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100 Theme Challenge No. 8: Innocence

Today’s 100 theme challenge is number 8, innocence.  Innocence makes me think of many things, like not guilty.  Like being in court, and you are accused of doing something, but you’re innocent, for crying out loud, innocent!  I also think of, well, let me explain.

            You see, my favorite video games are those that don’t have any swearing or other such naughty things.  The innocent games.  This can apply to books and movies, too, for you non-gamers out there.  Just replace “games” with whichever word you like, and it all means the same thing.  The innocent stories.  That doesn’t mean nothing bad happens.  In fact, my favorite stories are the ones that are dark and deep and emotional.  They are not necessarily sickly sweet and childish, with a shallow, meaningless plot.  Nothing about innocence means a story, whether it be in a game or movie or book, has to be boring.  There is just no one saying “friggin’ this” and “friggin’ that” (or the worse version) or scenes of people doing, well, certain things people do, which is already disturbing enough without the fact that it doesn’t further the plot whatsoever.  (And you can play classical music all you want during such scenes and do fancy camera angles, it doesn’t make it better.)

            And hey, some people like the movies or games or whatever that are more nitty gritty and more realistic.  That’s part of why I think M-rated games are so popular.  Not everyone wants to play cute things like “Kirby” and “Mario” all the time.  But, for me, I just can’t get into those kinds of stories as much as the innocent ones.  Yeah, it may be less realistic, when you have some evil psycho saying “gosh” when they really should be swearing like the people in “The Sopranos”, but I get attached to those innocent stories, the innocent games in particular.  Video games are a nice way to escape from reality (any story is, really), so it can be a pleasant experience to play a game that has an innocence not found in the real world.  Sometimes it is nice to have not only heroes, but villains, that aren’t quite as scummy as the people in the real world.  The world can be an ugly place, and that is something I want to escape from.  (Otherwise, I’ll just watch the news or visit my local high school.)

            It is amazing, too, how innocent things often are so popular.  When TV shows like “The Sopranos” and movies like “Saw” are seen by so many people, you wonder if all people want to see is the nastier side of human nature.  But, what about immensely popular video games like “Kingdom Hearts”?  Not a swear word or naughty innuendo anywhere.  No blood.  No nudity.  Innocent.  This series even stars Disney characters as a major part of its cast.  This would seem like it would make the series childish and not appeal so much to adults, but it has a deep, complex, and emotional story that people of all ages love.  (It’s also the number one game in Fanfiction.net, if that tells you anything.  In your face, all other games!)  Or let’s even take something more familiar to everyone.  “Star Wars”.  There is violence (oh, poor Anakin in episode 3, even if he deserved it), but is there swearing?  Is there, well, dirtiness (I have a lame way of saying it, but you know what I mean)?  Is there usually even blood?  Heck, lightsabers cauterize wounds!  Woops, my arm just got lopped off, but no squirting blood to be seen.  Keeps the rugs from staining, too.  Despite this lack of cussing and blood-spraying, “Star Wars” still was and is a popular franchise.  (This happens to be the number one movie on Fanfiction.net, too.)

            So in the end, it is nice to see that sometimes, even the innocent things get attention.  I understand wanting to see more “realistic” characters from time to time.  I do enjoy “Jak and Daxter” (that’s about as bad as the Duck gets, which tells you a little something about my game collection), where the characters are not nearly so innocent as those from “Kingdom Hearts”.  Sometimes I’m in the mood for that kind of thing.  But, I love the games I can play and the movies I can watch where I don’t have to worry about seeing the things that are too common in the real world.  (And seriously, half the population would appreciate it if we stopped being forced to see naked women constantly.  I think the female form looks quite nice clothed.)  And I think that is why such things as “Kingdom Hearts” and “Star Wars” are so popular.  They have great stories and characters and action and all kinds of things we like, but they are also more innocent than most things, which lets us escape from reality rather than mimicking it.  Would “Kingdom Hearts” be popular like it is now if Sora started spouting profanities (imagine that, no, Sora’s such a sweetie, he wouldn’t even if he could)?  If the favorite swear word of middle-schoolers (my goodness, they wouldn’t stop with that word, the one that rhymes with my name…) showed up throughout the “Star Wars” trilogies, would it have been the same?  Maybe I’m just being naïve.  Maybe it would have made no affect or even helped the series.  I just don’t personally think the addition of these things would have.  It wouldn’t have appealed to such a wide audience, at the very least.  But, either way, who cares?  I love the innocent stories, and I always will.

