Eventide: Slavic Fable: Demo Review

In the recent past, I played the demo for a casual puzzle game called Grim Legends 2.  It would appear that Artifex Mundi is responsible for a lot of similar games, as I also had the opportunity to try out the demo for Eventide: Slavic Fable, another fantasy-themed puzzle game with gorgeous artwork.  Though this one takes place in modern times, we spend the entire demo in a Slavic Heritage Park where creatures from Slavic mythology coexist peacefully with humans.

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Limbo: Does It Live Up to Its Successor?

In the past, I reviewed an amazing indie horror game called Inside.  Before this game blessed us with its eerie presence, Playdead released another game you may have heard of by the name of LimboLimbo seemed to be a big deal at the time, though after watching a brief playthrough of the first chunk of the game online, I ended up losing interest.  When the game went on sale, I decided I would give it another chance to live up to the hype.

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The Duck Dreams of Frustrating Donuts

The night of June 15, 2021, I dreamt that I was going to have this operation.  I don’t know what kind it was, but the doctor was very kind, and I felt very peaceful and not scared in the slightest.  It was odd because the dream should have been stressful, but the whole time, I had this overwhelming sense that everything was going to be okay.

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Grim Legends 2: Demo Review

When perusing the demos available on the PS4, I came across a plethora of games by the developer Artifex Mundi, which all seemed to be point-and-click puzzle games with fantasy themes and colorful graphics. Intrigued to try something a bit different, but overwhelmed by my choices, I started with Grim Legends 2: Song of the Dark Swan, as it seemed to be the most highly rated.

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Inside: Horror Done Right

On my ongoing quest to catch up on many of the highly praised indie games out there, it was only a matter of time before I played Inside (created by the same people who made another well-known indie game, Limbo).  Having already seen a playthrough online, I still couldn’t help but buy this game for myself when it went on sale for roughly $2 (I mean, how could I pass up such a good deal?).  Even though the surprises had since been spoiled for me, was Inside still worth it?  Well, dear readers, the review below will answer that question…

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There’s More to Explore in Outer Wilds: Echoes of the Eye

When I played Outer Wilds earlier this year, it quickly became one of my favorite games of all time, where you must solve the mysteries of your solar system in a 22-minute time limit that always ends in a supernova.  Progression was tied solely to knowledge gained throughout your adventure, so if you knew what you were doing, you could beat the game in roughly 30 minutes.  This made for one of the most amazing gaming experiences I’ve had in recent memory…that I’ll never be able to play again.  Fortunately, to make up for being one of the least replayable games in existence, we were recently blessed with DLC called Echoes of the Eye.  So was it able to fill the Outer Wilds-shaped void in my heart?  Well, read on to find out.

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Outer Wilds: Groundhog Day Meets Outer Space

Outer Wilds is one of those video game masterpieces that most people have probably never even heard of.  To give you a little bit of background, this game is like an open-world mystery that takes place in outer space.  You explore a small, but complex, solar system, and your goal is to basically play the role of a space-faring detective as you uncover the mysteries of an alien race called the Nomai and the 22-minute time loop in which you have found yourself trapped.

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Songbird Symphony: Demo Review

My newest demo review covers an adorable little game called Songbird Symphony, in which an orphan chick named Birb sets out to find where he came from. This game is a platformer with musical elements, and what it lacks in difficulty, it makes up for in charm!

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Embers of Mirrim: Demo Review

Embers of Mirrim is a side-scrolling platformer where you play as two creatures that were joined as one. What distinguishes this game from other platformers is the ability to split into two embers, which can be controlled separately with the analog sticks. Though this is a unique concept in theory, the execution is where this demo fell short for me.

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