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Hopefully Conquering Final Fantasy 8: Part 4 – The Moment of Truth

My most recent playthrough of Final Fantasy VIII has been going swimmingly.  Or, to be more accurate, it was.  Because it has now come to an end.  I pretty much completed every extra task, with the exception of winning Doomtrain back from the Queen of Cards’ son.  He just wouldn’t use it.  Except for this one time, but we were playing with the Direct rule, and he shoved Doomtrain in a corner where I couldn’t possibly flip it, and I wasn’t able to get it.  Curses! Continue reading Hopefully Conquering Final Fantasy 8: Part 4 – The Moment of Truth

Hopefully Conquering Final Fantasy 8: Part 3

I’m still working diligently on Final Fantasy VIII, using guides as I go so as not to miss anything.  (I was using a guide on a website called Jegged, but then I kept getting lots of weird popups, so I switched to IGN.)  I have recently reached disc 3 and am currently all caught up on side quests and Triple Triad and the like.  And I have noticed one very surprising difference between this playthrough and my last.  When junctioning correctly, this game is…incredibly easy. Continue reading Hopefully Conquering Final Fantasy 8: Part 3

Hopefully Conquering Final Fantasy 8: Part 2

I’ve been slowly and steadily making progress in Final Fantasy 8, and I must say, I feel like I’m finally starting to get the hang of things.  As of writing this, I have just reached disc 2, and I have grown far fonder of the game and its characters than I did on my first playthrough.  Without further ado, an update on my progress… Continue reading Hopefully Conquering Final Fantasy 8: Part 2

Hopefully Conquering Final Fantasy 8: Part 1

I’m sure you’ve all heard me complain about it, many times before, but I was never able to beat Final Fantasy 8.  I think it was due to a complete lack of understanding as to how Junctioning works, along with the fact that enemies become more powerful the more you level up, that accounted for my struggles with the game.  Rarely do I fail to complete a game I have started, but after many hours of struggling against the final boss, barely able to leave a dent in their lofty HP, I had to accept that victory was miles beyond my reach.

Several years have since passed, and I have returned.  And this time, I mean business.  By business, I mean that I am taking advantage of every piece of advice anyone has ever given me, and consulting an online walkthrough, because darn it, I am not going to work my way through four discs just to fail again!  I am drawing magic like crazy, trying extra hard to learn how to properly Junction magic, and…playing cards? Continue reading Hopefully Conquering Final Fantasy 8: Part 1

Top Songs from FF8

Behold, another post on my top songs from a “Final Fantasy” game, one series whose music never disappoints. Just another example of the great songs found in this series comes from “Final Fantasy VIII”, including one of my favorite songs played on an organ ever (and I do love me some organ music) and a rather nice collection of epic boss battle music. Enjoy!

10. “Find Your Way” plays in various places, like ruins and such. It is a slower, calm song that I find to be quite pretty. It also manages to make every location it plays in feel mysterious and a bit sad.

9. “Ride On” plays when you, well, ride on…the Ragnarok. It is a very fun, cheerful song, probably because it’s finally actually convenient to get places for the first time since the game began! Continue reading Top Songs from FF8

Why Draw Ruined FF8 for Me

Not that long ago, while I was perusing Amazon to see what new games there were for me to buy…I found nothing.  Well, next to nothing.  Sure, I had heard of a few good games here and there that I might like to try sometime, but nothing was thrilling me that much, either.  And so it occurred to me that there are a great deal of old games I have yet to play that interest me far more than those that have been released in recent years.  Most notably, the old “Final Fantasy” games.

You see, I am a fan of this series, and yet whenever I read articles about it, I am reminded of two facts.  One, I have not played a lot of the games.  And two, most of the games that I have not played are considered to be the best of the series.  And for some reason, this made me feel strangely ashamed, like I had no right to call myself a “Final Fantasy” fan, as I had not played a lot of the games and could not really contribute in most of the conversations concerning the series.  Sure, I had played newer games like “Final Fantasy X”, “XII”, and “XIII”, and I did finally get around to the most popular of all, “Final Fantasy VII”, so that’s a decent start.  But, I had yet to play the others, such as “Final Fantasy VI”, “VIII”, and “IX”.  I know, I’m scum.  And so I decided that it was time that I catch up on these games once and for all. Continue reading Why Draw Ruined FF8 for Me