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Miitopia Playthrough on Virtual Bastion

Join us for our playthrough of Miitopia, a cute and silly RPG where all of the roles are played by Mii characters, including the Dark Lord, who has been stealing everyone’s faces and putting them on monsters!  Join the Duck, Crispin, Undyne, and Midna as we continue on with the full game!

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Drawing Midna 11 Years Later

When I redraw a character years later, it can be fun to compare them and see how much I’ve improved.  It can also be…a bit painful, to be honest.  One of my most recent pictures was of Midna from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.  I’ve been meaning to draw her again for a while, but I didn’t get around to it until 11 years later!  That’s right, I haven’t drawn Midna since 2010, and my first reaction upon seeing this old picture was…what the heck even is this monstrosity?

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I Give Twilight Princess Another Chance

I recently beat “The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess” for the second time.  It took about 40 something hours, about 5 weeks.  I first played this game about five years ago, so it mostly felt like new when I played it this time.  I actually played it on the GameCube the first time and on the Wii the second.  I didn’t have a Wii when I first bought the game, and now that I do, I decided to be naughty and buy the Wii version because I wanted to have motion controls.

            For whatever reason, I didn’t like this game that much when I first played it, yet I can’t figure out why.  I actually like this game very much now.  But, I don’t like parts of the beginning too much.  I didn’t like the stuff with the kids and everything.  It was a bit…corny.  I don’t give a crud about Colin or Ilia or any of them, so that stuff bored me.  Oh, no, the green dude riding a pig took Colin!  He’s lucky Link’s nicer than I am because if it was up to me, I wouldn’t have gone after him.  Bye bye, child with creepy eyes.  Let’s hope Malo is taken next.  Darn you, creepy child that looks like a baby!

            Ahem, but now that I gave the game another chance, I love it very much.  It is a lot of fun, and it is huge.  Nine dungeons, huge areas to explore.  A good challenge, too.  Story-wise, an evil dude named Zant wants to cover Hyrule in twilight, which is quite a problem, if you didn’t know.  (Zant is one of the weirdest dudes ever.  And exceedingly flexible.)  You end up in the Twilight Realm early on in the game and get turned into a wolf.  (Fortunately, you do get turned back into a human after a fairly short time.  I like being bipedal.)  In the Twilight Realm, you meet a mysterious imp named Midna that wants you to help her find powerful items called Fused Shadows.  I love Midna.  She’s my favorite sidekick (for lack of a better word) character in the “Zelda” series.  She’s adorable, has attitude, likes to ride around on Link’s back when he’s a wolf.  In short, she’s awesome.

            Except I don’t think Midna is very helpful advice-wise, though.  I don’t even think she tells you about enemies like the characters in other games did.  Midna does allow you to jump across ledges when you’re a wolf, though, by showing you where to jump.  And she lets you warp.  And she does play a role in the story.  If only her advice wasn’t so bad.

            One thing I like in this game is that the locations feel more real to me.  The game is similar to “Ocarina of Time”, with the forest, Death Mountain, Lake Hylia, Hyrule Field, etc., but in that game, Hyrule Field was in the center and everything else was on the edge.  The way it’s all set up in this game, it feels like a much more realistic place. Hyrule Castle Town, for example, is a bit more centered, as opposed to stuck up against the north end of Hyrule Field.  Hyrule Field is also enormous in this game, which is good and bad.  It’s a more interesting place to check out, with more secrets, but it is also confusing at first and takes more time to get places.  I still think it’s better than the ugly, boring Hyrule Field of “Ocarina of Time”, though.  The game also looks nicer and has more realistic graphics than other “Zelda” games.

            I also liked that the dungeons were pretty challenging.  I am ashamed of myself, though, that I had to cheat a bit in Hyrule Castle.  I got through it before without cheating, but this time, I was just lost.  I don’t know how I did it before.  Though, the first time I played, I didn’t get to every room of the place.  This time, thanks to my cheating, I managed to see the whole place this time.  I still feel terrible about myself now.  As I deserve.

