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The Duck’s Vague Memories of a Ghost Walk

Many years ago, my parents and I went on a short trip to Gettysburg, PA.  You know the place.  The one in the Civil War.  No idea what happened there, but it was in the Civil War.  Right?  Anyway, I remember this delightful candy store that sold this yummy sponge candy and also a restaurant under this long brick building, where I ate salmon and got stared at by some dolls in a cabinet.  And then I come to the main topic of this post.  We also went on a ghost walk one evening.  And it still haunts me to this day.

            It was a while ago, so let’s see what I can remember.  Well, I know it started out in the basement of the Farnsworth House, a lovely brick building that is said to have ghostly visitors.  Sure.  Yeah right.  It was dark and cold down there, and I remember something coffin shaped in the middle of the room.  And we all sat in chairs while this woman spoke, and I forget most of what she said.  The only thing I remember is something about a ghost boy who sometimes visits that very room and sits on people’s laps.  I think I forgot all else she said because I was on guard for said ghost boy.  Stay away from me!  My lap is closed!  Closed!

            And then the walking part of the walk started.  So we walked.  To different places.  Yep.  You probably want more detail.  Well, it was dark by then, or at least getting quite dark, but I remember it being dark.  I remember stopping by this tall building.  They said people sometimes saw faces looking out the windows here, even when no one was in there.  I’m not sure if this building was even used at all anymore.  I looked, reluctantly, but saw nothing.  We spent quite a bit of time at that building, while I looked at the dark streets around us, eyes sometimes wandering back to those windows.  I didn’t want to see anything, but I looked anyway, and those windows remained empty.  Phew.

            And then I mainly remember one more thing, a clearing in these woods.  We stopped off to the side, looking into the large, long clearing that I still see in my head quite well.  Our guide told us that a previous group had seen ghosts in that clearing, but I forgot the details or what even brought them to that location in the first place.  Once again, we saw nothing, to both my disappointment and relief.

            I remember little else but a low bridge that I was a bit afraid to walk over, but I forget why, and a building by the woods that apparently also had something gruesome associated with it, possibly to do with amputated body parts….  It was a fun walk in some ways because, for whatever reason, we all like being scared sometimes, but it also still creeps me out a bit.  There are a lot of stories associated with that place, as I’m sure many of us know.  I remember stories of the haunted bed and breakfasts there, where people sometimes feel someone sitting on the end of their beds at night.  Or stories of people dressed as soldiers out where there were once battles, and people take their pictures, only to look at their photos later and find that there’s no one there.  I don’t believe in ghosts myself, but these stories still haunt my anyway.  And I’d never stay at a “haunted” hotel, just in case I do hear or see or feel something.  No amount of believing ghosts don’t exist will keep me from disintegrating in terror when I hear a sound in the middle of the night.

            So anyway, there’s my little spooky story for this year’s All Hallow’s Eve.  Have a nice Halloween, and I hope I don’t have you looking over your shoulder now.  Like I currently am.  What’s that?  No, don’t close your web browser!  What’s that sound?  Help me!

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