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The Time I Hid From Some Thugs

Yet another exciting adventure I had in my sleep.  This one took place the night of 12/26/11.  It started off with someone telling me that I had a half hour to go ten miles.  I was supposed to walk the first mile, then, drive back in a truck the last nine miles (which really makes no sense, when you think about it).  I started off, completely doubting that I’d even be able to go the first mile within a half hour, considering just one mile in PE class had me gasping for breath (while another kid spewed, but that’s off topic).  So I walked off through something like a mountain pass, then I decided to fly past this town.  Somehow, I was able to jump pretty high, then, I would glide along.  I went much faster in the air than I did on foot.

            Then, I was out in the desert, my ten mile challenge apparently forgotten.  I found this town, and at this part of the dream, there were several characters from “Final Fantasy VII”.  I was Tifa, I found Aerith, and we were waiting for Zack.  He showed up later.  Then, I decided to explore the town.  It was a pleasant, quiet place.  Dirt roads, trees.  There were two paths leading off one way, parallel to each other.  Down one, there was a dead end.  Here, children were playing with these creatures called Movers, which were these groups of bouncing balls that caused me much trouble in “FFVII: Crisis Core”.  They didn’t mind the children, but one started to chase me, so I ran.

            Then, I went to check out the other path, and here is where things got exciting.  There was a shady alley between two buildings, and for whatever reason, you were supposed to go through in a taxi owned by these thugs (who later turned out to be the thugs from the second “Ratchet and Clank” game, who were part of Thugs-4-Less).  If you didn’t ride their stupid taxi, they would shoot you.  Very odd.  But, I decided to ride through the alley in a bus, so the thugs opened fire.  At this point, I was Ratchet from the game I just mentioned, and I got out of the bus and ran into this old abandoned building.

            It was a bit dark in here.  There was a hallway that went down the right side, with rooms to the left.  I went into a room and hid behind an armchair.  The thugs came in, and I stayed very still and tried to stay quiet.  I likely had a gun ready.  Then, I think lights were on, and some woman sat in the armchair next to me and saw me, and yet she thought I was fake and didn’t raise the alarm.  Lucky me.  So the thugs started to leave, and I decided to make a run for it.  I ran down the hallway onto the roof somehow (even though we were on the ground level), which was kind of a courtyard.  Here I found a giant yellow Precursor Orb (from the “Jak and Daxter” series).  It may have been something I was looking for, as I remembered hearing of something on the roof of a building that I needed.

            So that was my adventure.  I don’t remember if the thugs returned or not.  It was a very strange dream, and I apparently really had video games on my mind, I guess.  I hope you thought it was as funny as I did.


A Boy and His Ottsel

I recently beat “Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy” for the fifth time, and yet it’s still awesome.  I got all 101 Power Cells and all 2000 Precursor Orbs.  It took about a week.  I love this game.  So much.  It’s about Jak and Daxter (surprised?) who wander off toMistyIsland, even thoughSamos, the Green Eco Sage, told them not to.  Once there, the pair see two evil looking people (and as we all know, people who look evil most certainly are), giving instructions to creatures called Lurkers.  Hmm, could be important, but the two wander around some more, and Daxter ends up falling into a pool of a terrible substance called Dark Eco and comes out as an orange ottsel (otter weasel).  Daxter, of course, is rather distraught, and the two return toSamosfor help, who tells them that the only one who might be able to change Daxter back is Gol, the Dark Eco Sage, who of course, lives far away, and all the teleport gates are off.  So they set out on their little quest to the north to try and save obnoxious little Daxter, but little do they know of the evil plot that is brewing….  Mwa ha…ahem.  (By the way, don’t finish this paragraph if you don’t want spoilers, but it turns out that the two evil people are Gol, the only person that can help Daxter, and Gol’s sister, Maia.  They became evil because they were twisted by the Dark Eco.  Gol’s my favorite character because I often like bad characters and he has a good evil laugh.  I still need to draw him sometime.  It’s long overdue.  Oh, and by the way, I have a picture of Maia on my fan art page….).  This game is super delightful, one of the best ever, and I can find very few flaws.  It is nearly perfect, I think, and that doesn’t happen very often.  I shall tell you more!