            Anyway, back on topic, as I mentioned earlier, one difference in this game is that Link can turn into a wolf.  In this form, you can dig and use your senses to see invisible things (such as ghosts).  You can also follow smells.  I think the whole wolf thing made the game more fun, even though I didn’t like it much at first.  Again, not sure why.  I must’ve been in a weird mood.

            You can also learn hidden skills from this dead warrior in this game (who is supposed to be Link from a previous game, I’m pretty sure), which is fun, when I actually remember to use them.  And when I don’t end up doing a spin attack instead of a shield bash like I intended.  I am apparently incapable of moving the nunchuck towards the screen.  You can also fight from the back of your horse, which I’m not too good at.  Stay still, you enemies!

            You can also collect golden bugs to give to this girl in Hyrule Castle Town named Agitha.  I got them all.  I was proud.  I am a master bug collector!  And I didn’t even have a net.  (Though, it gave me a nightmare where I had to pick up bugs with my bare hands.  It was icky.)  You can also collect Poe (ghost) souls, which sounds kind of weird, but if you collect them, you can help this guy named Jovani who looks like he’s been turned to gold.  With his cat frozen on his head.  Which caused me to laugh quite heartily at his plight, which I admit is inconsiderate, but it was funny.  I couldn’t help him completely, though.  I could only find 47 Poes, and there are at least 60.  Where are the others?  If any of you have a ghost problem, tell me and I’ll come slay it.  I wanna see what Jovani gives me when I help him.  Yes, I do it for the reward.

            Speaking of ghosts, this is one of my scarier games.  (That’s why it’s rated T for terrifying.)  Why, I remember several heart-stopping instances when I first played the game.  I was in a dungeon, and I saw a Poe.  Hooray, another Poe soul for Jovani!  One of the few instances where I am actually happy to find ghosts.  I turned into the wolf and switched to his senses so I could attack the little bugger.  Regular Poes aren’t that scary, like short little humanoid shapes that float around.  But, when I saw this thing, I was more or less filled with terror and dread.  I didn’t expect the tall, cloaked thing that popped up in front of me.  At all.  It had this freaky face, and worse yet, it had a smell.  Yes, a smell.  Like I said, one purpose of the wolf is to follow scents, and once you killed the abnormally tall Poe, you could get its scent to find more similar Poes.  There’s just something deeply unsettling about ghosts having a smell.  I don’t know why.  Okay, you can maybe see a ghost.  Or hear it.  But, smell it?  What would a ghost even smell like?  Moth balls?  How creepy would that be to making your way to the bathroom at night, which is already a trial in courage, to then catch a whiff of a ghost?  I think we would all be in danger of soiling ourselves right then and there.  And so close to the commode.  And I didn’t even mention the horrors that pop up even later in the game….My goodness, no wonder my feathers are white.  (So I correct myself.  If you have any smelly ghosts in your house, I’ll come assist.)

            Anyway, one thing I think is odd is that due to this game having motion controls, Link is right-handed in the Wii version, while he is left-handed in the GameCube version.  Okay, that’s not odd, but because of this, the entire Wii version is flipped.  The entire world is a mirrored copy of what it was in the other version, which seems like overkill to me, but I guess they had to or else I guess Link would be opening doors wrong and all kinds of weird stuff.  It confused me a little, though.  When I was looking for one place in the woods, I was thinking, “I could’ve sworn it was to the left.”  Well, it was, but not in this version.  I still just think its overkill….  And now Death Mountain is to the west and not the east like it was in “Ocarina of Time”, so it just bugs me.

            And what’s with the fairy cursor on the screen?  What do I do with it?  I can make it fly around, but I see no actual point to it.  (I wish, though, whenever I use a laser pointer, it would look like a fairy instead of a red dot.  How professional would that be?  “And here, where the fairy’s flying, is our sales for March.”)

            Anyway, I had quite a bit of fun with this game.  I leave you now with my first letter from the postman, which I thought was funny.  “If I have a letter for you, I will approach you at high speed.  Do not flee.”  Okay.  I won’t.

Stalduck (Hey, if there’s a Stallord, Stalfos, Stalchild, and Stalmaster, there can be a Stalduck.)