Am I An Innocent Duck?

My Memories of Chain of Memories

I recently beat the PlayStation 2 remake of “Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories”.  Sora’s story took 27:25, and Riku’s story took 16:04.  This game was originally released on the Game Boy Advance, and I thought it was really boring.  But, nevertheless, I still bought the remake, and I thought it was a lot more fun.  It’s probably mainly because I just don’t like GBA games, but still.

            Anyway, in this game, Sora, Donald Duck, and Goofy are searching for King Mickey and Sora’s friend, Riku.  They find a mysterious castle where “to find is to lose and to lose is to find”, whatever that means, called Castle Oblivion.  As they go further and further into the castle, they start to lose their memories, while Sora starts to remember a girl he knew when he was a little kid.  But, why hadn’t he remembered her until now?  Also in the castle are some strange people in black clothes from a group called Organization XIII that are led by a man named Marluxia.  Now what could they be up to?

            This game is played a bit differently than the other “Kingdom Hearts” games.  You still fight in real-time, but now you use cards.  You choose what cards you want, then as you fight, you scroll through your cards and can use attack cards to attack, magic cards to use things like cure or fire, and item cards for reloading cards.  There are also summon cards where a character appears for a short time to help you.  My favorite is Cloud (the same Cloud from “Final Fantasy VII”) because his attacks are strong and because he’s Cloud.  There’s also Tinkerbell, the Genie from Aladdin, and others.  Cards are numbered from 0-9, and the higher the number, the more effective.  Plus, if you play a card higher than what your enemy is using, you can break their card and stop their attack.  (0’s can break anything or be broken by anything, depending on when you use them.)

            Each world in this game is made up of a bunch of rooms.  At each door, you use a card that determines what kind of room it is.  You can make a save point, or a room with a lot of Heartless, or a room with sleeping Heartless, for example.  And each world has various rooms where part of the story happens, as well.  Going through a whole bunch of rooms can get a bit redundant, but this game was still more fun than the original.

            There is also another story when you beat Sora’s story.  This story is called Reverse/Rebirth, and you play as Riku.  The game chooses for you which cards you can use, which can be bad or good, depending on what they decide to give you.  Riku can’t do as many things as Sora can, but he can go into dark mode where he can use strong sleights (where you combine three cards together for an attack).

            One thing I think is worth mentioning is that in this version of the game, you get to fight Organization member Zexion.  For a while, he was the only member of the Organization that you never knew what powers he has or what weapon, so I thought it was fun fighting him for the first time and seeing what he can do.

            Anyway, to summarize, the remake of “Chain of Memories” was a lot of fun.  This game is played much differently from the others because of the cards and the rooms, which can make it both unique in some ways and a little boring in others.  Overall, I’m glad I got the remake.  Now the game is actually fun to play.

Chain of Ducks

Salty and Sweet

When playing one of the “Kingdom Hearts” games, the characters would sometimes eat sea salt ice cream, and I thought that it sounded like a rather unpleasant treat.  Mmm, salty ice cream.  But, then I heard that it was a real thing and became curious.  Perhaps it’s rather scrumptious.  I must try it.

And since it doesn’t seem to be sold in stores anywhere nearby, I decided to make some.  The recipe I used is on a blog called “Disorganization XIII”.  I used almost a teaspoon of salt, as they did.  It seemed fine at first, kind of like salty vanilla ice cream, but then it ended up being too much.  It’s not bad tasting, really, but it still tastes a bit like eating the ocean.  If I ever made it again, I would add more like half a teaspoon or three quarters of a teaspoon of salt instead, and I think it will be rather yummy then.  I didn’t add any of the food coloring to make it blue, so it just stayed a yellowish white.  I did, however, use actual sea salt.  So it’s the real deal.