            One thing that shows up throughout the game is a substance called Eco, of which there are several types.  Of course, there is Dark Eco, a black and purple substance that can kill or mutate what it touches.  While being deadly, I think it is also rather pretty.  I enjoy watching it.  My favorite is Blue Eco, which makes you run faster, attracts things to you, and activates Precursor technology (I’ll get to the Precursors soon.).  Also, when you get near boxes, they start shaking and then suddenly burst open. It makes me feel rather powerful.  Green Eco is for health and at one point, is used to heal plants infected with Dark Eco.  Red Eco makes your attacks stronger and Yellow lets you shoot balls of yellowness.  There’s actually one more type of Eco.  Guess what it is.  I’m serious.  Guess.  Or not.

            And like I promised, the Precursors, an ancient group of who knows what of which little is known.  They did, however, leave behind countless structures (even huge Precursor robots) and various objects, such as Precursor Orbs.  There are also Oracles laying around that give you cryptic messages and give you Power Cells when you give them Precursor Orbs.  I don’t know what they even do with all those Orbs, though.  Greedy statues.

            And recently speaking of Power Cells, these are used to power things such as the zoomer’s heat shield so it can cross lava.  You must collect them to progress through the game.  There are 101, but 100 is required for the secret ending, and I’ve gotten them all several times because of my mad skills.  Or at least, somewhat agitated skills.  You get these Power Cells by completing certain challenges, like catching enough fish with a “tiny net” (and the fisherman wonders why he isn’t catching anything), driving through all the rings with your zoomer before they disappear, destroying all the Dark Eco crystals, and even scaring seagulls until they fly into the mountain so hard that it causes an avalanche.  You can also buy them from people for 90 Orbs each or from the Oracles for 120 each, which are rather odd numbers, but whatever.  Also, many Power Cells are just lying around, just chilling as they wait for you to figure out how to climb over to them.

            Something I absolutely adore about this game (and the entire series) are the characters.  They have so much personality.  I love the voice acting and the character design and everything.  For example, there’s the overly dramatic warrior who got “pounded” like how one “tenderizes a Yakkow steak” by the monster terrorizingRockVillage.  Also the gambler who wears a barrel because he lost his money on a bet (he bet on the warrior beating the monster, I believe, and lost).  Boggie Billie, who lost his pet hip hog, lives in an outhouse, and doesn’t even know what a bathtub is.  The sculptor who lost his Muse.  Main character wise, everybody loves Daxter (not the characters in the game, but the people playing it).  He’s quite funny, and his voice actor, Max Casella, won an award for his talents.  I also like grumpy oldSamos.  Even though he’s mean.

            Another awesome thing is that this game is pretty much one, huge place.  There is no loading, which I’ve heard the creator, Naughty Dog, was quite proud of, and as you go through the game, you can look back and see the places you’ve been.  I spent a bit of time onSentinelBeach, looking out at theislandofGeyser Rockand watching the geyser spray water into the air.  It’s quite lovely.  And what I also love is standing atopSnowyMountaintowards the end and looking back at everything.  I can even see to the coast to the south where the game begins.  Then, I look to the north at the Dark Eco silos and the citadel, the last place.  Plus, the rocky shore that extends into the distance.

            Likewise, you can swim into the ocean and never reach a wall like you would in some games.  Of course, you can’t go on forever because if you swim out very far, a Lurker Shark will come and eat you.  Not fun being eaten, but I like that the world feels more real without any invisible walls to stop you.

            I also love the zoomer.  It is a vehicle ridden like a motorcycle, but it hovers instead of having wheels, and it has a big propeller on the front.  When driving one of these, the controller rumbles quite a bit, which is neat because it makes it feel more real.  I want my own zoomer.  They must be pretty dangerous, though, with that big, flesh-chopping propeller on the front.  How many people have lost limbs in that thing?  And they’re noisy.  Hmm, maybe I don’t want one.  It’s still awesome, though.  You can also ride a large bird called a Flut-Flut.  Good times.  Maybe I’ll just buy me a Flut-Flut instead.

            I also like the music.  I like how it’s not overdone like in a lot of games.  It’s often soft and doesn’t overwhelm things.  I find theSnowyMountainmusic particularly soothing.

            The only thing to compete with mini-sheep in terms of cuteness in this game was the sculptor’s Muse, even though it was a brat.  It’s a yellow critter with big ears and a long tail, and it runs from you when you try and catch it.  After following it along the same loop several times, I decided to try and trick it.  I chased it to the bottom of a ledge, climbed up the ledge, and jumped down onto it from above.  Take that, you little turd!

