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Miser Brothers Funko Pops

Hey, everyone, about two weeks ago, I posted a little status update about a recent eBay auction. It was my second auction, but the very first one where I actually won. You see, I had been eyeing these Funko Pops of the Miser Brothers (from The Year Without a Santa Claus), but they’re pretty expensive.

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Crushing Defeat at the Duck’s First Auction

The very first auction I ever participated in involved fake money in elementary school.  We earned this money throughout the year and had several auctions.  But I saved up all of my money for the very last auction, allowing me to obtain highly coveted items no one else had the money for.  I think I got a fair number of things, namely a large box of colored pencils that I still have to this day. Continue reading Crushing Defeat at the Duck’s First Auction