Rosie and Carmen Get Bunk Beds

I recently realized that I hadn’t written about my dear Siamese kitties lately, Rosalina and Carmelita, and so this vile mistake must be corrected immediately.  It all revolves around a few photos I took recently, but for the sake of making this into a proper blog post, a little backstory is in order.  Let the padding commence!

Well, we have this two-tiered glass table, upon which we used to keep our printer (a printer which was partly damaged from the time our previous kitty, Elsa, knocked a small pelican-shaped lamp on top of it).  Unfortunately, our cats decided that the poor injured printer was a great perch from which to ascend to the top of some high pieces of furniture.  We were given no choice but to relocate the printer, but this didn’t stop them from simply using the table as a jumping-off point instead.

Considering the kitties were being quite naughty indeed, the only course of action was to…reward them by making the table into bunk beds for our unruly felines.  Do not question our logic.  We don’t understand it, either.  Well, Rosie used to like napping on this pink blanket on the couch.  We moved it, along with a similar blue blanket of equal softness, to the table for the kitties to nap in comfort.  Rosie didn’t appreciate having her blanket moved and refused to use it, but Carmelita took to napping there pretty much immediately.

Well, after a month or so, both cats are finally using their kitty bunk beds for simultaneous napping.  Rosie was reunited with her pink blanket, while Carmen now enjoys the blue blanket lower down.  And that, dear readers, is the grand journey that led to the creation of these lovely photos.  Enjoy!

Rosie is sleepy, while Carmen thinks deep thoughts…
Now Rosie is busy admiring her sister…

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