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The Blog’s a Lucky Seven Years Old

My blog is now seven years old, folks!  How cool is that?  I had hoped that such a lucky number would mean good luck, and it pretty much did, as a lot of nifty neato things happened this year!  Before we get to the good stuff, let’s review my current stats.  Hmm, let’s see here…subscribers went up from 295 to 349, and total views has increased from 24,723 to 29,061.  Mm-kay.  My best day continues to be December 9, 2012 with 208 views.

I’m super happy my subscribers and views have increased this past year.  (And it’s all thanks to you guys!)  But the fact that my blog’s best day was 4.5 years ago makes me cry on the inside a little. Continue reading The Blog’s a Lucky Seven Years Old

Six Years of Being a Quack

Has it already been six years already?  Actually, it feels longer…  Okay, well, today is the Duck’s sixth anniversary of blogging, and it’s been a pretty busy year.  First off, let’s start with some stats.  I currently have 295 followers, a grand total of 24723 views, with my best day being 208 views on…December 9, 2012?  Huh, good to know my best day ever came about three and a half years ago.  You’re really moving up in the world, Duck….

Now, for the major events, and there’s been some big ones.  Well, one anyway.  This past year, United We Game, the other blog I write for, finally started a Youtube channel!  As a result, I finally got to begin a long-time dream of mine, learning how to record gameplay.  In that time, I have learned how to record gameplay with video game consoles and the PC, how to edit videos, and how to live stream using XSplit Broadcaster, with my first live stream thus far being my Five Nights at Freddy’s Halloween live stream.  Exciting stuff!  And educational, too.  If you like gaming and haven’t already visited our channel, please do.  We have lots of great gaming-related videos on there.  You’ll love it. Continue reading Six Years of Being a Quack

Five Years of Duckyness

I nearly forgot to type this post, and I guess when you’ve been blogging for as long as I have, it is easy to take it for granted that I’ve been doing this for, what’s it been?  Oh, yes, five years.  That’s right, say what!  I don’t know, just ignore that.  Ahem, so yeah, I can’t believe it, either.  I mean, seriously, half a decade?  That’s like, more than 1000 days!  I’m awesome! Continue reading Five Years of Duckyness

Two Years Squared Equals What?!

Wow, it’s already that time again (I’m actually not that surprised, really, as this was a rather long year, but I’m still enthused, nonetheless). It is, once again, the anniversary of my blog (is it just me, or does this seem to happen every year?). What’s it been now? Four years? Well, a lot’s happened over this past year, not all necessarily blog-related, but it’s still worth mentioning. This has actually been a rather stressful year for me, with lots of unhappy things that I won’t be mentioning. Fortunately, this was also a year filled with a good deal of excitement, which is far more suited to sharing.

To start, I have now been blogging over at “United We Game” with Cary of “Recollections of Play” and Jacob/Hatm0nster for about a year now (UWG’s anniversary was actually not that long ago, so I guess blogs are typically born in summer). In just a short time, UWG has been growing like crazy thanks to the hard work of my fellow administrators and our lovely contributors, and I look forward to many more years of blogging with all of them. (In fact, we’ve already been interviewed over on “Wrong Button Blog”, if you want to check it out.) And if you haven’t already checked UWG out, then come on by for a visit. And while it was a terrible year for pets, as this was the first year in my entire life that my house was completely lacking in cats, I did get a new pet, an adorable pop-eyed goldfish named Peepers you may or may not have read about already, so that somewhat helped to soothe the anguish. Continue reading Two Years Squared Equals What?!

The Blog Has an Anniversary Thrice!

Awkward title there, but whatever.  I nearly forgot, but after checking my awesome “The Legend of Zelda” calendar yesterday, I realized that my blog’s three-year birthday was coming up.  So I typed up this post to commemorate three years of joy and glee.  Yay!  Some great new things have happened this year.  I have gotten to put up guest posts on Carl D’Agostino’s blog.  Thanks much!  I have also started another blog called United We Game with Cary of Recollections of Play and Hatm0nster of My Two Caps.  Outside the blog, I have been working on the final draft of issue 1 of my artist comic, entitled “Red and Yellow”.  I have also started a fanfiction.net account.  A PlayStation 3 has also been added to my game family.

            Now for some silly stats no one likely cares about.  “The Liebster Blog Award” has the highest number of comments, with 18.  My post with the most likes, with 11, ended up being “Making Winter a Little Warmer”.  And my top day was 12/09/12, with 206 views (or was it 208, I’m too lazy to check).  Woo hoo!  I also have done 259 posts, about 92 just this year (up 6 from last year).  I have 1,038 comments (though about half are mine), but I started out this year with 682.  I also started this year with 41 followers, but now have 98.  Woo, it doubled!  And I now have a total of 12,833 viewers (and I started the year with 6,475).  Doubled again!