A Salty Duck

The Duck’s Thoughts on Video Games

Sana requested a post in which I tell you guys about what I like in video games and what’s not my cup of tea.  Sounds fun.  Thanks for the idea!  Here I go!


            The things I like are pretty obvious.  Of course, a game must be fun, but what makes some games stand out from others is when they have a good story and good characters.  These are pretty important.  That’s why I love games from the Kingdom Hearts and Jak and Daxter series so much.  Good stories, awesome characters.  And lots of fun.  The cut scenes are often as much fun as the game.  They get a very special place in my heart.  Like a nice apartment.  With a view.  Because I can’t fit houses in my heart.  I still, of course, like games that don’t have good plots, or plots at all, such as those from the Mario or Donkey Kong series because they are still fun and creative.  They are just not quite as special to me.  But, still special.  They get a slightly less nice apartment in my heart.

            Good graphics and music are always nice, but not super important.  Good, or at least, not bad dialogue helps, too.  Other things that make me happy are when you have a lot of places to explore, items to collect, new moves to learn, which is why I like Metroid games better than Halo, even though both are awesome.  In Metroid, you get upgraded weapons and moves as you play and can collect things to upgrade your health and missile capacity.  Plus, there are many places to explore.  Unique ideas are fun, too.  In “Okami”, for example, you drew things with a brush, which was neat.

            I also like when you can save often enough, don’t have to redo a lot when you die, and can skip cut scenes.  “Kingdom Hearts”, for example, made you rewatch cut scenes, and it was annoying.  Square Enix must have realized how annoying it was because you get to skip them now.  I also like when games are a challenge, but not ridiculous.  I hate absurdly hard games.

            Specifically, my favorite games are platformers, RPG’s, and other such things with action or exploring or whatever.


            Now for the things I hate.  These are the things that will cause me to sell or not even buy a game.  One is dirtiness.  Some games think that because they’re rated M, they need to have as many bad things as they’re allowed.  When I was looking at new games for the XBox 360, the only games that looked good were rated M, so I checked the back, and they had things I didn’t want.  So I’m not even going to try them.  What’s nice about the Halo series is all they have is violence and a little bit of swearing.  Being rated M, they could have more, but there is no dirty things and minimal swearing.  In fact, “Halo: Reach” doesn’t even have swearing.  I’m proud of you, Bungie.  On the other end of the spectrum, I don’t like super corny games.  I can only handle a small amount of corn.

            I was also kept from getting a game because I heard it had a limited number of saves.  That would be so annoying.  I also hate it in games when you can’t save at all.

            I also hate bad controls, like when the camera won’t obey you or you can’t control it at all, and you often die just because you can’t see where you’re going.  I also hate that “Sonic and the Secret Rings” is only hard because the controls are so bad.  They tried something new, where Sonic is always moving, and you tilt the Wii remote left or right to go left or right, forward to speed up, and back to slow down.  I think you can make Sonic stop, but it’s hard.  I feel like I have very little control over him.  It’s very aggravating.

            This next thing is tolerable or horrible, depending on what game it is.  I don’t like when games have battles start randomly.  Most games, you can see the enemies and choose if you want to fight.  In games like “Final Fantasy X” and “Quest 64”, you never know when a battle may start because you can’t see any enemies.  You’re just walking, and then suddenly you have to fight things and can’t easily get away.  In the former game, though, it’s a good game so it doesn’t bother me as much, but the latter is already not a great game, and this is pretty much the worst part of it.