            One of the few things I dislike in this game is the health.  If you lose a unit of health, you must collect 50 little bits of Green Eco to get it back as opposed to, you know, one.  It takes a long time.  And by then, Jak will probably get hurt again, and then you need 100!  Grr!

Duck Eco Sage

The Duck’s Thoughts on Video Games

Sana requested a post in which I tell you guys about what I like in video games and what’s not my cup of tea.  Sounds fun.  Thanks for the idea!  Here I go!


            The things I like are pretty obvious.  Of course, a game must be fun, but what makes some games stand out from others is when they have a good story and good characters.  These are pretty important.  That’s why I love games from the Kingdom Hearts and Jak and Daxter series so much.  Good stories, awesome characters.  And lots of fun.  The cut scenes are often as much fun as the game.  They get a very special place in my heart.  Like a nice apartment.  With a view.  Because I can’t fit houses in my heart.  I still, of course, like games that don’t have good plots, or plots at all, such as those from the Mario or Donkey Kong series because they are still fun and creative.  They are just not quite as special to me.  But, still special.  They get a slightly less nice apartment in my heart.

            Good graphics and music are always nice, but not super important.  Good, or at least, not bad dialogue helps, too.  Other things that make me happy are when you have a lot of places to explore, items to collect, new moves to learn, which is why I like Metroid games better than Halo, even though both are awesome.  In Metroid, you get upgraded weapons and moves as you play and can collect things to upgrade your health and missile capacity.  Plus, there are many places to explore.  Unique ideas are fun, too.  In “Okami”, for example, you drew things with a brush, which was neat.

            I also like when you can save often enough, don’t have to redo a lot when you die, and can skip cut scenes.  “Kingdom Hearts”, for example, made you rewatch cut scenes, and it was annoying.  Square Enix must have realized how annoying it was because you get to skip them now.  I also like when games are a challenge, but not ridiculous.  I hate absurdly hard games.

            Specifically, my favorite games are platformers, RPG’s, and other such things with action or exploring or whatever.


            Now for the things I hate.  These are the things that will cause me to sell or not even buy a game.  One is dirtiness.  Some games think that because they’re rated M, they need to have as many bad things as they’re allowed.  When I was looking at new games for the XBox 360, the only games that looked good were rated M, so I checked the back, and they had things I didn’t want.  So I’m not even going to try them.  What’s nice about the Halo series is all they have is violence and a little bit of swearing.  Being rated M, they could have more, but there is no dirty things and minimal swearing.  In fact, “Halo: Reach” doesn’t even have swearing.  I’m proud of you, Bungie.  On the other end of the spectrum, I don’t like super corny games.  I can only handle a small amount of corn.

            I was also kept from getting a game because I heard it had a limited number of saves.  That would be so annoying.  I also hate it in games when you can’t save at all.

            I also hate bad controls, like when the camera won’t obey you or you can’t control it at all, and you often die just because you can’t see where you’re going.  I also hate that “Sonic and the Secret Rings” is only hard because the controls are so bad.  They tried something new, where Sonic is always moving, and you tilt the Wii remote left or right to go left or right, forward to speed up, and back to slow down.  I think you can make Sonic stop, but it’s hard.  I feel like I have very little control over him.  It’s very aggravating.

            This next thing is tolerable or horrible, depending on what game it is.  I don’t like when games have battles start randomly.  Most games, you can see the enemies and choose if you want to fight.  In games like “Final Fantasy X” and “Quest 64”, you never know when a battle may start because you can’t see any enemies.  You’re just walking, and then suddenly you have to fight things and can’t easily get away.  In the former game, though, it’s a good game so it doesn’t bother me as much, but the latter is already not a great game, and this is pretty much the worst part of it.

            Also, like I said, I hate super hard games.  I really hate them.  It’s bad enough that the final bosses of “Vexx” and “Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep” are insane, but when a whole game is a chore…  No way.  I also hate having to do stupid things or you can’t move on, such as beating the super annoying “Donkey Kong Arcade” in “Donkey Kong 64” not once, but twice, in order to get a necessary item.  I also hate when you must fight zillions of enemies or when they take super long to kill.  All this fuels the duck’s feathery rage.

