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Our FNAF Group Cosplay at the 2017 Comicon

If you’ve been following my cosplay posts, then you’ll know that I’ve spent the last year working on my most complex costume yet, Foxy the Pirate from Five Nights at Freddy’s, for the 2017 comic convention.  To make things even better, this would also be the year of my first ever group cosplay.  My dad agreed to dress as the security guard (Mike Schmidt, as all you FNAF fans should know), while my mom dressed as a human version of Toy Chica, complete with a bib and cupcake that I made myself.  While my mom knows the series quite well (she and I have watched all five of the current games on Youtube), my dad is far less familiar with the games, having only seen my Halloween Live Stream on Virtual Bastion over a year ago.  So he must have found the whole arrangement rather odd.  A security guard.  A fox.  A chicken.  Nevertheless, he still played the role just spiffingly.  But I get ahead of myself. Continue reading Our FNAF Group Cosplay at the 2017 Comicon


Comicon #2 2016: Photo Tour

Hey there, everyone!  Today’s been a pretty busy year, with two costumes and all, but now both my costumes are complete and both of this year’s comicons are over and done with.  If you want to read about my experience in more detail, please visit United We Game for the more detailed post on the subject.  As usual, this here blog gets a special treat, my photo tour.  This is the larger of the two comicons I get to attend, which means more cool things to see and awesome costumes to admire.  Let’s get started! Continue reading Comicon #2 2016: Photo Tour

Comicon #1 2016: Photo Tour

How do, everyone!  You’ve read my posts detailing my progress on my Rosalina cosplay, and now it’s time to see the fruits of my labor in action.  Or something like that.  I went to the first of the two comicons I attend each year, and everything went great.  People seemed to really like my costume, and I got many requests for photos and even a video clip for someone’s Youtube channel!  I’m gonna be on Youtube…again!  Yes!  If you want to read a more detailed account of my experience, please check out my post on United We Game.  And stick around, because you guys are in for something a little special, my photo tour of the comicon.  Enjoy! Continue reading Comicon #1 2016: Photo Tour

Vanille Cosplay: The Beads

I recently finished a part of Vanille’s costume that I originally had a lot of concerns about: her beads.  Vanille’s costume actually has a lot of these little buggers, but the beads I mean for the sake of this post are the ones she wears around her torso, which I must admit is a bit…weird.  Being such an unconventional article of clothing, I found myself putting this task off, but it had to get done, and, well, now it is.

First off, I learned when shopping for beads initially that the main type you typically see is called a pony bead.  I bought a bunch of white ones and a bag of assorted colors, as some of the colors I wanted were not sold in bags of their own.  This worked for many of my beads, and for any beads where I didn’t have enough colors, I had to paint white beads (as I had plenty to spare) the correct color.  Let me tell you, painting beads is a very time consuming task.  I would recommend avoiding such a fate whenever possible. Continue reading Vanille Cosplay: The Beads

Rosalina Cosplay: The Dress

Huff huff, I’ve finally done it.  I’ve finished Rosalina’s dress!  Fireworks and applause, everyone!  It took absolutely forever, upon a bumpy path filled with trouble, but I prevailed, and now it’s time to tell you guys how I did it.  First of all, I needed to find a pattern for her dress, and this turned out to be fairly simple.  A search on the Internet told me that someone else had made the dress using Simplicity pattern 9891, which I bought for myself cheap on Amazon.  Step 1 done.  Several billion more to go.  Give or take a couple billion. Continue reading Rosalina Cosplay: The Dress

Cosplay Update: Vanille’s Necklaces

To be honest, I’ve gone a bit overboard this year in terms of costumes.  For some reason, I have decided to make two costumes rather than just one.  In addition to Super Mario Galaxy’s Rosalina, I am also making a costume for Vanille, my favorite character from Final Fantasy XIII.  I’m also practicing an Aussie accent, which I am still dreadful at.  But, I am pretty good at saying a few words so far, like paper and Charlie.  Pie-puh.  Chah-lie.  Chah-lie had some pie-puh.