            Also, like I said, I hate super hard games.  I really hate them.  It’s bad enough that the final bosses of “Vexx” and “Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep” are insane, but when a whole game is a chore…  No way.  I also hate having to do stupid things or you can’t move on, such as beating the super annoying “Donkey Kong Arcade” in “Donkey Kong 64” not once, but twice, in order to get a necessary item.  I also hate when you must fight zillions of enemies or when they take super long to kill.  All this fuels the duck’s feathery rage.

            The types of games I dislike are sports, really simple games like pinball or Pacman, and fighting games that aren’t “Super Smash Brothers” and racing games other than “Jak X” or “F-Zero”.


            And now, the things that simply disappoint me.  For one thing, when things don’t feel complete.  In the 2006 version of “Sonic the Hedgehog”, it was a good game, but they left some things unfinished.  For example, things would fall in the water without a splash.  Such a simple thing to fix.  I felt like they sold the game before they were completely done with it.

            I am also disappointed by bad graphics and bad music, but that’s not a big deal.  I am saddened when games are too short, especially good ones.

            I also don’t like bad dialogue and skimpy outfits.  Too skimpy, and this nears the Bad.  I also don’t like when you get to the end of the game and aren’t allowed to return to previous areas, like in “Okami” and “Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier”.  I don’t mind when it’s a kind of game where there’s nothing to collect, but in these, there is, and I couldn’t go back for what I missed.

            I also don’t like when they think they’re too cool.  I’m talking to you, Sonic.  And the characters in “Jak X”.  I don’t think they were as obnoxious in the previous games….

            Well, there you go.

An Opinionated Duck

Comic Draft 1 Done and Other Things

I finally finished my comic script.  It took from 7/13/10 to 4/23/11, with a lot of breaks in between.  It is 9 issues, each around 20 pages or so, and it filled up my Gir notebook and went into the beginning of my “Nightmare Before Christmas” notebook.  It needs a lot of fixing, but I’ll wait six weeks or so, and then get started on draft 2.  I still don’t have a title for it or any of the issues.  I think it started out pretty okay and ended okay, too.  The middle needs lots of help.  It still has more potential than the novel, at least.

            And since I’m on this subject, I’ll tell you where I am in my other projects:

            I barely started draft 2 of the Fiddle novel a while ago and now gave up.  I don’t think it stands much of a chance, but maybe I can use bits of it.  At least, some of the characters are good.

            The Kura novel is just sitting there.  I don’t know what’s going to happen there.  If I work on it again, I may plan it all out over again so I have some clue where I’m actually going with it.

            I wrote a short story I’m not sure about the other day, and I started another one a while ago that I don’t know if I’ll get back to.  I have another short story I actually like that I’m almost done with.  Maybe I’ll send it to publishers.  Maybe.

            My three poems have still not been published.  I don’t know if I’ll try sending them out to more places or revise them or just leave them be for now.

            I have a new idea for a novel that sounds interesting, plus another comic series.  Both sound fun, but I think I’ll start the comic soon.  Or at least, start planning it out.

            I’m currently finishing up a picture of Xigbar from Kingdom Hearts, and soon I plan to draw an octopus and practice textures.

            I’m currently on sketch pad #15.

            I am also near the end of “Donkey Kong Country Returns”.  Just the final boss is left, I think.  Then, next up, the Playstation 2 games I got recently.  Yay!

A Duck with Many Projects


I couldn’t think of a creative title, but anyway, I recently beat “Kingdom Hearts: Re: Coded” for the DS, which is a remade version of “Coded”, which came out on a phone.  It took me a little over 19 hours.  The game takes place in a digital version of the journal Jiminy Cricket wrote during the first game, and digital Sora has to get rid of the glitches and figure out where the mysterious message came from.  The game sounded rather silly to me, and so I didn’t expect much from the plot, but it ended up being better than I thought it would be, though I still don’t fully understand it.

            The game was quite fun and consisted of exploring worlds, doing whatever you needed to do there, (for example, in Wonderland, the characters have lost their memory, so you need to find inklings to help them remember) and finding “system sectors”, where you destroy bugs to get rid of glitches.  In many system sectors, each level has a challenge, such as destroy this many Heartless, or don’t miss with more than so many attacks, and you wager a certain percentage of your points.  If you win, you get more points, and if you lose, you lose the ones you wagered.  Sometimes I did pretty good, sometimes pretty sucky.  At the end, you’d buy upgrades, moves, etc. with the points you got.  Good stuff.

