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Getting Our Kicks in Kingman, AZ

As the Duck continuously endeavors to provide interesting content for my semi-newly restored Youtube channel, one subject for which I am on a constant lookout is intriguing places.  It was thanks to the delightful videos of Youtuber Justin Scarred that Mother Duck and I have gained an interest in visiting historic Route 66. Continue reading Getting Our Kicks in Kingman, AZ


Bonus Post: Litchfield Park Historical Society and Museum

Due to the Duck’s quest to record interesting things and places, I simply can’t pass up local history museums.  Today’s video focuses on the Litchfield Park Historical Society and Museum, which is run by two very friendly, and very knowledgeable, ladies who spend their free time volunteering here and sharing all that they know with guests.  Litchfield Park, AZ, was named after Paul Litchfield of the Goodyear Tire company (which also explains the name of the local Goodyear, AZ), as the company needed a place to grow cotton, which could be used to strengthen the rubber in their tires.  More history and some clips of Litchfield Park’s scenic downtown (including a duck pond) can be found in the video below. Continue reading Bonus Post: Litchfield Park Historical Society and Museum

Bonus Post: Goodyear Bible Museum

Hey there, everyone, I’ve been quite busy with Youtube lately.  As I sought out more interesting things to visit and record, I learned about the Goodyear Bible Museum.  This small museum is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, which seemed rather odd at first, until I learned that it was actually situated within a hotel.  This museum may be small, but on display, you can find a good number of rare and very old Bibles dating back hundreds of years.  Mother Duck and I even learned a few things while we were there.  The Goodyear Bible Museum, which moved to Arizona from Greenwood, Indiana in 1999, also doubles as a showroom for the rare Bibles they have for sale.  I bet they’d be pretty expensive…. Continue reading Bonus Post: Goodyear Bible Museum

A Tribute to the Phoenix Trotting Park

For years, I would spot this massive, concrete monstrosity beside the freeway.  While I would often ponder over what this mysterious place was, I didn’t actually bother looking into its identity until the fairly recent past.  You see, over the past year, I have become increasingly interested in abandoned places thanks to Youtubers like Exploring with Josh and the Proper People.  Thanks to their great respect and appreciation of abandoned buildings and the history behind them, I began to see the beauty in that decaying old relic in the middle of the desert.  Nay, even that doesn’t truly express how I felt about it.  I began to feel pride, and actual affection, for our own abandoned building, our own piece of history.

More and more lately, I have learned to appreciate history.  Not just the big events, but small, everyday history.  The history of regular people.  Abandoned houses that were once inhabited by families I will never know.  Abandoned hospitals that went out of business because they cared for their patients above profits.  Abandoned shops which were once someone’s livelihood.  These buildings tell personal stories, if you know where to look for the history behind them, and if you know how to read between the lines.  Here is a little bit of the story behind our own abandoned piece of history. Continue reading A Tribute to the Phoenix Trotting Park