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The Duck’s First Novel

Hello, everyone. I have something rather nifty to share with all of you, and I completely forgot about it until now. I finished my first novel. Now, in all honesty, it is, in fact, a fan fiction novel, but I still think it was a pretty cool accomplishment. This story is fan fiction for the awesome video game series “Jak and Daxter”, and it stars the main villains from the first game, Gol and Maia. You see, these wicked siblings were not always evil, but were made that way due to studying Dark Eco, a very corrupting substance, for far too long. This stuff warped their minds, which resulted in their decision to try and flood the world with Dark Eco so that they could remake it in their own image. Fortunately, they failed and ended up trapped inside the very Dark Eco silo they were trying to open.

In case you didn't believe me, here's the title.
In case you didn’t believe me, here’s the title.

And while it was implied in the “Jak 3” guide that the two were still alive centuries later during the events of the later games and could eventually return, this never happened, and how much can you really rely on what a guide says anyway? Nevertheless, I wanted so very badly to see another game with them in it, but since it appears that’s never going to happen, I decided it was time I took matters into my own hands. Gola and Maia would return, but it would be in the form of a novel I would write, proving all the more that I am an obsessive lunatic. Continue reading The Duck’s First Novel

The Duck Attempts Another Route to Fame and Riches…Fan Fiction

Recently, I wrote a post about how I missed doing fan art, due to the fact that my comic was taking up much of my Photoshop time these past few months, and will continue to possibly for years.  So I’ve been drawing pictures the old-timey way, on paper, then, scanning them into the computer.  But, that hasn’t been quite enough, either.  For some reason, I’ve been feeling quite a void in my tummy.  Partly, I’m just hungry.  But, I think it’s also being caused by something else.

            I’ve been reading quite a lot of “Jak and Daxter” fan fiction lately.  And I finally decided doing just fan art wasn’t enough.  These stories are making me want to bring my favorite characters to life through more than just little doodles.  And then I was suddenly struck with a big bolt of inspiration.  I had an idea!  In my soft, oozing brain meats!  I had this idea of a story about the main villains from “The Precursor Legacy”, Gol and Maia.  These two had likely once been good people, but they were twisted by prolonged exposure to Dark Eco and made into wicked people that wanted to open the Dark Eco silos to flood the world with the stuff and reshape it.  They were then trapped in the silos by our hero, Jak (not assisted in any way whatsoever by Daxter).  While the two have still not returned officially, it is still rumored that they survived and could eventually come back.  This has caused many people to write stories about their return.  As will I.

            But, I don’t want to write just another story where they return, cause lots of trouble, then get killed, as entertaining as those are.  I want to take a new direction and explore their past selves more and any chance that they can change and become the people they once were, if that is even possible and if they would ever do such a thing if given the opportunity.

            So as is often the case, while bathing in the nearby duck pond, all these ideas floated around in my head, not unlike me.  In that pond.  The story began forming before I had a chance to get paper.  And so as soon as I could, I started to write the prologue.  And then I went on to write the first few chapters.  So far, this chunk of the story isn’t too dreadful, either.  I had learned not super long ago all kinds of skills for writing in a more literary style, and I think that helped me a lot.  If I do say so myself, and I obviously do, I think it’s not bad.  I found out when I asked my mom to take a look that my handwriting is indecipherable to all but me (it seems I have invented a new system of writing; I’ll call it the ducklabet), but once I read it aloud, she seemed entertained, despite the fact that I read largely in a monotone out of discomfort reading in front of others.  Of course, she had to like it, as parents are compelled to like what their offspring create, but still.

            So I recently started an account on fanficion.net (the greatest fan fiction site there ever was, is, or ever will be) under DuckofIndeed.  And I know this would appeal to a very small audience, but I ask that anyone who likes “Jak and Daxter” fan fiction take a look at my story.  It will be going up in bits and pieces.  I have also posted below the beginning narration from my story, before the characters show up, where I described some stuff in the most marvelous manner I could muster.  Mustard.  Yum.  Please take a look and tell me what you think.  Fortunately, my typing is much better than my handwriting.

