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Novel Draft 1 Done

Finally finished with my novel a few days ago!  Yes!  It took 127 days, 385 notebook pages, and is just short of 75000 words, which should be in the range of 250–300 pages (since I read that books usually have about 250 to 300 words per page).  Some details are still missing, and I haven’t worked in breaks for chapters yet, but I’ll figure it out.  I will wait 6 weeks before doing draft 2 because that’s what Stephen King says to do.  Gotta fix some things, add more action in places, better dialogue, etc.  I’ll be returning to it around September 25, at the earliest.

            When I started the novel, I only knew that my main character would go find this special item and then use it to defeat the enemy, just about two parts to it, but it turned into something much more.  Three parts, three main characters, even more evil to defeat.  I figured out a lot of the story as I wrote it, and things fell into place pretty well.

            I’m really glad I finished it.  I started a little bit before the middle of April, I believe.  I remember a little while ago I was getting serious doubts about the story.  I didn’t think I could finish it.  It just wasn’t right.  But, I had to.  Or else, I had wasted my time.  So I kept on, and things started getting easier again, and the rest was more or less a breeze.

            So I hope there is a good amount of character development and change, excitement, humor, and mystery.  I used the “Break into Fiction” book (by Mary Buckham and Dianna Love) a little bit to help me know what kinds of things I should add into my novel to make it successful.  I hope I did it right and very much hope that people will enjoy my little tale.  There is no swearing or dirty stuff, but there is some violence, but not too bad, because that’s what I do.

            Someday, I would like to put up some pictures of the characters and maybe an excerpt or two, but not yet.  The pictures may come about sooner than I’m planning, but the excerpts will be a while longer.  Must fix them up more…and choose which parts to do in the first place.

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