            Something unique about this game was the keyholes that you went through at the end of each world.  In several of these, the game was played differently.  Sometimes, it was a side scrolling 2D level, sometimes a shooting type level, and once, there was turn-based fighting.  (Normally, I don’t think they should do that, but it was fine in this game.)

            Methinks this game was easier than the others, which is mostly good, except you didn’t get a ridiculously epic, ridiculously annoying, multi-part boss battle at the end.  A shame about the epic part, but good about the annoying part.  And you’ll never guess who you fight last.  Well, maybe you will.  I don’t know.  I didn’t, at least.

            No cute mini sheep to report, but there still was something super adorable.  From the main menu, you can design a little, cutesy-fied character called an avatar.  You can make it look like a character from the game or design your own thing.  Needless to say, I had quite a bit of fun with that.  Choosing clothes, hair, peepers (that’s what they called the eye section, so I can’t take credit for that bit of funnyness).  Though, one time, I put a belt on the avatar, and its clothes disappeared, and it was naked except for that belt.  That was a bit disturbing.  Naked, belt wearing Sora.  Shudder.  Somehow, the belt made it worse than simply being fully naked.  I now leave you with that image.

 Re: Ducked

I Waited Over 358 Days for This

My unrestrained sinning knows no bounds, and so I finally gave in and got a Nintendo DS about a month ago.  I said I’d never get one, but then I started wanting oh, so badly another Kingdom Hearts game.  This is another oddly named one that I heard about at the same time as “Birth by Sleep” called “358/2 Days”.  I don’t understand the 2 part.  Anyway, I waited four years for it, but then I found out that I didn’t need to wait as long as I did, as it came out over a year ago.  It was a little hard to find, but I managed to get the last new copy at a game store.  I felt pretty proud of myself.

            It took me about 35 or 36 hours to beat the game, and now I rather miss it.  The game shows us what Roxas was up to when he was with Organization XIII (a group of people with no hearts and thus, no emotions), plus there is a 14th member named Xion that apparently has some connection to Roxas and Sora.  (After saying her name wrong for quite a while, I finally found out it was somehow pronounced Shee-own.  Okay.)  The story is actually interesting, despite already having an idea of what goes on with the characters.  (At least, I already know who dies and when, that Roxas leaves the Organization, and that something must eventually happen to Xion.)

            This game is a bit different from the others since you just complete various missions throughout random worlds rather than just exploring and completing each world one at a time.  Sometimes, you have other members of the Organization to help you (except in some cases with Demyx, who is a lazy slob and keeps leaving me to fend for myself).

            They also have this panel thing that kind of bugs me.  You have to put almost everything in panels or you can’t use it.  You have to actually put level-ups in panels to get stronger, install moves such as roll or block, and so on.  And you also put in magic or items.  You can’t change these things in the middle of a mission, so if you need something, you have to quit the mission or just, you know, deal with it.  And I very much hate that in each mission, you can only use magic or items the amount of times you installed them.  To use something many times, you have to fill up a bunch of panels with it.  It’s like the cards in “Chain of Memories”, but luckily, not as horrible.

            Speaking of horrible things, there were a bunch of Heartless that really, really annoyed me, too, like those ghosts in Halloween Town.  They appear behind you and grab you, which drains your health, and then when you escape and turn to attack them, they fly away.  I also hated the big dogs and the evil ice cubes in Beast’s Castle.  Darn those dogs, with their woofing and their biting!  And those annoying ice cubes that can freeze you.  I know ice cubes don’t sound very menacing, but you try fighting a herd (or is it gaggle) of vicious, Heartless ice cubes.  And don’t let me get started on the fat Heartless.  Oh, my gosh.  Now they don’t just have armor on their bellies, but everywhere!  Everywhere but their beady, little heads.

