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Portal Knights: Demo Review

My first impression upon starting the Portal Knights demo was that it felt a lot like Minecraft with RPG elements.  The game is described as a sandbox RPG, and the world is split up into a bunch of randomly-generated islands, though the demo only had us exploring one island after I spent a good deal of time customizing my character’s appearance and choosing between a class of Warrior, Ranger, and Mage.

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Minecraft: Demo Review

It might seem hard to believe, but…I’ve never played Minecraft before.  I know, Minecraft has got to be one of the most popular games of all time, but…nope.  Never played it.  Seeing as I had recently tried out the demo for a similar game called Terraria, however, I decided it was time I gave Minecraft a chance, as well…in demo format, at least.

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Terraria: Demo Review

To be honest, I tend to get rather overwhelmed by games that give me too much freedom.  A game that can be played almost endlessly is more akin to a nightmare to me than the exciting prospect that it really should be.  Sure, I do like freedom in my games, freedom to complete a challenge differently than someone else, freedom to finish tasks in any order.  But in general, I prefer structure and clearly defined goals.  That is why I’ve never really been interested in popular games like Minecraft and Terraria.  Nevertheless, because it’s sometimes fun to try something new, I decided to download the demo for the latter.  And confusion ensued.

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