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Nine Years of Blogging!

For the first time in nine years, the Duck has missed my blog’s birthday.  On July 13 of this year, it turned nine years old.  In the hopes that my blog won’t be holding a grudge for my thoughtlessness, I thought I’d write a quick, if late, post about my ninth year of blogging goodness. Continue reading Nine Years of Blogging!

Eight Years of Blogging Has Happened!

In just a few short years, the Duck’s blog will be a decade old.  But until then…this Monday (July 16) is my blog’s eighth birthday.  If my blog was a human child, it would be in…third grade?  It’s been yet another crazy year of madness, and this post was put on this Earth to talk about it.  Here we go! Continue reading Eight Years of Blogging Has Happened!