            The first chunk of my prologue begins:

Far, far out in the Wasteland was a place few dared to go, even the Marauders and citizens of Spargus, who possessed spirits toughened to leather by the harsh life of the desert.  This particular place had been forest once, centuries past, but the innumerable sands of the Wasteland had finally crept even here and swallowed up all the trees.  Now, little stood there but dead pillars of wood, the remains of the trees whose roots had been choked with sand, and dunes that were gradually eroded away by the wind to only be built up elsewhere.  And something else.  Something else stood in this particular section of the desert and was the reason the people of the Wasteland did not tread here.

Several large pillars, once hundreds of feet high and now made considerably shorter as the sand built up around their bases.  They were of varying sizes and of bronze Precursor metal, showing signs of wear, but less than expected from their treatment over the years, though with much of their original shine gone.  The Dark Eco silos.

These pillars always filled all who saw them with dread, and who could blame them?  These pillars, built possibly thousands of years ago by the Precursors, contained the majority of the planet’s Dark Eco.  Such a substance needed to be contained.  While it had existed as long as any other kind of Eco, this variation was dangerous.  It twisted all it touched, turning all who were exposed to it to something no longer quite human.  Or simply killed them.  The dark bubbling ooze meant death or worse, and it couldn’t be allowed to coexist with the fragile life of this world.  That was why the Precursors banished it away to the confines of the silos.

But, for some, it also meant power, and that was why, long, long ago, two people tried to open the silos.  To take that Dark Eco and use it to reshape the world.  They tried to play God, and they were punished for it.

And that brings us to the other reason why this was such a feared place.  Centuries ago, those people had been locked away in those same pillars they had so desperately wanted to open.  Some thought them dead.  Some had their doubts.  And the rest, well, they had forgotten the two had ever really existed.  Their story had turned to legend for a time until so many years had gone by that no one believed any longer that it had ever happened.  They were eventually reduced to monsters parents used to scare unruly children.  In fact, few remembered anymore that they were even human.  Even fewer knew what kind of people they had once been.  Centuries ago.

            I hope that encourages people to stop on by fanfiction.net and continue the story.  Yes?  Yeeeeesss?  Please, it’s been a whopping 24 hours, and I have no reviews!  Why must life be like this!


A Boy and His Ottsel

I recently beat “Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy” for the fifth time, and yet it’s still awesome.  I got all 101 Power Cells and all 2000 Precursor Orbs.  It took about a week.  I love this game.  So much.  It’s about Jak and Daxter (surprised?) who wander off toMistyIsland, even thoughSamos, the Green Eco Sage, told them not to.  Once there, the pair see two evil looking people (and as we all know, people who look evil most certainly are), giving instructions to creatures called Lurkers.  Hmm, could be important, but the two wander around some more, and Daxter ends up falling into a pool of a terrible substance called Dark Eco and comes out as an orange ottsel (otter weasel).  Daxter, of course, is rather distraught, and the two return toSamosfor help, who tells them that the only one who might be able to change Daxter back is Gol, the Dark Eco Sage, who of course, lives far away, and all the teleport gates are off.  So they set out on their little quest to the north to try and save obnoxious little Daxter, but little do they know of the evil plot that is brewing….  Mwa ha…ahem.  (By the way, don’t finish this paragraph if you don’t want spoilers, but it turns out that the two evil people are Gol, the only person that can help Daxter, and Gol’s sister, Maia.  They became evil because they were twisted by the Dark Eco.  Gol’s my favorite character because I often like bad characters and he has a good evil laugh.  I still need to draw him sometime.  It’s long overdue.  Oh, and by the way, I have a picture of Maia on my fan art page….).  This game is super delightful, one of the best ever, and I can find very few flaws.  It is nearly perfect, I think, and that doesn’t happen very often.  I shall tell you more!

            One thing that shows up throughout the game is a substance called Eco, of which there are several types.  Of course, there is Dark Eco, a black and purple substance that can kill or mutate what it touches.  While being deadly, I think it is also rather pretty.  I enjoy watching it.  My favorite is Blue Eco, which makes you run faster, attracts things to you, and activates Precursor technology (I’ll get to the Precursors soon.).  Also, when you get near boxes, they start shaking and then suddenly burst open. It makes me feel rather powerful.  Green Eco is for health and at one point, is used to heal plants infected with Dark Eco.  Red Eco makes your attacks stronger and Yellow lets you shoot balls of yellowness.  There’s actually one more type of Eco.  Guess what it is.  I’m serious.  Guess.  Or not.

