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Miitopia is Way Better Than It Has Any Right to Be

When I initially saw a partial playthrough of the original 3DS release of Miitopia on YouTube, my expectations were low.  You see, I’ve never been a big fan of Mii’s.  For me, these simple, customizable characters were just not very appealing, and so I expected Miitopia to be a shallow and dull experience.  I was quickly surprised by how charming and quirky the game ended up being, and I found myself toying with the idea of playing Miitopia for myself.  I finally gave the game a try after the demo was released for the Switch, and it wasn’t long before a full copy of the game was added to my library.  I had been writing about my experiences with the game over the last few months, and today, it’s finally time for a full review.

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Dr. Loboto, Swaine, and Freddy Join the Duck in Miitopia

I’m still working my way through Miitopia, a charming RPG where you can choose the faces of every character in the game.  Very soon, our Youtube playthrough shall be taking a break, which will be temporary or permanent depending on the views.  I’ve already written a review about the demo, and now I’d like to write a little update concerning my experience with the next chunk of Miitopia.  Spoilers ahead, though…is the story of Miitopia really that important?

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The Duck’s Miitopia Access Key

I’ve never really been a big fan of Nintendo’s Mii’s.  You know, those simple customizable characters that debuted many years ago on the Wii.  I guess I was just never interested in making a character that resembled myself.  Thanks to Miitopia, however, my opinion changed the moment I created my very first Mii that was based not on myself, but rather, on one of my new favorite characters, Crispin Whytehead from Psychonauts!  Mii’s just became a lot more appealing once I started basing them on fictional characters rather than real people!

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Playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf with Mother Duck

Ever since its origin on the GameCube, Animal Crossing has always been one of those few games that both Mother Duck and I enjoy playing.  While she prefers more peaceful games like Animal Crossing and Harvest Moon, it is rare for me to play a game that doesn’t involve some grand adventure, platforming, RPG, or otherwise.  Nevertheless, Animal Crossing just has a certain level of charm that even I can’t resist. Continue reading Playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf with Mother Duck