Rabbit photo from Unsplash

The Duck Dreams of Being Chased by an Evil Rabbit

The night of January 14, 2022, I had one of those dreams that felt frightening at the time, but which sounds ridiculous once I try to recount it later.  It revolved around me being chased by…yes, just as the title suggests, a rabbit.

I feel vaguely as if I’ve been having a lot of creepy dreams lately involving myself being hunted by terrifying creatures.  I can’t describe them because I can barely remember them.  I just remember dreaming about all manner of uneasy things, with the only one remaining fairly clear in my mind being about…ahem, the rabbit.

In this dream, I’m walking down a dark sidewalk one night with a few other people.  Behind us is an unassuming white rabbit.  I can’t remember its size or appearance too well, not until after it changes.  Now, one of my most dreaded monsters in horror are those that move when you’re not looking.  Whether they be the Weeping Angels from Dr. Who, SCP-173 from the fictitious SCP Foundation, or the endoskeletons from the recently released FNAF: Security Breach, they never fail to freak me out!

Well, whenever I turned my back on the rabbit, it would change into an upright, human-sized rabbit, and it would start chasing me at frightening speeds.  It terrified me, but rather than simply walking backwards so as to face it, my companions suggested we just run faster.

Doubtful about this plan, I watched as they began to run, and as expected, the rabbit pursued them.  Sick of these shenanigans and desperate for it to end, I tackled it to the ground, but it grabbed me with its humanoid arms, and I couldn’t break free.  I awoke with the feeling of those arms wrapped around me, quite terrified and unsure if I would be able to get back to sleep any time soon.  It sounds so silly now, but it was quite an unsettling experience at 3 in the morning!

Photo by Gary Bendig on Unsplash

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