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Day 7: Favorite Video Game Couple

Today’s 30 day video game post is number seven, my favorite video game couple (which is perfect for Valentine’s Day, no?).  Now I am not normally the type that is into love stories, as I have mentioned in previous posts, but video games are an exception, probably for two reasons.  One, because I love them.  And two, because never have I found a video game that focused mainly on the love story more than anything else.  There aren’t any romance video games, as far as I can tell, though there are certainly books and movies of the romance genre, which is far too upsetting to me, as I can only stand it in small doses and only when it isn’t too…icky.

And so, despite this normally being a topic that repels me, I was able to think it over with no gagging whatsoever.  Yay.  And several couples came to mind, Cloud and Aerith from “FFVII”, Yuna and Tidus from “FFX” (and even Vincent and Lucrecia from “FFVII”, which is not a favorite, but it came to mind when I realized all three of these couples ended tragically).  I even thought of Kafei and Anju from “The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask”, a couple that will always have a special place in my heart simply because I had to do so much darn work in that game to make it work out in the end.  But, no, those are not my favorite couples.  Why did I even bother listing them in the first place?  I don’t know.  What’s it to you?  Ahem, my favorite game couple…contains spoilers for “Super Paper Mario”, so read at your own risk.

Yes, my favorite couple is not one of those more well-known pairings from famous “Final Fantasy” games (alliteration), but from a “Mario” game.  A “Paper Mario” game, but still.  This couple is one which remains secret until later in the game.  Oh, we know this couple exists, as we get little snippets of dialogue whenever we complete a chapter, but the people involved in this particular love story are not known to us at first.  One of them is injured, while the other nurses them back to health.  One of them is from the Tribe of Darkness and is shocked to find this fact does not bother the other.  And they meet with opposition from a father that doesn’t approve of the union.  It’s really quite typical, really, but it kept my attention because of the mystery surrounding it.  Who were these people?  Who was this Blumiere and Timpani?  And how does it relate to the game?

Eventually we find that Blumiere now goes by the name of Count Bleck, this game’s main antagonist, who was not always evil like we see now.  We know his heart aches for this Timpani, whoever she is, and despite the fact that this fiend is trying to destroy all dimensions with the Void, you can’t help but feel a bit of pity for him.  This Timpani was lost to him when his father banished her to wander the space between dimensions due to him not wanting his son to marry someone of another race from theirs, and though Blumiere looked for her, he never found her, and his anguish caused him to create the Void in an attempt to destroy all worlds, worlds that are too terrible to be allowed to exist, if something like that could happen.  A bit rash, I must admit, but his story is still a tragic one, nonetheless.

Well, we do end up finding out the fate of his beloved, and she turns out to have been with you all along, though unrecognizable from her previous form.  Mario’s sidekick, Tippi, turns out to be the lost Timpani.  Once an ordinary woman, she was found by Merlon, near death after her wandering between dimensions, and the only way he could save her was to turn her into a Pixl, though this also caused her to lose her memory of her past.  Her memory does finally return to her towards the end of the game, however, and she and Count Bleck are reunited, at which time he has a change of heart.  This is not enough to stop the Void, however, as someone else still wishes to see all worlds destroyed, and after a nice, epic final boss battle (necessary to a proper love story, wouldn’t you say?), Tippi and the Count find there is only one way to fully stop the Void, which was created by the Chaos Heart when Count Bleck forced Bowser and Peach to marry at the beginning of the game.  This solution (a rather corny one, but hey, we’ve been collecting Pure Hearts the whole game through, so I guess it’s unavoidable at this point), in so many words, is true love, basically.  The former Timpani and Blumiere marry, at which point the Void is destroyed (I rhymed), but the couple cease to exist.

And so Count Bleck has redeemed himself, as Tippi and he sacrificed themselves to stop the Void (he really shouldn’t have created it in the first place, though).  Things are both sad and triumphant, as the two seem to have been wiped from existence, but at the same time, all worlds are safe from the Void again.  However, we find things to not be so sad, after all, as we then get a short scene with the silhouettes of the Count and a certain woman in the distance, on a grassy hill in a beautiful place, where they stay for a short time before they walk over the hill and are lost to sight.  So it seems that, things did finally work out for Blumiere and Timpani in the end, after all.

