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Ranking All Demos I Played in 2022 Part 2

My 2022 demo ranking continues, and today, I shall be presenting you all with my very favorite demos from this past year!  These are the ones that stand the greatest chance of being added to my gaming collection, along with a few that I’ve already played in their entirety.  But in case you missed the first half, you can revisit it with ease right here.

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Ranking All Demos I Played in 2022 Part 1

I got to play a wide variety of demos this year, ranging from digital board games, murder mysteries, quirky microgames, and anything in between.  Some were great, some were mediocre, but all will be ranked over the course of the next two posts.  Like last year, these games are ranked based on how much I enjoyed them, not necessarily based on their quality.

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The Almost Gone: Demo Review

In recent years, I’ve grown rather fond of casual puzzle games that don’t require quick thinking and reflexes.  One such game for which I decided to try the demo was The Almost Gone, during which you explore the house of a broken family, each room serving as a diorama that hides items and clues to progress.

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Kirby and the Forgotten Land: Demo Review

Recently, I reviewed the demo for Kirby Star Allies.  As charming as it was, it didn’t offer enough unique content to make it stand out from countless other Kirby games.  Fortunately, Kirby and the Forgotten Land is a completely different story.

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Kirby Star Allies: Demo Review

Although I generally enjoy the Kirby series, I don’t buy most of the games because they feel so similar.  Fortunately, Kirby Star Allies gave me the opportunity to try the game out for free so I could decide whether or not it was worth my money.  Based on my time with the demo, I’d probably say…no, it’s not.

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Miitopia: Demo Review

Miitopia is one of those surprising games that I never really expected to like.  I originally watched a partial playthrough of the original 3DS version on Youtube as part of Peanut Butter Gamer’s old PB&Jeff series.  Seeing as I never really liked the Mii characters that Nintendo had been pushing since the Wii days, I was initially skeptical.  But it wasn’t long before I had fallen in love with this silly RPG’s charms.  So when the game was remastered for the Switch, I jumped at the chance to download the demo and try it for myself.

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Ranking All Artifex Mundi Demos I Played in 2021

I’ve already ranked many of the demos I played in 2021, with one notable exception.  I have yet to rank any of the casual puzzle games published by Artifex Mundi, of which there are a wide variety.  While these games can be a bit cheesy at times, with some comically unenthusiastic voice acting, that’s honestly part of their charm.  Like entertaining B movies.  They’re also solid puzzle games in their own right with some beautiful artwork.  Keep in mind that I’ve only played the demos, which usually cover the first 30 minutes to an hour, so I’m really only judging these based on first impressions.

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Ranking All Demos I Played in 2021

Surprisingly enough, 2021 marks the very first year I got into trying out game demos.  And as such, I had a lot of catching up to do.  So I thought it would be fun to rank all the demos I played this year, from my least favorite to the absolute best, split into four categories for easier reading.  (Obviously, this is all based on my opinion, so some games will be ranked quite low because they’re not really my thing, not because they’re bad.)  Keep in mind that the copious point-and-click puzzle games created by Artifex Mundi will be ranked in a separate post.

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Cat Quest: Demo Review

G’day, folks, in recent times, I have taken to downloading free demos as a means to experience a greater variety of games without having to pay for something I may not end up liking.  (Y’know, the very reason demos exist.)  Being someone who adores animals, especially those of the feline variety, it was no wonder that Cat Quest was my first choice, a bright and colorful RPG starring, well, little cartoon cats.  Please note that this review is based on my experience with the demo only and not the full game.

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