            Besides Story Mode, there is also Mission Mode, where you can play through different missions from the story using a bunch of different characters, including everyone from the Organization, plus a few other characters you can unlock.  Assuming that you guys must really care what I think about this, I’ll tell you.  It was fun to play as different characters, but most are pretty weak.  It saddened me that Xigbar was super pitiful, and even Xemnas, the Organization’s leader, wasn’t as awesome as he should’ve been.  The best character by far is Saix.  He’s much stronger than all of them.  He’s the toughest dude with long blue hair and pointy ears you’ll ever see.  I’d almost be willing to bet on that, if I was a gambling duck.

            Despite my complaints, it was a good game.  I wish they’d stop spreading Kingdom Hearts out over every console, though.  That’s getting a little old.

358 Ducks

Four Years Ago

Oh, yes.  Here comes another nerd-post, four years in the making.  My obsession knows no bounds, and all this time, I haven’t forgotten the secret video that you could watch at the end of “Kingdom Hearts 2”.  Oh, the suspense, the mystery!  A secret video that will surely be one of the most epic things I will ever behold.  Before I managed to unlock it myself, I saw it on the Internet, and it was, indeed, pretty darn epic.  I remember a barren place, thousands of Keyblades, several people in armor, and a very evil looking old man.  It turned out to be for another Kingdom Hearts game that would come out in the future, “Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep”.  I have been waiting all these years for the bizarrely named game, sometimes patiently, sometimes impatiently.

            The game takes place ten years or so before the originals.  You play through the stories of three Keyblade wielders, Terra, Aqua, and Ventus, and then if you get all of Xehanort’s Reports (I’m totally naming a pet Xehanort someday), you get to play the Final Episode.  I didn’t find everything I needed the first time (in Terra’s story, so I’ll just blame him), so I had to get it and re-fight the final boss.  No way was I playing through three stories and not finding out what happens at the end!

            But, I won’t get into that.  I don’t want to spoil anything.  But, it will mostly answer questions such as, “Why the heck does Ven look like Roxas?” (Or is it Roxas that looks like Ven?…)  And “How come there’s another person named Xehanort?”  And of course, “What the crap is with that title?”  At first, you may become even more confused than you were before, but it starts to make sense later.

            The game was pretty much a delight, but you go through each world three times because of the three stories.  You get different bits of the story each time and sometimes explore different parts of each world, but it can get a little old.  I like the fighting better in this game than in the earlier ones, though.  There’s no magic power now, so you can use magic attacks as much as you want.  You just have to wait for it to reload before you can use it again.  So I got to Thundaga the crap out of everyone.  Good stuff.  And no doubt healed hundreds of times because for the life of me, I can almost never get through anything without getting quite injured.  It must be the characters’ fault.  They’re stupid sometimes.  It’s certainly not me….

            And by the way, there’s something in the game I really wanted to see, and I pretty much got my way, which rarely happens.  I was quite delighted, but I won’t tell you what I’m talking about.  Besides that, the game took me about 48 hours, though I never unlocked its secret video.  Maybe I’ll just look on Youtube sometime.  Youtube’s neat.  Character-wise, I liked Ven the most.  And I liked his story the most, too.  Poor Aqua was mostly not interesting.  And I don’t like her voice.  I know, I’m mean.  But, it bugs me.  Almost as much as I despise those Mandrakes or whatever…  Sadly, there were no tiny, fluffy, baaing sheeps like in Final Fantasy XIII, not that I expected anything.  But, from now on, every game should include mini sheep, whether it makes sense or not.  “Halo”, mini sheep.  “Wii Fit”, mini sheep.  “Call of Duty”, mini sheep.  Heck, I’ve never played “Call of Duty”, so who knows, maybe mini sheep would make sense.  So take note, video game companies.  Mini sheep.