            And like I promised, the Precursors, an ancient group of who knows what of which little is known.  They did, however, leave behind countless structures (even huge Precursor robots) and various objects, such as Precursor Orbs.  There are also Oracles laying around that give you cryptic messages and give you Power Cells when you give them Precursor Orbs.  I don’t know what they even do with all those Orbs, though.  Greedy statues.

            And recently speaking of Power Cells, these are used to power things such as the zoomer’s heat shield so it can cross lava.  You must collect them to progress through the game.  There are 101, but 100 is required for the secret ending, and I’ve gotten them all several times because of my mad skills.  Or at least, somewhat agitated skills.  You get these Power Cells by completing certain challenges, like catching enough fish with a “tiny net” (and the fisherman wonders why he isn’t catching anything), driving through all the rings with your zoomer before they disappear, destroying all the Dark Eco crystals, and even scaring seagulls until they fly into the mountain so hard that it causes an avalanche.  You can also buy them from people for 90 Orbs each or from the Oracles for 120 each, which are rather odd numbers, but whatever.  Also, many Power Cells are just lying around, just chilling as they wait for you to figure out how to climb over to them.

            Something I absolutely adore about this game (and the entire series) are the characters.  They have so much personality.  I love the voice acting and the character design and everything.  For example, there’s the overly dramatic warrior who got “pounded” like how one “tenderizes a Yakkow steak” by the monster terrorizingRockVillage.  Also the gambler who wears a barrel because he lost his money on a bet (he bet on the warrior beating the monster, I believe, and lost).  Boggie Billie, who lost his pet hip hog, lives in an outhouse, and doesn’t even know what a bathtub is.  The sculptor who lost his Muse.  Main character wise, everybody loves Daxter (not the characters in the game, but the people playing it).  He’s quite funny, and his voice actor, Max Casella, won an award for his talents.  I also like grumpy oldSamos.  Even though he’s mean.

            Another awesome thing is that this game is pretty much one, huge place.  There is no loading, which I’ve heard the creator, Naughty Dog, was quite proud of, and as you go through the game, you can look back and see the places you’ve been.  I spent a bit of time onSentinelBeach, looking out at theislandofGeyser Rockand watching the geyser spray water into the air.  It’s quite lovely.  And what I also love is standing atopSnowyMountaintowards the end and looking back at everything.  I can even see to the coast to the south where the game begins.  Then, I look to the north at the Dark Eco silos and the citadel, the last place.  Plus, the rocky shore that extends into the distance.

            Likewise, you can swim into the ocean and never reach a wall like you would in some games.  Of course, you can’t go on forever because if you swim out very far, a Lurker Shark will come and eat you.  Not fun being eaten, but I like that the world feels more real without any invisible walls to stop you.

            I also love the zoomer.  It is a vehicle ridden like a motorcycle, but it hovers instead of having wheels, and it has a big propeller on the front.  When driving one of these, the controller rumbles quite a bit, which is neat because it makes it feel more real.  I want my own zoomer.  They must be pretty dangerous, though, with that big, flesh-chopping propeller on the front.  How many people have lost limbs in that thing?  And they’re noisy.  Hmm, maybe I don’t want one.  It’s still awesome, though.  You can also ride a large bird called a Flut-Flut.  Good times.  Maybe I’ll just buy me a Flut-Flut instead.

            I also like the music.  I like how it’s not overdone like in a lot of games.  It’s often soft and doesn’t overwhelm things.  I find theSnowyMountainmusic particularly soothing.

            The only thing to compete with mini-sheep in terms of cuteness in this game was the sculptor’s Muse, even though it was a brat.  It’s a yellow critter with big ears and a long tail, and it runs from you when you try and catch it.  After following it along the same loop several times, I decided to try and trick it.  I chased it to the bottom of a ledge, climbed up the ledge, and jumped down onto it from above.  Take that, you little turd!

            One of the few things I dislike in this game is the health.  If you lose a unit of health, you must collect 50 little bits of Green Eco to get it back as opposed to, you know, one.  It takes a long time.  And by then, Jak will probably get hurt again, and then you need 100!  Grr!

Duck Eco Sage