Comic Characters

In the past, I planned on creating comics.  That didn’t end up happening.  But here are some of my characters for your viewing enjoyment.  Oh, and all of these characters are my original creations and my property.

Some colorful characters…and one that isn’t

Here are the main characters from my artist-y comic, to the right.  It starts out black and white, so I drew the main character as she looks then and as she looks later with the color.  As you can see, she is rather glum having no color.  Being all graytone is no fun at all.  The bird is special, so he will always have color.  Anyway, I thought she needed striped socks, but in my other comic, June has striped socks.  Gasp, how can I allow this?  I don’t want both comics starring characters in striped socks, so I decided I’m making June change socks.  It suits the artist girl better.

The main characters of my comic

As the caption says, here’s the main characters of one of my comics, to the left.  The mainest is June.  She has powers she doesn’t quite understand yet.  She can be quite hot-headed and impulsive and even rude sometimes, though she doesn’t mean to be.  She lives with her brother, who is next to her in the picture and is still nameless.  He may be another main character, or I may greatly reduce his role if I find that he’s unnecessary.  He is the more reasonable of the two and worries about his little sister’s weird powers and knack for finding trouble.  He lacks the confidence of his younger sibling.

They hate science!

So here’s Flynn and the new version of Gretchen to the right, part of my June comic.  These two work together towards defeating the scientists, with the hope that this will also help June and her brother towards their goal.  The two share a special bond, which explains how the serious Flynn is able to more or less tolerate Gretchen’s antics.  Although, Gretchen has a sad past, she is still quite cheerful and silly.  She loves kittens and things that come in cans.  She can only hope that more things will be available in cans someday.  Oh, and of course, that the evil will be destroyed.  Flynn, too, has the same goals, but lacks a love of canned vittles.  (By the way, I hate drawing guns.  I hate it.)

If you couldn’t guess, he’s philosophical

For now, I am calling him the Philosopher (to the left), though that may change.  He is a mysterious man that claims to know about June’s powers.  He often appears to her, but his “advice” is often vague.  He also enjoys bugging her with confusing philosophical questions that she can’t always answer, not that he has the answers himself.  He has been searching for truth and for a way to put an end to evil.  I will very likely change his design sometime.  I am not satisfied with it at all.

Ethos and Pathos

To the right are two evil scientists from my June comic.  On the left is Ethos, and on the right is Pathos.  I got the names from Aristotle’s Rhetoric.  These two have a lab hidden in the mountains and capture unsuspecting people who wander out here for their experiments.  They work for a third scientist (can you guess his name?) who is almost never seen.  It is currently unknown who he works for or what they are up to.  Whatever it is, it’s not good, and Flynn and Gretchen have made it their duty to stop them.

The Sisters of Night and Day

Here’s Dawn and Dusk, to the left, from my June comic.  (Dawn is on the left, and Dusk is on the right.)  I think Dusk looks the best, and I’m rather proud of her hair.  Anyway, these sisters will appear in what is so far issue 4 of my comic.  Dusk is the moodier one and prefers fighting with a physical weapon.  Dawn is cheerier and would rather use magic to fight from afar.  I may someday give a lot more of a background to them, but so far, they are protecting the town of Riverpointe from the evils that ravage it.  And if this idea has been done before (with the names and everything), please tell me so I can change it!  I do not intend to use anyone else’s idea!

10 thoughts on “Comic Characters

  1. Great art. How’s marketing going? Please see my latest post on blog. Got published although not first time. I have been producing single cel per genre. For example fishing mag, antique mag, baseball mag, educator mag and submit these specialty ones. You can look at New Yorker rejects on their blog and I am astonished how talented these people are only to be rejected. There are maybe two dozen cartoonist in US that make a living at this. I forget his name but one such prominent fellow responded to my advice query and said that if you can make between one or two thousand dollars a year for your work you are doing quite well. I taught inner city minority high school history 34 years. Since they were so behind in reading I often gave grades for the re history art and wall maps. These teens could produce quality to rival yours and even better! I had one eighth grader, that if you gave him a black and white photo, paper and pencil, his copy was so good that from 20 feet away you could not tell which was which. See if you can draw for specific market mag to interest an editor. How about your local newspaper? Or various business local newsletters from the old geezers at the chamber of commerce in town. Getting paid in copies only at least builds resume.


    1. Thanks. Um…marketing…not doing much there. I’m trying to get better right now, but that’s a good idea. I should look into that. I don’t care yet how much I’m paid as long as I’m published. That’s cool that you got things published. I’ll look at your blog soon. I’d like to see your work.
      That’s amazing the kid could copy a photo so well. I’ve seen things like that, where people draw amazing, realistic things just with a pencil and some shading. I wish I could do that.
      Thanks for the advice.


  2. Duck, I am so impressed. I love these characters, their names are great, especially Ethos and Pathos and Dawn and Dusk. Good Stuff Duck! I also love the fact that you hate drawing weapons, that says something about you! Dont’ do it!


    1. Thanks much! The Philosopher is a very hard character to write for and to design, but I hope he will turn out to be an interesting character in the final draft of the comic. He was inspired by a philosophy class I took once.


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