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Mega Man 11: Demo Review

The very first, and only, Mega Man game I’ve played thus far is Mega Man X, as requested by one of our Youtube commenters.  While I often intended on giving the series another try, the sheer number of titles made me a bit overwhelmed.  Recently, however, I decided to try a demo for the newest (as of writing this) entry in the series, Mega Man 11.  To my understanding, Mega Man games allow you to play the levels in any order you choose.  But considering only one level was accessible in the demo, my choice was made for me, the level featuring Block Man, though I never actually managed to reach the boss, for reasons that will be made clear soon enough.

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It’s About Time I Played: Mega Man X

The Duck is a frequent latecomer to video games.  Nevertheless, I have been trying with all due diligence to right this wrong by catching up on a lot of the games I had been missing out on, namely those on the SNES and PS1, with a bit of Sly Cooper thrown in.  Future plans include the Crash Bandicoot trilogy on the PS4, along with hoping that the same will happen with the original Spyro games so I can find a more convenient way to play them, as well.  The most recent series I have tried…Mega Man. Continue reading It’s About Time I Played: Mega Man X