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Peepers Levels Up

(This was written back during Peepers’ pre-ghost days, and I just didn’t bother changing it….)  I like to spoil my fish, and I care very much about her fishy happiness, so one day, I decided to give my popeyed goldfish, Peepers, a snack. I read that she could eat various aquatic plants, plus certain vegetables, like bell peppers (which seems bizarre, but okay), and since I had some bell peppers all cut up and ready for some hardcore fajitas, I gave her a piece. She didn’t like it, it seemed, and after trying and failing to coax her to approach it, I just left it floating in her bowl for a while, but she would have no part in it, or, to be more precise, she would have no part OF it. Still determined to give her a delicious treat, I then went down to the local pet store to see what kind of live plants they had for aquariums. I found several types and, having no idea which was best, I just picked the greenest I could find, and I brought it home and planted it in her bowl, though I felt a little guilty, as I thought this might very well be rather disrespectful to that poor, lovely plant, considering I was putting it there to get massacred by my pet. Continue reading Peepers Levels Up


A Farewell to a Fabulous Fish

It seems I have been writing a lot of these lately. Well, you know my popeyed goldfish Peepers? You know what, let me start from the beginning. Though, there’s not much to tell. Basically, I got home from work the afternoon of 10/7/14. I didn’t bother opening the blinds in the morning, so I thought I’d open them now to give Peepers more light, and I’d run over and give her a great big “how do?” before doing some hardcore gaming. It was at that moment that I found her.

Well, she’s buried in the backyard now, but I’ll get to that. Continue reading A Farewell to a Fabulous Fish

Peepers Takes a Bath

Not terribly long ago, I had this ingenious idea. Kind of. I thought it would be rather fun to put my adorable popeyed goldfish, Peepers, in the bathtub. Her bowl is rather little, and I thought she’d have a rather delightful time having a much larger place to swim around in. And so I cleaned the bathtub before filling it up with as much water as I had the patience for (it takes so long to fill up!), I made sure the water was the right temperature/density (vague “Everybody Loves Raymond” reference), and I put a bowl over the drain so there wouldn’t be any kind of unpleasant catastrophe that might result from a drain whose circumference is much larger than my fish, including an attempted escape on her part. You’re not going anywhere, Peepers. You are my prisoner for all of eternity…. Continue reading Peepers Takes a Bath