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The Duck’s Mini Comicon Tour 2014

Well, the comicon and the masquerade are now over, and I had a really wonderful time. It was actually one of the best days of my life, and the post for it is over on United We Game, if you want to check out the full article, including videos of some of my favorite performances. But, seeing as I began writing about this whole affair on this blog, I thought it would be most fitting to include extra photos here, including extra pictures of my costume. So don’t worry, I’m not going to leave you guys out. To be honest, though, I was so busy that day that, for the most part, I didn’t take many pictures of other people’s costumes, even though I planned to, but I do still have some things to share with you all that I thought were cool. (The stuff on my own costume will be towards the end of the post, including a video of my performance that someone in the audience recorded and put on Youtube. How awesome! Thank you, person!) Continue reading The Duck’s Mini Comicon Tour 2014

The Duck Hates Hates Hates Hates Sewing

I recently put up a post about a rather overwhelming project I started, a hand-made costume (and by that, I also mean hand-sewn!) for the most evil and most awesome Kefka, the villain from “Final Fantasy VI”. Well, I’m quite happy to report that the costume is now complete. It took, by my calculations, perhaps 40 hours or so.

Since my last post, I sewed together the cape (held on by a button I managed to keep nice and hidden), which didn’t take as long as I expected, and though I had some trouble at first with it covering up my arms too much (I can’t have my puffy sleeves squished down), I managed to round off the top corners of the cape and then arrange it in just a way that my sleeves are free to be as puffy as they please. And what’s better is the cape billows out wonderfully when I walk, and I found that my rehearsed cocky strut for the performance becomes so much easier when you’re wearing a cape. Seriously, it really helps. Try wearing a cape to a job interview, and you’ll have all the confidence you need. Continue reading The Duck Hates Hates Hates Hates Sewing

The Duck Works to Become Kefka Palazzo

I don’t remember if I’ve ever said this or not, but I’m saying it now. I like to go to comic conventions. I don’t even read a whole lot of comics (because my spare money is spent on games first and foremost), but that’s not the point because comicons are not really only about comics. They’re about all things great, like movies and TV shows and, most importantly of all, video games. I just love going and getting to see all the people dressed up in their costumes and finding awesome things to buy. (I bought the Master Sword from “The Legend of Zelda” series last I was there. Jealous? I bet you are….)

Well, while I love my current costume for the “Advent Children” version of Tifa from “Final Fantasy VII” (got it from Amazon for $100, and it’s really good quality, too, with some fake, but still good looking, leather), I recently played “Final Fantasy VI” and thought of how awesome it would be to cosplay (that’s right, I know my terms) as one of the best villains of all time, Kefka. Not only is he an awesome character that seriously needs some love (Who even knows who he is anymore? No one. Yeah, I know he’s from a game that came out in 1994, but nevertheless, such a lack of awareness of his existence is a crime quite possibly even worse than any of the atrocities he’s ever committed.), but if I dressed up as him, I would get to wear some rather ridiculous clothes (including a cape, which is always a plus; Tifa didn’t wear a cape), along with feathers in my hair and face paint. I’ve always wanted to be a character where I can wear face paint. (Tifa doesn’t wear face paint. Or feathers.) But, I really didn’t think I’d ever actually go through with doing such a thing. Me, the simple Duck, prancing about in makeup and feathers? Wait, I already wear feathers. Never mind. Continue reading The Duck Works to Become Kefka Palazzo

Top Songs from FFVI

I recently had the great joy of playing “Final Fantasy VI”, a truly wonderful game, with a great cast of characters, a great plot, and also great music. This game may be from the SNES era, but you don’t need good quality sound to have good music, and this game is proof of that. So below, I have my top ten songs from the game, for your listening pleasure.

10. “Battle to the Death” plays during certain, extra epic boss battles, like when you fight Atma (which is not satisfying to beat when you simply use Vanish and Doom…). And since I’m bad with song descriptions, I’m not going to even try saying anymore than that. Yep.

9. The battle theme for this game, as it is with all “Final Fantasy” games, is awesome. Again, nothing else to say…

8. “The Decisive Battle” is the usual boss theme. It seems like boss themes and battle themes always make it into my top ten lists. Because they’re always awesome-sauce, sauce made with real awesome!

7. “Phantom Forest” plays in the location of the same name, plus in a few other places, as well. I think it’s quite pretty and soothing to listen to, and it gives the place a rather mysterious feel. There, I said a little more this time.

6. “The Veldt” plays in the location of the same name, and I think this is a really fun song, with the drums and the kind of safari sound. Yay!

5. “World of Balance” is the first song I really liked in this game, and it is the song that plays on the world map in the first half of the game. In fact, I believe I heard it in another top songs list a couple years ago, as it sounded very familiar…. And it’s no wonder, as this is a very pretty song that really gives the game a sense of adventure right from the start.

4. “Magitek Research Facility” is a really great song with a good beat. I love it, but I always seem to love songs related to…science places. Yes, science places.

3. I really enjoy “Cyan’s Theme” (which also plays in Doma Castle). It’s actually very pretty, and then becomes more epic a little ways into it. Cyan definitely has the best theme music of all the good characters in the game.

2. And then “Kefka’s Theme” is even better, as villains always have great theme songs, especially when this particular villain is considered to be one of the greatest baddies of all time. This song definitely fits this clownish weirdo quite well.

1. “Slam Shuffle” plays in Zozo (Zozo? Never heard of it.), a weird, sleazy town of thieves and liars. This song is just different, and I can’t really tell you why I love it so much. I just do. Definitely the best song of the game.

Duck Shuffle

Final Fantasy VI: Why Sprites are Sometimes Better

As I’ve written in a past post, I have been trying to catch up on many of the old “Final Fantasy” games lately, and my next choice after “Final Fantasy VIII” (still left unfinished as of writing this, but I hope to beat it someday) was “Final Fantasy VI”, which I’ve heard is actually supposed to be as good as or even better than “Final Fantasy VII”, which is quite impressive, considering how amazing “FFVII” was. Well, after playing it, I can’t say it’s quite as good as “FFVII”, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing, because very few games are. Nevertheless, it is still a fantastic game, and I had a most wonderful time playing it.

As you may remember, I wasn’t a huge fan of “FFVIII”. I’m sorry, I just wasn’t. Fortunately, I found “FFVI” to be most refreshing because I really got the opportunity to see exactly what people were talking about when they said the old “FF” games were great. This game was indeed quite wonderful, with a good story and a lot of great characters, including the infamous Kefka, who I’ve heard is considered by some to be one of the best video game villains of all time, and I suppose I can see what they’re talking about, as he’s definitely…different, to say the least. Continue reading Final Fantasy VI: Why Sprites are Sometimes Better