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How Abzu Helped Me Overcome an Irrational Fear

Around Thanksgiving of 2020, I was browsing the Nintendo and PlayStation stores for some great deals.  One of the best was a 90% discount on a game called Abzu, which I got for $2 (its usual price is $20).  If it wasn’t for the cheap price, I might not have bought this game because part of me worried it would be a tad boring.  Relaxing, yes, but otherwise uninteresting.  Fortunately, I was very wrong, and this post is going to cover both my review of the game and, as the title suggests, a personal tale of my own.

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What the Duck Fears

For this Halloween, I’d like to tell you guys about a few things that scare me.  Most are the usual.  Axe murderers, spiders, diseases.  But, I bet most of you don’t suffer with a fear of…basking sharks.  They filter food from the water like whale sharks, you know, plankton and stuff, but as they do this seemingly harmless deed, their disturbingly huge mouths hang open.  It looks like they have no bottom jaw, and there’s just this huge cavern in there.  A person could easily get caught up in that great big horror-fest if both they and the shark weren’t paying attention.  If one swallowed me, would it even know?!  When I look through books with pictures of fish, I get rather mortified when I see this most frightening of peaceful creatures.

            Another thing happened one night, when I looked behind one of the places we lived in and I saw this light moving around.  I watched it for a bit, very creeped out, and thought I had seen one of those orb ghosts or whatever.  But, this was no swamp gas.  This was…a person holding a lantern.  I was relieved.  I also thought I saw a UFO once, but it was a light on a plane wing.  I’m a dope.

Count Duckula