So it may not be the best love story out there or the best couple, really.  But, I still enjoyed playing this game and wondering who these two people were.  It was the most interesting part of the game for me, as I wanted to know so badly who they were and what would happen to them next.  And how shocked I was to find this couple was the main villain and one of the main protagonists!  So this couple turned out to be my favorite, both due to the mystery of this particular story and the two people involved in it, the sweet Tippi and the charming Count Bleck (if you can get over his attempts to kill everyone, that is).  This is a love story I can handle.

Favorite Duck Couple, Couple of Ducks

100 Theme Blog Challenge No. 2: Love

Today’s topic in my self-imposed 100 theme blog challenge, love.  Eugh, no.  This is not my kind of topic.  I’ve never been into…love.  Never liked Valentine’s Day.  Never watched romance movies (voluntarily).  Never understood why love stories had to be forced into every movie or book whether it made sense or not.  (Am I the only one that thought most of the pairings in “Harry Potter” made no sense?  Ron and Hermione?  Are you kidding me?)  You will hardly see any love stories in my writing/comics.  Small bits may be in there, but never as a big part.  And never in the form I hate most.  Mushy, squishy, makes me want to puke love.  Or completely unrealistic love.  (Because maybe I’m a boring person.  But, I can’t help it.)

            In the past, I’ve been stuck watching rather sickening, silly romance movies.  And like I said, they can be so unrealistic.  I remember these movies where the woman has a lot of guys that like her, and poor her, who should she choose?  Oh, woe to she who has to choose between the handsome, rich, kind man, or the rich, kind, handsome man.  Can there be a more stressful plight?  All you people who are homeless and starving, get over it!  Unless you’ve had to decide between two great choices, you haven’t known suffering!

            And then it’s so easy to meet people, too.  All of you who have tried dating web sites, why, I ask?  Apparently, just walk into your local grocery store and people of the desired gender will just be falling over you.  What, you’ve tried that?  Well, try again.  It works in the movies.  Everywhere the main character goes, she meets new perfect men.  Oh, look, she meets the perfect guy at the laundromat.  And then the gas station.  You know what also works great?  Dropping something.  Then, if someone helps you pick it up, “accidentally” touch their hand, and presto!  There’s your recipe for instant love, everyone!  I’ve discovered it!  You need no love potion or arrow from a flying infant!  (Of course, I’d be washing my hands thoroughly after such an encounter.  I don’t know where their hands have been.  Do they wash after going to the bathroom?  Do they have well-hidden leprosy?  You just can’t know.)

            And I mean no offense to people who like these movies, but the sheer amount just seems to get a bit overboard.  There’s this one channel I watch sometimes, and during the commercials, I am bombarded with romance movie after romance movie.  There’s just a ridiculous amount of them.  And they’re all the same.  You can’t simply change the main characters’ hair colors or what town they live in and claim it is a new idea.  It’s not.  It’s just not.  Please think of something actually unique.  A love story about some blonde people in Connecticut is no different from a love story about redheads in Illinois.  Though, I’m sure both have been done.

            And one more thing.  The characters that fall in love with everyone they meet.  And they do it immediately.  How can you go from meeting someone to being deeply in love so fast?  I’m talking to you, Captain Kirk of “Star Trek”.  At least give it a day or two.  I don’t think twenty minutes is enough time to say you’re in love with someone and willing to spend the rest of your life with them.  Maybe you can say you love a pie within twenty minutes or a scrumptious fried chicken leg, but not a person.  That takes more time.  It takes me longer than that to decide if I like a movie, darn it!  It took me longer than that to get used to my new cable box, that was the same model as my old cable box.

            Anyway, I’m not completely against all love stories, but I’m pretty picky about the ones that don’t revolt me.  I prefer it when it’s not the central plot.  Or when it’s not forced in just for the sake of a love story.  Or when the people get to know each other before they fall in love, and meeting the other person wasn’t so easy, and they go through trouble and still find it worth it to stick with each other.  And when they like each other for more than just their looks and other more shallow things.  Play “Super Paper Mario” or watch “Howl’s Moving Castle” and see what I mean.  No one meets in a post office.  No one uses the instant drop-something love recipe.  No one has a dozen people desperate for their love (well, Count Bleck was pretty popular with the ladies, but that’s not the same thing!).  And no one falls in love before they get to know each other.  Heck, in “Howl’s Moving Castle”, a good-looking young man actually falls in love with a lady considered unattractive!  Now that’s at least different.  So there.  There’s my thoughts on love.  Eeyarg!

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