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100 Theme Blog Challenge No. 25: Trouble Lurking

Today’s 100 theme topic is trouble lurking.  The first thing that comes to mind is the idea of danger that’s just beneath the surface.  A bout of paranoia that actually rings true.  I have felt this way in my own life, but rather than discuss something so unpleasant as life’s troubles, I’m going to talk about…alligators. Continue reading 100 Theme Blog Challenge No. 25: Trouble Lurking

100 Theme Blog Challenge No. 24: No Time

To fuel the Duck’s inspiration, I have turned once more to the 100 theme challenge, which…um, challenges me to write about the topic “no time”.  This is a phrase that probably describes all of us, at one time or another.  There’s not enough time for this work assignment or this hobby that I so badly want to return to.  Not enough time to finish reading that novel or binge-watching that great new show on Netflix.  While it’s never a pleasant feeling to be running out of time, I’ll admit that my busy self sometimes prefers to have less empty time in my schedule rather than more. Continue reading 100 Theme Blog Challenge No. 24: No Time

100 Theme Blog Challenge No. 23: Cat

The newest topic for the 100 theme challenge is cat, a subject I have already discussed many times in the past, particularly in regards to my current cat Elsa and the two I lost a few years ago, Alex and Arwen.  Since I have already talked a great deal about them, I thought it would be rather fun to tell you all about a cat that had an impact on me despite only knowing it for one short week. Continue reading 100 Theme Blog Challenge No. 23: Cat

100 Theme Blog Challenge No. 21: Vacation

The newest 100 theme challenge is #21: vacation, which should be an easy one indeed.  Let’s get right to it.  The most exotic place I have ever visited was Tahiti, which is very cool, but I was a duckling at the time and remember none of it.  Except that you could get this delicious bread with chocolate in the middle.  Leave it to a young child to remember sweets above all else when visiting a tropical island in a completely different hemisphere. Continue reading 100 Theme Blog Challenge No. 21: Vacation

100 Theme Blog Challenge No. 20: Fortitude

We’ve arrived at topic #20 in the 100 theme challenge, making us one-fifth of the way done.  Our newest topic is fortitude, a word that means courage and strength, particularly when faced with life’s many trials.  I feel like taking such a topic too literally could lead down a rather unpleasant path, as life’s troubles, whether or not I managed to overcome them, is not something I feel like discussing.  Rather, I’m going to tackle this topic rather loosely and analyze…the fortitude of gamers. Continue reading 100 Theme Blog Challenge No. 20: Fortitude

100 Theme Blog Challenge No. 22: Mother

Mother’s Day is this weekend, meaning this 100 theme challenge couldn’t have come at a better time.  (It’s almost like I planned it this way.)  Today, I shall be writing a little bit about Mother Duck, with whom the Duck gets along spiffingly.  And I think one reason for that is our willingness to share in the interests of the other.

Mother Duck played video games before I ever did.  She doesn’t play them very often now (and only with coaxing), but back when I was a duckling, she and dad would often play our Super Nintendo.  One of her particular favorites was The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (I recall dad playing Donkey Kong Country more), though she was also a pro at Super Mario World.  While we didn’t share quite as many interests when I was younger, as I didn’t really get into gaming until the time she gave it up, semi-recent years have seen a drastic shift from us spending our time separately to spending it together. Continue reading 100 Theme Blog Challenge No. 22: Mother

100 Theme Blog Challenge No. 19: Grey

We’ve got another 100 theme challenge topic to tackle, and this one is “grey”.  I can start this particular topic by revealing a very pointless bit of information about myself that you shall all likely forget by the time this post is over.  I like Earl Grey Tea.  Moving on, I think my main subject for today’s post shall focus on the answer to this riddle.  What is black and white and grey all over, except when it’s tinted, and can often be found for free on Youtube?  Yes, I must admit that I’m not terribly good at riddles, whether it be writing them or solving them.  But the answer is, nevertheless, old black and white movies.  It counts.  Grey is a very common color in these movies, despite what the name might have you believe. Continue reading 100 Theme Blog Challenge No. 19: Grey

100 Theme Blog Challenge No. 18: Rainbow

Slowly, like the ever-plodding march of time, the Duck has been working through this here 100 theme challenge.  After seven years of blogging, I have only reached #18.  The topic: rainbow.  When I think about rainbows, I think of colors.  I think of the story of Noah’s Ark and how the rainbow was God’s promise not to ever flood the Earth again.  I also get to thinking about the people who believe dinosaurs were on the ark.  Whether or not this is true, I know not, but if so, I bet it was super cool and scary all at once.

The topic of rainbow also brings to mind what often comes before a rainbow, a storm.  It seems as if a lot of people don’t like rainstorms and prefer sunny skies over grey and cloudy ones.  Perhaps it’s my fondness for moisture thanks to my duckyness, but I am completely the opposite.  I love the rain.  I love storm clouds.  I love cooler weather over being hot.  If I planned a trip to Disneyland and found that it would rain the entire time, I would be thrilled.  Better yet, the park would probably not be too crowded because people wouldn’t want to be out in the rain. Continue reading 100 Theme Blog Challenge No. 18: Rainbow

100 Theme Blog Challenge No. 17: Blood

Returning to my old 100 theme challenge, my newest topic for today is #17…blood?  Now what could I possibly write about blood?  I am no horror author, so expect nothing macabre from me today.  Blood also makes me think of ancestry, but that, too, is not a topic that interests me.  A third thing that comes to mind when one ponders over the substance that is blood is the squeamish feelings felt by those with an aversion to it.

Continuing in that vein (pun intended), I am not among those people who faint at the mere sight of our infamous crimson bodily fluids, nor do I typically feel sick at the sight of it.  Sure, there are similar things that have made me terribly queasy in the past.  (Have you ever seen that movie about the mountain climber who has to cut off his own arm?  Now that did almost make me pass out.  Yikes!).  But blood?  Nah.  I got bloody noses aplenty as a duckling, so I’ve seen my fair share of blood. Continue reading 100 Theme Blog Challenge No. 17: Blood

100 Theme Blog Challenge No. 16: Questioning

At long last, I have finally decided to tackle the next topic in the 100 theme challenge, #16…questioning.  Great…this is why I don’t do these very often.  But this list of 100 topics would surely not be called a “challenge” if it wasn’t, well, challenging, so I suppose that only comes with the territory.  So…questioning.  What does this mean to me?  Aside from the fact that I am currently questioning what I should write about.  Yeah.  Not funny.  When I think of questioning, I think of a question we probably all encounter at least once in our lives.  Who am I?

No, I don’t have amnesia, but thank you for your concern.

Yes, I know who I am, but really, I’m sure I’m not the only one who has asked this.  How do we define ourselves?  This is especially difficult when we’re young because our interests and attitudes to the world change with reckless abandon.  Our views on what we want out of life changes.  We are not the same person now that we were when we were young.  And sometimes I would wonder, who am I, really?  What really defines me when I change from year to year and when the person I look back on seems so foreign compared to who I am now? Continue reading 100 Theme Blog Challenge No. 16: Questioning