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The Duck’s Mini Comicon Tour 2014

Well, the comicon and the masquerade are now over, and I had a really wonderful time. It was actually one of the best days of my life, and the post for it is over on United We Game, if you want to check out the full article, including videos of some of my favorite performances. But, seeing as I began writing about this whole affair on this blog, I thought it would be most fitting to include extra photos here, including extra pictures of my costume. So don’t worry, I’m not going to leave you guys out. To be honest, though, I was so busy that day that, for the most part, I didn’t take many pictures of other people’s costumes, even though I planned to, but I do still have some things to share with you all that I thought were cool. (The stuff on my own costume will be towards the end of the post, including a video of my performance that someone in the audience recorded and put on Youtube. How awesome! Thank you, person!) Continue reading The Duck’s Mini Comicon Tour 2014

The Duck Hates Hates Hates Hates Sewing

I recently put up a post about a rather overwhelming project I started, a hand-made costume (and by that, I also mean hand-sewn!) for the most evil and most awesome Kefka, the villain from “Final Fantasy VI”. Well, I’m quite happy to report that the costume is now complete. It took, by my calculations, perhaps 40 hours or so.

Since my last post, I sewed together the cape (held on by a button I managed to keep nice and hidden), which didn’t take as long as I expected, and though I had some trouble at first with it covering up my arms too much (I can’t have my puffy sleeves squished down), I managed to round off the top corners of the cape and then arrange it in just a way that my sleeves are free to be as puffy as they please. And what’s better is the cape billows out wonderfully when I walk, and I found that my rehearsed cocky strut for the performance becomes so much easier when you’re wearing a cape. Seriously, it really helps. Try wearing a cape to a job interview, and you’ll have all the confidence you need. Continue reading The Duck Hates Hates Hates Hates Sewing

The Duck Works to Become Kefka Palazzo

I don’t remember if I’ve ever said this or not, but I’m saying it now. I like to go to comic conventions. I don’t even read a whole lot of comics (because my spare money is spent on games first and foremost), but that’s not the point because comicons are not really only about comics. They’re about all things great, like movies and TV shows and, most importantly of all, video games. I just love going and getting to see all the people dressed up in their costumes and finding awesome things to buy. (I bought the Master Sword from “The Legend of Zelda” series last I was there. Jealous? I bet you are….)

Well, while I love my current costume for the “Advent Children” version of Tifa from “Final Fantasy VII” (got it from Amazon for $100, and it’s really good quality, too, with some fake, but still good looking, leather), I recently played “Final Fantasy VI” and thought of how awesome it would be to cosplay (that’s right, I know my terms) as one of the best villains of all time, Kefka. Not only is he an awesome character that seriously needs some love (Who even knows who he is anymore? No one. Yeah, I know he’s from a game that came out in 1994, but nevertheless, such a lack of awareness of his existence is a crime quite possibly even worse than any of the atrocities he’s ever committed.), but if I dressed up as him, I would get to wear some rather ridiculous clothes (including a cape, which is always a plus; Tifa didn’t wear a cape), along with feathers in my hair and face paint. I’ve always wanted to be a character where I can wear face paint. (Tifa doesn’t wear face paint. Or feathers.) But, I really didn’t think I’d ever actually go through with doing such a thing. Me, the simple Duck, prancing about in makeup and feathers? Wait, I already wear feathers. Never mind. Continue reading The Duck Works to Become Kefka Palazzo

A New Award Has Made My Day Sunny

Hey, that's not the sun!
Hey, that’s not the sun!

I was recently nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award, thanks to Cary of “Recollections of Play” and then nominated again by “Maloquacious“.  Thank you very much!  There are now a few things I must do.  These things are:

  • Include the award logo in a post or on the blog
  • Include a link to the person who nominated you
  • Write 10 random things about yourself
  • Nominate ten other bloggers who “positively and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere”, plus let them know you nominated them

            Okay, will do.  Well, I did the picture already, and I’ve already linked back to Cary’s blog.  Good job, me.  Now for the things about me.  Let’s see…

  1. I seem to be bad luck because, wherever I move, we suddenly get the worst (insert the kind of weather that place gets here) in decades, and then once I leave, everything goes back to normal.  Sorry about the horrible ice storms, snowstorms, and hurricanes that I may or may not have caused.
  2. When going to Renaissance Faires, I enjoy wearing large hats adorned with large feathers.  If you see a weirdo in a ridiculously big hat, it may just be me.
  3. I have a rather decent collection of Pokemon cards back from when I used to like the little pocket monsters.  I was pretty proud of it until I did some research and found that even my first editions and holographic are utterly worthless.  Well, they still look neat.
  4. My biggest regret in life currently is the fact that I could have easily gotten Spock’s autograph at a comicon, and I did not.  I hate me for that.
  5. I own a Keyblade and the Master Sword.  I am that big of a nerd.  Someday I plan on getting the Hylian Shield, too, but last time I saw it, I was buying the Master Sword, and that cost quite enough.
  6. I enjoy puzzles, and I believe the largest one I’ve done was 2000 pieces.  It was huge and became too big to fit on the table, so I had to transfer it to the floor and continue it there, where the cat proceeded to rip it a new one.  After much rage, I got it covered up so the cat would leave it be, and I did eventually succeed in completing it.
  7. I make lists putting my video games in order from favorite to least favorite.  Then, I color code them by console.
  8. I like to collect boxes.  They are good for storage, and I just can’t get rid of the boxes game consoles came in.  Not sure why.  They are taking up a lot of room in the closet, but I can’t make myself toss them.
  9. I still have books from my childhood.  I will likely never read them again, but, like the boxes, I just can’t get rid of them.  They include “The Seventh Tower” and “Deltora”.
  10. Speaking of books, I was not a huge fan of “The Lord of the Rings” (they were fine, just too long), but I did find “The Hobbit” to be delightful.  Not the game, though.  The game was awful.

            I may have missed the mark here a bit.  Looking again, it says ten random things about me, not ten boring things.  Oh, well, I’m not rewriting it.  And I also must nominate ten people now.  I don’t have ten.  I do have seven, which is a luckier number.  Here I go.

            And there you have it.  Task complete.

A Sunny Duck