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What Many Don’t Realize

I remember seeing this one game whenever I went to the electronics store.  Blue cover, white wolf.  It was called Okami, I remembered.  I thought about it.  It looked good, but I didn’t get it for a while.  One day, I decided I would buy it.  I went to the store, and it was gone.  But then, I found it at the game store.  Again, I wasn’t sure.  My taste in little-known game sometimes was good, sometimes bad.  I waited.  But, not long later, I came back for it.  It was still there.  And it was a great idea.

            The main character is a white wolf (hence the title, the Japanese word for wolf), the Japanese sun god, Amaterasu (Ammy for short), and you go on a long quest to destroy the evil and restore the land to its former beauty.  Along the way, you learn more techniques, many of which require you to draw simple pictures.  Drawing a circle on the water makes a lily pad.  Drawing a swirl in the air makes wind.  Drawing a line with a pointed end over an enemy will cut it.  You can even draw in what’s missing from certain objects to fix them.  Sometimes, it could be really annoying if you didn’t draw things just right, and you would have to try again and again, but it was worth it.  I just couldn’t give up.  I had to finish.

            The story and locations are very interesting, too, and extends much farther than just the battle with Orochi.  Two times I thought the game was done, and then I was delighted to find that it was much longer than I realized.  And the artwork has a Japanese style, so it’s fun to look at, as well.  The music’s very good and unique, too, especially several songs near the end.  Just awesome!

            Another thing I like is that you don’t get experience (called praise in this game) from fighting.  Instead, you get it from restoring dead trees, making clovers sprout, and by feeding animals.  There are a lot of things to do, a lot of items to find.  The game takes a long time, and it’s fun the whole way through.  It can be quite beautiful, sometimes sad, sometimes silly.  Sometimes creepy, like in the case of the spider queen or the nasty, old couple…

            Though, this game really needs to be played to know what I mean.  Words can’t fully describe how great it is.  It’s just beautiful, and this is one game where I’ll never question using that word.  Without a doubt, the most beautiful game I have ever played, and I have played many.  I am quite inspired by it.  I want to make something at least half as beautiful, yet when I get to work on a story, a poem, a picture, I find that I can’t get anywhere near what that game has.  I just can’t replicate the feeling the game gave me in my own work.  Maybe if I keep trying, I can, and I can share that feeling with others.

          That is one of the reasons why I write and draw because it is a good way to create and share a feeling.  And that’s also part of why I play video games.  Most are fun and that is enough, but sometimes there comes along something that touches you.  Sometimes it’s a character, or a song, but in this case, it’s the whole thing.  Many people make fun of video games.  A waste of time.  Brain rot.  They don’t understand what a video game can really be.  Much more than just a simple game.  Okami.  Wolf.  If you can, check it out.

The Duck Who Wants to Share the Love