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The Duck Tries Eye and Hair Coloring Tutorials

As the Duck attempts to improve my drawing skills, every once in a while, I try to follow along with some tutorials in the areas in which I am the weakest.  I have checked out tutorials on facials expressions, hands, and shading, and following along with some Bob Ross paintings seemed like good practice for natural landscapes.  The newest area in which I wanted to learn how to improve was in coloring eyes and hair. Continue reading The Duck Tries Eye and Hair Coloring Tutorials

The Master of Color

On my ever present quest to make my art better (or simply, good), I got a book called “Master Digital Color” by Brian and Kristy Miller, in the hopes that I will learn how to…ahem, master color, digitally.  The book has a lot of different examples in a lot of different styles, and I just skimmed through it and practiced anything I didn’t know how to do.  My favorite style is Pin-Up Style (which is not dirty like it sounds), which is what I try to do, except I keep the dark lines.  I’m nowhere near as good as the example.

            Anyway, I learned how to use different shaped brushes to make texture.  I don’t know why I didn’t think of that before.  I learned about color and texture overlays.  I also attempted to make things glow, which I still can’t quite figure out.  I also locked transparent pixels, which kind of sounds like they’re naughty and in time-out, but that’s not the case.  It’s actually just a way to keep yourself from tampering with those lovely invisible pixels.

            I have recently started drawing a new picture, and I hope I can practice my new skills on it.  Well, the character won’t be glowing.  And I don’t think I need any texture.  Or overlays.  Hmm.  Somehow, I’ll find a way to put my new skills to use.  Or not.  I guess you guys can look forward to either something awesome and better than anything I’ve ever done before or something at the same level of mediocrity as usual.  I’m hoping for the former, but either way, at least I finally made a new picture.  I’ve been slow lately.

            Anyway, methinks the book was quite useful.  It comes with special brushes for Photoshop, which I did not install because I just hate installing things, but it’s good for people that don’t have the paranoia that I do.  Just for the CD, I’d say it was worth it.

 Digital Duck Master