            The types of games I dislike are sports, really simple games like pinball or Pacman, and fighting games that aren’t “Super Smash Brothers” and racing games other than “Jak X” or “F-Zero”.


            And now, the things that simply disappoint me.  For one thing, when things don’t feel complete.  In the 2006 version of “Sonic the Hedgehog”, it was a good game, but they left some things unfinished.  For example, things would fall in the water without a splash.  Such a simple thing to fix.  I felt like they sold the game before they were completely done with it.

            I am also disappointed by bad graphics and bad music, but that’s not a big deal.  I am saddened when games are too short, especially good ones.

            I also don’t like bad dialogue and skimpy outfits.  Too skimpy, and this nears the Bad.  I also don’t like when you get to the end of the game and aren’t allowed to return to previous areas, like in “Okami” and “Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier”.  I don’t mind when it’s a kind of game where there’s nothing to collect, but in these, there is, and I couldn’t go back for what I missed.

            I also don’t like when they think they’re too cool.  I’m talking to you, Sonic.  And the characters in “Jak X”.  I don’t think they were as obnoxious in the previous games….

            Well, there you go.

An Opinionated Duck

Proof I Overanalyze

I think too much.  But, I don’t know if it’s in a good way.  You see, I couldn’t solve a mystery if my life depended on it, but I do think of things few others would.  Mainly, this shows up in video games.  I come up with questions the creators never thought anyone would care about.  They may not have even thought of these things in the first place.  Why?  Because they’re not important, and yet I ponder them anyway.  So I made a list of some of the silly things I’ve thought of.  Let’s see if any of you guys can solve these mysteries.

1. First of all, and this is one of the most bothersome.  It is so mysterious that it competes with the question of why Yoda from Star Wars talks so weird.  Well, maybe not, but here it is.  Tell me now, who is the mother of Bowser’s kids?  You know, from the Mario games.  Who could it possibly be?  They just throw in some Bowser spawn with no explanation, way back in Super Mario World, I think.  What female turtle beast had those kids?  Where is she now?  Huh?  It is so simple, and yet we will probably never know!

2. F-Zero, a racing game, appears to have some racetracks over cities.  I’m pretty sure at least one does.  How unsafe!  If there is a crash, and there are, these vehicles that can go upwards of 400 km/h are going to come screaming towards the surface like tiny, but still horrifying meteors.  Every time you go over the side in that game, do you think of all the carnage caused, lives that were lost, buildings destroyed, etc. by your recklessness?  No.  No, you probably don’t.

3. Now this one’s a bit more obscure, so I’ll explain.  In Hunter: The Reckoning, there are certain people that can see the dead.  Apparently, things look normal until someone witnesses a death, and then they can suddenly see the world for what it really is.  Gasp, zombies walk among us, and we didn’t even know!  But, how does that work?  It makes sense from the hunters’ point of view, but what about those unable to see the horrors around them?  Do they see seemingly ordinary people shuffling about, awkwardly trying to attack others with their normal-appearing, but actually rotten, zombie limbs?  What about the gargoyles?  Do they look like regular humans to most people?  Do they not notice when these statues just go missing one day?  It’s bugged me.  It shouldn’t, but it does.

4. There’s also something in Final Fantasy XIII that I don’t understand.  You should probably skip this if you don’t want spoilers (well, not big spoilers, but still).  Anyway, for those of you who haven’t played, it’s probably very confusing, but I’ll keep it simple.  Some powerful creatures called the Fal’Cie can make humans into L’Cie, who are forced to complete a Focus within a certain amount of time, or they’ll turn into a monster called a Cieth.  I am made to believe that all humans died off on Pulse (a planet, I guess) quite a while back.  Maybe I’m wrong.  But, if not, I don’t understand something.  All those unlucky Cieth, after being Cieth for a while, turn into Cieth Stones and are forever tormented with the thought that they failed their Focus.  It seems they were charged with killing tough creatures throughout Pulse, which your characters can then go defeat.  But, that brings me to my question.  How are these creatures still alive and in the same location all this time?  After all these years, you’d think the creatures would be dead, or at least, would have walked somewhere else.  But, that’s just me.

