Deltarune Chapter 2 is Even Better

After roughly a 3-year wait, the second chapter of Deltarune has finally been released (and for free, no less!).  Considering the long time period between both chapters, I have to admit that I don’t remember Chapter 1 super well, but I can’t shake the feeling that Chapter 2 is even better.  The game might not be complete, but I can at least write a little review for how my experience with Chapter 2 went.

Chapter 2 starts out much the same, with some slight acknowledgement for the…weird ending that the first chapter had.  Kris wakes up and goes to school, and our new pal Susie is eager to return to the Dark World that seems to be inexplicably located in the school supply closet.  We are reunited with Ralsei (and Lancer, sort of, though this goofy little guy plays a much smaller role), but we don’t remain here for long because Kris and Susie have a school project to work on.  But when we head to the computer lab in the town library (excuse me, librarby), we discover a whole new Dark World, this one based around computers and cyberspace  And to make things more interesting, two more classmates have found themselves sucked in, as well!

Despite the passing of so many years, the humor in Chapter 2 is just as excellent as Chapter 1 and Undertale.  We are also introduced to some new characters, including a new female villain who is so entertaining!  Like Toby Fox’s previous work, you have the option to spare or kill enemies.  I hardly remember the battle system in the first game, but I vaguely recall it being kind of tedious because Kris had the most useful abilities in terms of sparing enemies, and Susie felt like a waste because, if you’re trying to be a pacifist, you can’t really use her because she’s the fighter of the team.  This time, everyone in the group can Act and Spare enemies, which made everything feel so much more efficient.

Chapter 2 was also just generally more interesting, as the lore is growing just a bit deeper and intriguing this time around.  There is also an even stranger and more shocking ending, plus a secret alternate path you can take that people are calling the Snowgrave Route, which is just…so creepy.  If you don’t try it for yourself, definitely check it out on Youtube because it adds a whole new level of development to two characters in particular!

I do want to point out that if you choose to play Chapter 2 on a different system than the first, that is all right because the game gives you the option of starting your playthrough from Chapter 2, even without a prior save file.  This was quite fortunate because I played Chapter 2 on the PS4, abandoning my save file on my computer because playing with arrow keys last time was a bit of a pain.

This newest entry into Deltarune was more than worth the wait.  I can’t wait to see where Chapter 3 takes us.  Even if it takes a long time.  After all, you can’t rush genius.

This post was originally published on Virtual Bastion on December 6, 2021.

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