Having now recorded both Psychonauts games for Youtube (not including the VR game), I recently decided to go back and try to get a lot of the stuff I had missed, as I am a bit of a completionist and enjoy getting 100% in games whenever possible. So last Wednesday, I managed to get Platinum in Psychonauts 2 (which means I got 100% in the game and 100% of the trophies). It was a fairly simple feat, though I couldn’t find one of the figments in Loboto’s mind until I looked up a video. It was a red figment on a pink background, and I had apparently walked past it multiple times.

The first game was a bit of a different matter. There are apparently multiple trophies that you can miss, so I can’t get a lot of them without starting a new playthrough. And one requires you to purchase an item from the shop on Christmas. I wish I had known about this earlier, as I just missed Christmas a few weeks ago! (I mean, yeah, I’m sure I could just…change the date. But I don’t want to.)

So I managed to get rank 100 and 76% of the trophies in 18:52:02 (this includes all figments, emotional baggage, memory vaults, cobwebs, and brains). It wasn’t super tough, but I was reminded why the game frustrated me so much on my first playthrough. Waterloo World was the worst culprit (after Meat Circus anyway…). I don’t know what it is about this place, but Raz was just not very cooperative here. He kept refusing to climb the same ladder that gave me trouble in the past, and he kept falling off this one pole he was ascending for no clear reason.

And this place easily has the worst figments in the game. Forget the weird pink fairy thing at the edge of the woods that everyone thinks is silly. I wandered into that by accident. Also, I read that you can punch the trees in the orchard to make those figments fall down, which helped a lot. What I really hated was going for all those awful birds. Why were they so high up? Why!

Oh, and the way the game has a Point of No Return once you reach the Meat Circus (fortunately, it autosaves here in case you want to continue the game from before this spot, which I clearly did), I had to get 100% everywhere else in the game first…then I had to repeat the first half of the Meat Circus, including the part where you must protect Oly from the deformed bunnies! (To quote Mr. Drippy, “Give me strength, mun!)

To make matters worse, on the second wheel where you have to swing on the sword in order to reach a higher platform…I never could get that right. I only got through that thanks to a nice little glitch or something where, if I miss the jump and land in the net below, the game will let me continue from the higher platform. This worked on both my original playthrough and the one I recorded. Well, for my third miserable trek through the Meat Circus, it didn’t work. I finally managed to get the jump right, but it was certainly a pain!

I really enjoyed exploring the camp after dark, though. The music is really relaxing, and looking for the remaining PSI-Cards and Scavenger Hunt items was good fun! And speaking of camp, what I found fascinating is the fact that the Psychic Six (plus Lucrecia Mux) from Psychonauts 2 really are found on the torches in that one section of camp where the intro cut scene takes place! How interesting that these characters’ names (and most of their appearances) remain unchanged 16 years later!

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