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Popin’ Cookin’ Donuts Review

A short while ago, I reviewed the Popin’ Cookin’ food kit called Sweets Party, in which I created multiple tiny desserts using powders mixed with water.  At the time of purchase, I had also gotten a second kit for creating tiny donuts.  As a big fan of these ring-shaped treats, I had high hopes for this one, even if I tried to keep my expectation of the flavors in the realm of the reasonable.

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Popin’ Cookin’ Sweets Party Review

Recently, Mother Duck and I have been rewatching several of Brutalmoose’s videos on Youtube where he puts together various Popin’ Cookin’ food kits, a trio of videos where he assembles miniature burgers, takoyaki, and gummies.  While they never turned out particularly delicious, they looked like a pretty cute and fun diversion that we just had to try for ourselves.  We ended up buying two kits of the sweeter variety, as they seem to be more edible than their savory counterparts.  Our first choice was Sweets Party, which would allow us to create five tiny treats.

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Carmelita Likes to T-Pose

Our pair of Siamese cat sisters are quite goofy and not a day goes by where they don’t make us laugh at their antics.  Carmelita has an odd habit of laying on her stomach in a manner where she appears to be hugging the ground.  (I like to call it T-posing, ha ha!)  I finally got some photos to show off her outrageous cuteness!

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Mourning Doves Have Poor Planning Skills

Recently, Mother Duck noticed a bunch of twigs and various other plant scraps littering the corner of our patio, surrounding the base of one of the support beams for the pergola.  When she looked up, she found a pair of mourning doves trying in utter futility to build a nest.  Unfortunately, the space was simply too cramped and exposed for a nest to find purchase.  The little bird couple have since given up, but I took a few photos to commemorate the adorable event!

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Miitopia Playthrough on Virtual Bastion

Join us for our playthrough of Miitopia, a cute and silly RPG where all of the roles are played by Mii characters, including the Dark Lord, who has been stealing everyone’s faces and putting them on monsters!  Join the Duck, Crispin, Undyne, and Midna as we continue on with the full game!

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Miitopia: Demo Review

Miitopia is one of those surprising games that I never really expected to like.  I originally watched a partial playthrough of the original 3DS version on Youtube as part of Peanut Butter Gamer’s old PB&Jeff series.  Seeing as I never really liked the Mii characters that Nintendo had been pushing since the Wii days, I was initially skeptical.  But it wasn’t long before I had fallen in love with this silly RPG’s charms.  So when the game was remastered for the Switch, I jumped at the chance to download the demo and try it for myself.

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Rosie and Carmen Get Bunk Beds

I recently realized that I hadn’t written about my dear Siamese kitties lately, Rosalina and Carmelita, and so this vile mistake must be corrected immediately.  It all revolves around a few photos I took recently, but for the sake of making this into a proper blog post, a little backstory is in order.  Let the padding commence!

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Rosie vs. Umbrella Straw

We left this cute umbrella straw in a cup on the kitchen counter. We return later, and the straw is missing. A while later, Rosalina comes over with the straw in her mouth, the umbrella shredded, quite proud of her work. The picture also shows a cute inflatable flamingo, which she later popped. We managed to fix it with glue, but the straw couldn’t be saved.

Rosie and her victims