            My apologies to those who haven’t played “Kingdom Hearts”.  You probably have no clue who or what I’m talking about.  When I’m a millionaire, I’ll buy you all Playstation 7’s or whatever they have by then, plus “Kingdom Hearts”, and you will understand.  You’re welcome.

Kingdom Ducks

A Manga Book

Not to be confused with mango, and I’m pretty sure I’m saying it wrong either way (is it really mon-guh?), before the 100 Theme Challenge, I drew things from “The Monster Book of Manga”, edited by Estudio Joso.  Sometimes I just copied the pictures for practice, and sometimes I drew the poses, but the people I drew were characters from video games, mainly Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts.  And two from Zelda and one from Jak and Daxter.  Gah, I was so lazy back then!  Still a lack of original characters!  I also skipped some, like the devils and the pictures with more nakedness.  Not doing that.

          And I’m looking back at what I drew right now, and they are quite bad.  They range from the end of January 2008 to near the end of June of the same year, over two years ago.  But, I guess the good thing about the badness is that it shows me how much I’ve improved.  I can do much better now.  Much, much better!  Compared to that lugubrious state of incompetence two years ago, I now am pretty darn awesome.  Though, not really.

            Anyway, specifically, one thing I liked was for “Knight”, I drew Link (from Zelda) as the knight and Volvagio as the dragon, and the dragon doesn’t look that bad.  Aren’t I impressive?  No.  But anyway, I copied the “Worm”, “Witch”, and “Wanderer” and did a decent job (Do I just have good luck with things that start with “W”?).  And I copied the hands of many characters all right.  Other than that, largely meh.  Book-wise, I liked the “Ghost” a lot.  I didn’t copy it well, but I think the original looks cool.

            I thought it was funny in the book how they drew on underwear and such before adding the actual clothing.  It’s not gonna show, so I didn’t see the point in drawing it.  Just don’t put any detail…there.  To this day, I have never drawn undies.

            Very useful book, though.  And it has information on Photoshop and making comics at the end.  At the time, I had no intention on making comics, but now that I do, it’s even niftier.  And yes, I pronounce it main-ga.  Problem?

The Manga Duck

100 Challenges

Anyone ever heard of the 100 theme challenge?  It can be for writing or art (maybe anything, really), and there are 100 words or phrases that you use for inspiration.  I did it for art a little over two years ago, before I started making pictures on Photoshop.  It was fun, but I did all fan art and started to hurry through it.  Very silly thing to do.  But, if done properly, methinks it could really help someone with creative ideas.  Open some metaphorical doors in the mind.

          Perhaps I should try it again.  I was considering using it to inspire some little stories, and maybe those stories could turn into bigger things.  Maybe it’ll even help with the novel I currently have occasionally simmering in my mind.  Don’t know yet, but I am at least pretty sure this challenge can help me come up with ideas I might never have thought of otherwise.  Hooray for inspiration!

            Anyway, I don’t really like most of the pictures I did, but there were a few decent things that came from the challenge:

For #8. Innocence, I drew Meta Knight threatening Kirby, while clueless Kirby offers him a flower.  Cute, I guess.

For #12. Insanity, I drew ZiM in his old man costume screaming at the sight of the Madness Dog.

For #27. Foreign, I drew ZiM on the street holding a sign that says, “I sure am a foreign kid who loves Earth!”  (It would make sense if you saw the show.  Because ZiM’s an alien…  Never mind.)

And #64. Mutitasking, ZiM is stealing a classmate’s brain while taking a test.  (Again, you have to see the show.  Specifically the episode where he steals classmates’ organs.  “Dark Harvest”, I think.)

          Wow, a lot of Invader ZiM stuff.  Mostly, there was Invader ZiM, Zelda, Donkey Kong, Kirby, Rayman, Banjo-Kazooie, and Kingdom Hearts.  Like I said, all fan art.  And they sound really lame when I explain them.  I really need to do better next time, if there is a next time.  …I wonder if someone could use the themes for creative snacks.  It’s the #58. Kick in the Head snack!  Now it’s the #97. Safety First snack!

The Duck Times 100