Little Nightmares Color Palettes for October 2021

I always like to do something special for October, so this year, I decided to create a set of four Little Nightmares pictures.  In a fashion similar to my Haunted Mansion pictures from last year, these new drawings were colored using the color palettes that you can find at this link.  While I’ve been slowly posting these pictures to my Deviant Art account, my dear readers get an early look at my fourth and final picture, which I plan to post to DA on Halloween.

First off, we have the Lady from the original game, who owns the horrifying aquatic structure known as the Maw and seems to have a fear of mirrors.  Considering the unsavory things that place in the Maw, perhaps she avoids mirrors because she can’t bear the sight of what looks back at her.  Either way, she really doesn’t take kindly to anyone seeing her without her mask.

The Lady, powerful and reclusive owner of the Maw

And here we have the Teacher from the second game.  She’s easily the scariest monster in the series thanks to that long neck of hers.  I imagine even Baldi might be a bit disturbed by her sternness, though we can’t deny that she’s got mad skills on the piano.  Oh, and the full message on the chalkboard is, “I will not chew gum in class.”  I wonder what happened to the student responsible…

I hope you’ve done your homework…

Next up is the Thin Man, also from the second game.  Not only is he quite thin, as the name suggests, but he’s exceedingly tall, as well, tall enough that doorframes are kind of a problem for him.  How often does he bump his head on them, I wonder?  That would certainly make him way less intimidating, now wouldn’t it?  He also has a penchant for crawling out of TV screens, which I think would cure much of the population’s adoration for binge watching Netflix if this ever happened to them.  While this well-dressed fellow is my favorite from the second game, the honor of being my very top favorite Little Nightmares monster goes to none other than…

Do his TV-traversal powers extend to flatscreens?

The Janitor…also known as Roger…  I’m not sure what makes this creepy dude so darn endearing.  Maybe his blindness and absurdly stubby legs make it harder for us to hate him every time he grabs us from ten feet across the room.  Maybe it’s because his habit of petting spoons and being easily distracted by the sound of a TV is just too silly not to put a smile on our faces, even when he’s back to relentlessly hunting us down moments later.  While this oddly proportioned fellow is no longer the scariest monster in the series, that hasn’t stopped him from holding a special place in our depraved, little hearts.

Roger would be great at changing the batteries in smoke detectors…

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