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Coming to Terms with Death in The Almost Gone

The Almost Gone is a puzzle game that follows the spirit of a girl as she attempts to piece together what happened to her.  The game features a muted color palette and subdued soundtrack that fits well with the uneasy atmosphere.  At the start, your character wakes up in her house, but something is decidedly off.  As you begin to snoop around, you start to discover that this is most definitely not a happy family.  The dad sounds controlling, the mother is mixing alcohol and pills, and the unfortunate daughter is caught in the middle of it.

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The Almost Gone: Demo Review

In recent years, I’ve grown rather fond of casual puzzle games that don’t require quick thinking and reflexes.  One such game for which I decided to try the demo was The Almost Gone, during which you explore the house of a broken family, each room serving as a diorama that hides items and clues to progress.

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Ranking All Artifex Mundi Demos I Played in 2021

I’ve already ranked many of the demos I played in 2021, with one notable exception.  I have yet to rank any of the casual puzzle games published by Artifex Mundi, of which there are a wide variety.  While these games can be a bit cheesy at times, with some comically unenthusiastic voice acting, that’s honestly part of their charm.  Like entertaining B movies.  They’re also solid puzzle games in their own right with some beautiful artwork.  Keep in mind that I’ve only played the demos, which usually cover the first 30 minutes to an hour, so I’m really only judging these based on first impressions.

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