is made up of a bunch of rooms.  At each door, you use a card that determines what kind of room it is.  You can make a save point, or a room with a lot of Heartless, or a room with sleeping Heartless, for example.  And each world has various rooms where part of the story happens, as well.  Going through a whole bunch of rooms can get a bit redundant, but this game was still more fun than the original.

            There is also another story when you beat Sora’s story.  This story is called Reverse/Rebirth, and you play as Riku.  The game chooses for you which cards you can use, which can be bad or good, depending on what they decide to give you.  Riku can’t do as many things as Sora can, but he can go into dark mode where he can use strong sleights (where you combine three cards together for an attack).

            One thing I think is worth mentioning is that in this version of the game, you get to fight Organization member Zexion.  For a while, he was the only member of the Organization that you never knew what powers he has or what weapon, so I thought it was fun fighting him for the first time and seeing what he can do.

            Anyway, to summarize, the remake of “Chain of Memories” was a lot of fun.  This game is played much differently from the others because of the cards and the rooms, which can make it both unique in some ways and a little boring in others.  Overall, I’m glad I got the remake.  Now the game is actually fun to play.

Chain of Ducks

I Waited Over 358 Days for This

My unrestrained sinning knows no bounds, and so I finally gave in and got a Nintendo DS about a month ago.  I said I’d never get one, but then I started wanting oh, so badly another Kingdom Hearts game.  This is another oddly named one that I heard about at the same time as “Birth by Sleep” called “358/2 Days”.  I don’t understand the 2 part.  Anyway, I waited four years for it, but then I found out that I didn’t need to wait as long as I did, as it came out over a year ago.  It was a little hard to find, but I managed to get the last new copy at a game store.  I felt pretty proud of myself.

            It took me about 35 or 36 hours to beat the game, and now I rather miss it.  The game shows us what Roxas was up to when he was with Organization XIII (a group of people with no hearts and thus, no emotions), plus there is a 14th member named Xion that apparently has some connection to Roxas and Sora.  (After saying her name wrong for quite a while, I finally found out it was somehow pronounced Shee-own.  Okay.)  The story is actually interesting, despite already having an idea of what goes on with the characters.  (At least, I already know who dies and when, that Roxas leaves the Organization, and that something must eventually happen to Xion.)

            This game is a bit different from the others since you just complete various missions throughout random worlds rather than just exploring and completing each world one at a time.  Sometimes, you have other members of the Organization to help you (except in some cases with Demyx, who is a lazy slob and keeps leaving me to fend for myself).

            They also have this panel thing that kind of bugs me.  You have to put almost everything in panels or you can’t use it.  You have to actually put level-ups in panels to get stronger, install moves such as roll or block, and so on.  And you also put in magic or items.  You can’t change these things in the middle of a mission, so if you need something, you have to quit the mission or just, you know, deal with it.  And I very much hate that in each mission, you can only use magic or items the amount of times you installed them.  To use something many times, you have to fill up a bunch of panels with it.  It’s like the cards in “Chain of Memories”, but luckily, not as horrible.

            Speaking of horrible things, there were a bunch of Heartless that really, really annoyed me, too, like those ghosts in Halloween Town.  They appear behind you and grab you, which drains your health, and then when you escape and turn to attack them, they fly away.  I also hated the big dogs and the evil ice cubes in Beast’s Castle.  Darn those dogs, with their woofing and their biting!  And those annoying ice cubes that can freeze you.  I know ice cubes don’t sound very menacing, but you try fighting a herd (or is it gaggle) of vicious, Heartless ice cubes.  And don’t let me get started on the fat Heartless.  Oh, my gosh.  Now they don’t just have armor on their bellies, but everywhere!  Everywhere but their beady, little heads.

            Besides Story Mode, there is also Mission Mode, where you can play through different missions from the story using a bunch of different characters, including everyone from the Organization, plus a few other characters you can unlock.  Assuming that you guys must really care what I think about this, I’ll tell you.  It was fun to play as different characters, but most are pretty weak.  It saddened me that Xigbar was super pitiful, and even Xemnas, the Organization’s leader, wasn’t as awesome as he should’ve been.  The best character by far is Saix.  He’s much stronger than all of them.  He’s the toughest dude with long blue hair and pointy ears you’ll ever see.  I’d almost be willing to bet on that, if I was a gambling duck.

            Despite my complaints, it was a good game.  I wish they’d stop spreading Kingdom Hearts out over every console, though.  That’s getting a little old.

358 Ducks