There’s an Alien in Our Backyard!

One night, Mother Duck and I spotted a lizard on the exterior wall of our house, just chilling next to an outdoor light.  But when we really looked at it, we mused that there was something decidedly…off about it.  In order to get a closer look, we zoomed in with our camera phone and took a few photos, confirming our suspicions that this little creature was quite bizarre indeed.

What the heck is this?!

As you can see, the lizard’s skin appears pale, smooth, and possibly translucent.  It was probably five inches in length, and it doesn’t seem to have any facial features!  As we watched the mysterious creature in confusion, it eventually ran off, and it was incredibly fast!

We’ve since shown multiple people the photos of the enigmatic reptile, and everyone has confirmed that the lizard is definitely strange, but they have no idea what it is.  And so, the mystery continues.  So if anyone here has some clue as to the identity of this weird little critter, please leave your theories in the comments below!

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