5. Now, this one’s a spoiler for Jak II, so don’t read if you don’t want…spoilers.  Anyway, this is something also very confusing, and it has to do with time travel.  Yeah, that’s already confusing in itself, but there’s another issue I have.  When Jak, the main character, was a child, he was sent back to the past to be kept safe.  This is the time frame of the first game, during which the bad guys, Gol and Maia, set out to flood the world with Dark Eco (which is a very bad thing) and take over the world.  But, since it was Jak that stopped them, wouldn’t they have taken over the world before it ever got to the time period where Jak was born in the first place?  You would think that this would keep Jak from being born in the future, and thus prevent him from being sent to the past, where he defeats the two.  Without Jak to stop them originally, they would have taken over already and Jak may never have been born and sent back to the stop them!  How could this be?!

            I’m also bothered by the minor fact that they say Diddy of Donkey Kong is a chimp, even though he’s not because chimps don’t have tails.  At least, I don’t think so.  Anyway…

            I’m not crazy.

 An Over-Analytical Duck

A Manga Book

Not to be confused with mango, and I’m pretty sure I’m saying it wrong either way (is it really mon-guh?), before the 100 Theme Challenge, I drew things from “The Monster Book of Manga”, edited by Estudio Joso.  Sometimes I just copied the pictures for practice, and sometimes I drew the poses, but the people I drew were characters from video games, mainly Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts.  And two from Zelda and one from Jak and Daxter.  Gah, I was so lazy back then!  Still a lack of original characters!  I also skipped some, like the devils and the pictures with more nakedness.  Not doing that.

          And I’m looking back at what I drew right now, and they are quite bad.  They range from the end of January 2008 to near the end of June of the same year, over two years ago.  But, I guess the good thing about the badness is that it shows me how much I’ve improved.  I can do much better now.  Much, much better!  Compared to that lugubrious state of incompetence two years ago, I now am pretty darn awesome.  Though, not really.

            Anyway, specifically, one thing I liked was for “Knight”, I drew Link (from Zelda) as the knight and Volvagio as the dragon, and the dragon doesn’t look that bad.  Aren’t I impressive?  No.  But anyway, I copied the “Worm”, “Witch”, and “Wanderer” and did a decent job (Do I just have good luck with things that start with “W”?).  And I copied the hands of many characters all right.  Other than that, largely meh.  Book-wise, I liked the “Ghost” a lot.  I didn’t copy it well, but I think the original looks cool.

            I thought it was funny in the book how they drew on underwear and such before adding the actual clothing.  It’s not gonna show, so I didn’t see the point in drawing it.  Just don’t put any detail…there.  To this day, I have never drawn undies.

            Very useful book, though.  And it has information on Photoshop and making comics at the end.  At the time, I had no intention on making comics, but now that I do, it’s even niftier.  And yes, I pronounce it main-ga.  Problem?

The Manga Duck

My Inferiority to Final Fantasy

I’ve been playing Final Fantasy XIII for a couple of weeks now.  There were some seriously annoying enemies lately.  Stupid things!  Why must they be so hard!  One took so long for me to beat that when I finally prevailed, I was so happy that I did a jig of joy afterwards.  Though, I jigged so hard, I hurt my ankle.  It’s better now, though.

            And you know what else is annoying? The fact that every time I play a game like Final Fantasy, I am mocked by the fact that their character and enemy and well…everything designs are so much more awesome than what I can do.  I can’t compete with them.  I need to be more creative and add more details to things, methinks.  Gah, those games just have some of the coolest stuff!

          This also reminds me of how another thing I used to practice drawing were those creatures from Final Fantasy X.  Aeons, or something?  I forgot.  Some, I copied pretty decently, but some were terrible.  Like the horse one.  So many details!  Wah!  Jak and Daxter and characters are easier!  I usually don’t have the patience or skill to add a whole bunch of repeating patterns and other details.  They are usually boring and sometimes turn into a mess.  That’s why I hate drawing plants.  All those leaves!

 The Occasionally RPG Duck

A Little Art History

I’ve worked sporadically (that’s right, I said sporadically) on drawing my whole life, but never as much as I do now.  I remember it as if it was a while ago.  Apparently I even drew things when I was very young, but what I’ve seen from my babyhood are horrific, nightmarish things.  What was going through my pea-sized mind?  Who knows, because I don’t remember that far back.

