The Duck Dreams of a Haunted Hotel by the Sea

The night of July 12, I dreamt about this old town by the sea.  Mother Duck and I, along with our two cats Rosalina and Carmelita, had been staying in this one old hotel, but a new one was built high on this cliff.  Although it was new, it was also a perfect replica of an old building that used to exist in that same spot, complete with furniture and the like.

For some reason, I decided to stay alone in the cliff hotel, but it felt really creepy and lonely there.  (Although it was supposed to be a hotel, it was also similar to an old house and very few people could stay at a time.)  I also wondered if one of the kitties should have stayed with me, but then I decided against that because I felt unsafe there and didn’t want my kitties in such a creepy place.

So I was lying in bed, and I couldn’t sleep.  I kept hearing creaking coming from upstairs, like footsteps, even though I was alone.  Then I noticed someone sleeping in the bed in the room next to mine through the open doorway.  I was really creeped out until I realized it was just my mom, even though I thought she had returned to the original hotel.  Nearby, Rosie was sitting in the windowsill and Carmelita was in a nearby chair.

Mother Duck woke up, and we turned on the lights.  I brought to her attention all the creaking and the noises like footsteps coming from upstairs.  I also thought I was seeing things, like a shadowy figure moving behind mom, but when I looked around her, it was gone.  We were getting really nervous and were looking at some old photos on the wall, hoping to see something comforting before we tried to go back to bed, but many of the pictures showed people with creepy fake smiles.  (Like the creepy Link statue in Majora’s Mask…)

We then heard some people trying to come in.  It sounded like some kind of tour group, as this was a replica of a historical building.  Although they didn’t seem to be unfriendly, Mother Duck and I were frantically trying to lock the doors, only to discover that the doors didn’t have locks.

Photo by Greg Panagiotoglou on Unsplash


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