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Will the Next Plant-estant Step Right Up?

In the past, I wrote about the many plants I attempted to care for and lost over the years.  Recently, I tried once more at growing a nice pot of nature in my house, a small group of cilantro sprouts, but they, too, died, despite the can informing me, nay, promising me, that they were “guaranteed to grow”.  Yeah, and I’m guaranteed to be a rich millionaire one day.  Apparently you can guarantee anything you darn well please. Continue reading Will the Next Plant-estant Step Right Up?


Cilantro, Why Do You Defy Me?

I always found the idea of fresh herbs intriguing.  I’m quite partial to cilantro, so a month or so ago, I bought one of those little cans that come with dirt and seeds and attempted to start my own little herb garden.  And yet, even though the can promised me that the seeds were “guaranteed to grow”, it didn’t take long to realize that Mother Nature had plans of her own. Continue reading Cilantro, Why Do You Defy Me?