            The earliest I do remember right now was drawing all these silly Donkey Kong and Banjo-Kazooie characters because it’s what I liked at the time (and still do) and because I saw fan art of the characters on the Internet.  I wanted to draw things like the fan art, but I eventually gave up when they kept turning out unsatisfactory.  What sort of quality can you expect from a child, but I had high expectations.  And so I gave up.  I know, silly thing to do, and I wish I hadn’t.

            But anyway, that’s not the end to my un-inspirational tale.  No, as I said before, I realized, gosh, golly oh crap (forgive my swearing), but I really wanted to learn how to draw.  Like, really.  So, like I mentioned before, I started just copying pictures.  I copied concept art and some screenshots from games, mainly from Jak and Daxter and Kingdom Hearts.  It didn’t start off great, but I improved.  A lot.  My copies were becoming near perfect to the originals.  And I tried my hand at colored pencils, too.  Started looking rather good after a bit of practice.  I was quite proud of myself.

            So one day, a few months shy of four years ago, I decided enough copying!  I wanted to draw my own things!  I started drawing humans (Kingdom Hearts characters, mostly) sometimes in my notebook.  Terrible things.  But, when I started drawing in my new little sketch pad, it felt official, so I started drawing more and more often.  The drawings still weren’t good yet, but I finally improved as far as I could for the time being and went on to draw a whole variety of things.  And then about a year and a half ago, I realized once again I wasn’t getting anywhere anymore, so I started making pictures to draw on Photoshop.  I started sketching with an actual purpose in mind.  And now, I can finally draw decent people, and I’m working on getting better.  The hard work certainly paid off, and I just recently figured out how to draw a whole bunch more expressions, too.

     So I guess it’s never too late to start something you care about.  And I got this photo reference book recently, so watch out world!  The duck doesn’t need to do poses in front of the mirror much anymore!  Some of those poses were hard to hold.  And draw at the same time.  Ow!

     Oh, and I’m on sketch pad #12 now.  In case you were wondering.  And I added a picture to the top today.  It’s the Ducky!  Yay!

 The Duck that Draws, Indeed

Now About my Art

When it comes to my art, I like to draw people and creatures, but not usually locations.  Actually, I’m pretty neglectful about drawing locations.  They are only seen in backgrounds behind the characters, if that.  I need to work on that more.  I also do a lot of fan art.  It’s fun, and I’m trying to challenge myself with more difficult and dynamic poses now.  Just finished a picture of Midna from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.  She’s so cute.  I’m bad about drawing mainly female characters, though.  I need to practice guys more.  Soon, though, I’m going to make a logo and an avatar for this site.  Can you guess what critter it will be?

            When I taught myself how to draw, I started off copying a lot of Kingdom Hearts and Jak and Daxter concept art, which really helped and is why my drawing style is kind of the Americanized version of manga.  But, a little different.

            When I started going beyond sketches, I used to draw things with a pencil and scan it to color on Photoshop, but now I draw it directly on the computer with my tablet.  Tablets are a must-have if you do computer art.  Oh, my gosh, it makes things so much easier!

            And just because I do my art on the computer doesn’t mean most of it is done using fancy computer tools.  Mainly, I draw by hand and color by hand, though I recently tried using some textures Photoshop has.  I don’t want to do that by hand.  Yawn.

            I’ve read books on doing art on Photoshop, but I find that they use such complicated methods for things.  I like to keep things simple.  Maybe my fireballs and lightning don’t look as good as theirs yet, but they look good enough and are much easier.  I also never really understood using a lot of layers.  Or using separate layers for the shadows and normal color.  I color it all on one layer (unless I need to smudge something, such as fire, then, I use a new layer) and shade by hand.  I don’t know, maybe I’m missing out on something.  I also color shadows by hand, but that’s partly because I’m having trouble figuring out drop shadows.  It just doesn’t do it.  I mostly learned motion blur, at least.

            So I’m still improving and still need improving, but I’m working on it.  I’m trying to challenge myself and draw in my sketch pads almost everyday.  I have a log of work ranging from almost 4 years ago, and it’s great to see how much I’ve improved.  I used to not be able to draw people or bodies at all.  I still need to work on snouts, beaks, and hands and feet, though.  Beaks are just brutal.  Those pointed ends just throw me off.

            Anyway, I would like to show you some of my art sometime.  I don’t know if I’m allowed to show fan art, but I can at least show you my original work.  I have some of my book and comic characters drawn, among others.  Bye now.

The Duckling