            So the blog is growing slowly, but it’s growing faster each year.  Thank you all, you lovely commenters and viewers and followers.  My blog would be meaningless without you.  You complete me.  While I have slowed down on drawing, and so pictures may not show up on the blog so much for a while, except for old ones, I will continue my written posts as usual.  I will still continue my What the Duck Awards, the 100 theme challenge, and the 30 day video game challenge, too, along with random posts and game reviews.  I look forward to another year.  Yes, you are not free from me yet.

The Duck Whose Blog Has Reached the Thrifty Three’s

Two Years of Ducky Goodness

My blog is turning two today.  I’d send you all goodies to celebrate my blog’s birthday, but considering this is such a big holiday, celebrated by trillions (I know there aren’t even that many people alive right now), I knew the post office would be packed, so I decided to just celebrate with this post.

            This year has been more fun for my blog than last year, due in part to the fact that no one had any idea who I was at the beginning of year one.  I’ve also met new people, while some have gone inexplicably missing.  Sure hope they’re okay.  I conducted a search within a twenty foot radius of my house, and they were nowhere to be found.  Truly bizarre.  I’ve also had fun writing many new posts, including an analysis of Rayman and his questionable deeds (complete with undeniable evidence of his misconduct), not to mention an analysis of Santa Claus and his questionable deeds, what I would do if I was an apparition, and the time I got absurdly lost.

            Outside the blog, it was a great year for video games.  I finally played “Final Fantasy VII”, which I’ve been wanting to play for many years.  I also played “The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword”, which blew my socks off.  If you hadn’t noticed, my feet are naked right now.  I also completed the scripts of both of my comics, joined the Raywiki, and finished the lines of a super epic “Final Fantasy VII” picture.  I’ve been working on it off and on for months, and it still needs coloring.  Slowing me down is the fact that I was working on an awesome “Skyward Sword” picture up until yesterday, and now I’m working on a big picture that shows my drawing progress since 2004.  Then, I’ll finally return to my “FFVII” picture.  I hope.  If I don’t get distracted again by something else.  I’m also dieting.  Lost almost 6 pounds so far.  Yay!  I’m rewarding myself with half a corn dog today.  How fun!

            Now for some stats.  So far, I’ve done 167 posts, but I believe 86 were just this year (that’s up 5 from last year).  My post with the top number of comments is “The Liebster Blog Award” with 17 comments.  The post with the top number of likes is “Inkling” with 9 likes.  Methinks my best day for views was 2/25/12 with 51 views.  I’ve had 6475 views total.  (Question, though.  If Cerberus were to look at my blog, would that count as 1 view or 3?)  I also have 682 comments (about half are mine, though) and 41 followers (33 are from this year alone!).  Yay!  I’ll have an army capable of conquering the world in no time!  You’re all agreeing to join my army when you follow me, right?  Thought so.

            So it’s time to begin the next year of my blog.  I’m going to keep doing what I’m doing, plus make a few changes.  I am slowly moving my pictures from the pages to posts of their own, so several of those pages will eventually disappear.  I like to get feedback on each individual picture.  And in the future, my comics may end up here someday.  By the end of the year, I’d also like to put up that picture on my drawing progress since 2004, maybe once I finish my “FFVII” picture.  Plus, I’m working on a special kind of post that I’ll put up every once in a while.  For whatever reason, I’m keeping it a secret.  The initials are WtDA.  Guess what it stands for?  I dare you!  I double duck dare you to guess it!  No wait, I triple duck dare you to guess it!  Now you have no choice!

The Duck Who’s Blog Has Reached the Terrific Two’s

Happy Birthday Dear Blog

My blog is 1 year old now!  I have so far put on 81 posts, including this one.  That’s an average of 1 post for every 4.5 days.  Hmm, that doesn’t sound bad, but methinks many times I took longer than that.  I have 324 comments, though almost half are from me when I replied to people.  The most-liked post is “When I Tried Something New”, with 4 likes.  The most commented on post is a 4 way tie between “It’ll Knock Your Socks Off”, “My Second Comic Idea”, “Four Years Ago”, and “Old Memories in the Comic Section” with 10 comments each.  I think the most views in 1 day was about 40.  Sometimes I get 20.  I also go through crappy days of 3 or so.  Or 0.  Sniff, it makes me sad.  I have less of those now, though.  Oh, and I apparently have 8 subscribers, though I only know the names of 5, for some reason.  Thank you, subscribers!  And thank you all for looking at my blog whether you subscribed or not!  I appreciate it.

            Special thanks go to Carl D’Agostino for his many comments and advice and Sana Johnson-Quijada MD for her many comments and for liking more posts than anyone else.  I used to also get a lot of comments from the blogger of Earthquakes and Rattlesnakes, and she nominated me for the Stylish Blogger Award once, but she seems to have disappeared.  Wherever she is, thank you, as well.

            So, I will continue to subject you all to my pointless rants on video games and weird stuff.  I have more old pictures that I plan on putting up, too.  I’ve been slow on making new pictures, though.  I must toil harder!

            Now I have 2 questions for you guys.

            1. How did you find my blog originally?

            2. What would you like to see more of in the future?

The Duck with an Infant Blog, or is it a Toddler?