Little Nightmares Face Practice

Every October, I try to draw something special for the spookiest time of the year.  Last year was a set of Haunted Mansion color palette pictures.  This year, I’m doing the same thing, except the theme is going to be Little Nightmares instead.  As I prepared, I practiced drawing a bunch of characters from the series (excluding Very Little Nightmares, which I’ve never played) using screenshots, concept art, and reference sheets created by TheCreatorsEye on Deviant Art (who has been working for the last few years on an excellent Little Nightmares comic that is updated on Tuesdays, by the way).

I uploaded my inked and colored attempts to Deviant Art, but here, I would like to share a more comprehensive sheet that includes my sketches in addition to the colored versions of each character’s face.  The front and side views come from TheCreatorsEye reference sheets (though the sketch of the Janitor’s full face, “eyes” included, comes from concept art), while the 3/4 angle of the faces were my own attempts, with the exception of Mono.

Not pictured: about a billion cruddy sketches…give or take a billion…

In case you’re unfamiliar with the characters, starting from the top left corner we have Six from the first game wearing her yellow raincoat.  To her right is Mono, the protagonist from the second game.  I’m not happy with how he turned out.  Perhaps I should just draw him wearing his paper bag over his face….  One row down, we have the Lady and the Thin Man, with the Thin Man getting a second static version because he is known to emerge from TV screens.  Below that, we have my personal favorite, the Janitor (AKA Roger, according to his nametag).  Despite being the creepiest monster in the first game, I think I gave him a rather friendly smile, doncha think?

Below Roger are the Twin Chefs.  I had no idea what I was doing when I colored their hats…but I think their faces turned out all right, at least.  Below them are two more monstrous (I mean, lovely…) ladies, the Granny from the first game’s DLC and the Teacher from the second game.  The Teacher only got a front view because I didn’t like how she turned out when I drew her from the 3/4 angle.  By the way, she’s easily the scariest monster in the series, though you can’t see why here.  If you don’t already know what makes her terrifying, you will in the finished picture….  After that, we have the Doctor, who is the most difficult monster for me to draw (he’s also usually upside down as he prefers to crawl along the ceiling, as if doctors weren’t frightening enough), and I also have multiple sketches of the Guests from the first game, with the finished Guest coming from a screenshot I took.

Oh, and the Hunter and the Runaway Kid get little sketches down in the corner.  I didn’t practice them because the Hunter’s already easy to draw, considering you never see his face, and…I forgot the Runaway Kid existed until the very end.  Sorry, kiddo!

Just the best crud…

Since then, I’ve moved on to making finished pictures of four characters, which I hope to share in the near future.  For now, I hope you will join us for my Little Nightmares playthrough on Virtual Bastion, which started yesterday!  While I did already record Little Nightmares for our channel a few years ago, I wanted to redo this game now that my commentary and video-editing skills have improved.  Either way, I look forward to sharing my finished color palette pictures with you all soon!

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