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Memories of Friendship: The Friend with the Sega

Last, but not least, it’s time I talked about my memories of friend C from elementary school.  This friend also had a very big house (I had the smallest house out of my friends; this is also the same friend who made fun of the fact that I had a small, blow-up pool in my backyard).  This house had some land around it, but not as much as friend A, but her neighborhood was very scenic, with a pond and a forest nearby. Continue reading Memories of Friendship: The Friend with the Sega

Memories of Friendship: The Friend with the Uncrustables

Last time, I was reminiscing about the generically named friend A from elementary school.  For today’s post, we are now moving on to friend B.  This friend also had a large house, but it was one of many identical houses in a neighborhood where none of the backyards had any fences.  Like friend A, we spent a good deal of our time playing in the very large, but also very unfinished basement.  Unlike friend A, I never ate at this friend’s house because her mom only offered those weird Uncrustable sandwiches.  You know about those, right?  Those little round sandwiches that are supposed to eliminate bread crust, but which, instead, are surrounded by weird, hard bread that is even more unappealing than the crust had been. Continue reading Memories of Friendship: The Friend with the Uncrustables

Memories of Friendship: The Friend with the Pool

Many years back, when the Duck was in elementary school, I had three friends.  Though we got into plenty of arguments, I have many fond memories of our time together and decided to reminisce.  To protect their identities on this here Internet, they shall be referred to as friends A-C.  Since I don’t want this post to go too long, however, I’m going to break it into three.  Here we go… Continue reading Memories of Friendship: The Friend with the Pool

An Anecdote About an Essay

In the third state where I lived, I spent a relatively short span of time enjoying the friendship of someone who I often think about and of whom I have many fond memories.  These memories were comprised of afternoons spent playing video games at his house after school or the few classes we shared in middle school.  It is a memory of the latter variety that I would like to recount for you all today. Continue reading An Anecdote About an Essay

The Stuffed Fox

Sometimes, when I reminisce about the past, my thoughts turn to one friend I spent a good deal of time with as a duckling. She lived in the middle of nowhere, in a mobile home, I believe, with pretty much nothing else around. At one point, her family had somehow come into possession of a horse that stayed in a large fenced area out front, and when we decided to wander around in the endless expanse of nothingness behind her house, I was always fascinated by a split in the earth probably at least my height in its depth that had no doubt been created by an earthquake some time ago.

I remember that she had an older sister, and I remember that her mom liked butter on waffles, which I found strange, as I had only previously had them with syrup, until I found out how delicious it was (though, rather unhealthy, as well). I also remember the many times when we would sit in the living room on one end of the house watching movies, one of our favorites being “The Thief and the Cobbler”, a movie that we found as delightful as it was bizarre. I also recall the day we were determined to build the tallest tower of Tinker Toys that we possibly could. Our creation ended up nearly reaching the ceiling, most likely with the help of her older sister, as we probably would have been unable to accomplish such a feat on our own. Continue reading The Stuffed Fox