And so, today it is time to share with you all my first completed items of Vanille’s clothing, her necklaces.  I had to get some help online to figure out how to make these because they almost look like they’re made of wood, and I don’t carve wood.  Ducks don’t do that kind of stuff.  So, after a quick perusal online, I saw that the Internet said to cover memory wire with model magic and use ribbon for the lines on her necklaces.  Long story short, I did just that.  For the longer story, read on. Continue reading Cosplay Update: Vanille’s Necklaces

Rosalina Cosplay: The Crown

At last, I have completed pretty much all the main accessories for my Rosalina cosplay.  The wand is done, and so are the earrings, plus the Luma plushie.  And not long ago, I just finished the crown.  Now that project was a bit of a mess.  The crown itself wasn’t so bad.  The first thing I did was cut out some foam.  I then noticed that Rosalina’s crown had a four-pointed star shape on each of the points of the crown.  I planned on painting this black, but first, I wanted some texture.  So I drew the shapes onto the foam with pencil, then I used the end of a pen to create a deep indent.  (I used a pen because I had nothing thin enough that wouldn’t simply slice right through the foam.  I thought an actual knife would be a bad idea, you know.) Continue reading Rosalina Cosplay: The Crown

Rosalina Cosplay: Luma Plushie

I have still been putting off making Rosalina’s actual dress for my third cosplay, as I prefer the smaller commitment and challenge offered by her accessories.  With the wand and earrings done, I turned next to her crown and the Luma plushie I wanted to carry around.  The crown will have to wait until a latter post, however, as I have run into some rather troubling trouble when it comes to making the round gems, as I apparently used the wrong materials for mold-making.  Which I’ll get to in more detail in a post covering said topic.  Nevertheless, as I experimented with various types of molds, I have not been idle.  No, I have, in fact, been working on my first ever plushie. Continue reading Rosalina Cosplay: Luma Plushie

Rosalina Cosplay: The Wand

How do, everyone?  Not too long ago, I went down to my local fabric store and bought the main supplies I would need for my third cosplay, Rosalina from Super Mario Galaxy.  I wanted to make a fancier version of her dress, so I bought lace to go around the end of her sleeves and a fancier material for the white skirt beneath her dress, with sequins I hope will shine like the stars she watches over.  It really is quite lovely and should really add to the costume.  I also bought the material and stuffing needed to make a Luma plushie, silver paint, and some clay, which I heard works well as molds for resin.  This costume will require about five round jewels, and I decided clay would be easier to work with than making round molds from tag board. Continue reading Rosalina Cosplay: The Wand

A Little Picture Tour of the 2015 Comicon

Hello everyone, as you may remember, if you’ve been reading my posts regularly, I have been preparing for the better part of the year for my second cosplay, Lord Ghirahim, the villain of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.  Well, the big day has finally come and gone and, well, I actually wrote a very detailed post about my experience over on United We Game, so if you want to read in depth about my experience, that’s the place to go.

It was a fun day, despite many trials.  My makeup was constantly cracking and rubbing off.  My sash wouldn’t stay on.  And I was quite achy from hunger (I was dieting), a sore back, and sore feet.  It was a day of pain.  So much pain.  Nevertheless, I was able to somewhat forget my aches and pains thanks to the day being filled with a grand total of 27 people either complimenting my costume or asking for pictures of it (that’s right, I counted), including three people who wanted to actually be in pictures with me, which was pretty cool.  No one had ever asked to be in pictures with me at the comicon before.  And so, to supplement my detailed post on UWG, I want to use this post as a place to share photos and videos with you in a summarized tour of my day.  (I really wish I had taken more pictures of other people’s costumes, but my phone doesn’t work when I have gloves on, so taking photos was difficult.  Hopefully it’s not weird my pictures are all of me….) Continue reading A Little Picture Tour of the 2015 Comicon