Evading the Teacher: A Little Nightmares Dream

The night of April 26, 2021, I dreamt of the terrifying school teacher from the horror game, Little Nightmares 2.  She is easily one of the most frightening things in the series, thanks largely to a neck that can stretch to horrifying lengths.  It is no wonder then that she would be the focus of my dreams, even when I finished the game a couple months ago.  I dreamt that I was competing with someone (no idea who he was, though) to see who could beat Little Nightmares 2 the quickest.  I felt I had an advantage because I, unlike my competitor, had beaten the game before, so it was not unexpected when I reached chapter 2 while he was still in chapter 1.

Well, at this point, I found myself greatly struggling.  The game seemed much harder than I remembered, and I was actually in the game rather than just playing it.  I was Six from the first game (rather than Mono, the protagonist of the second game), and instead of navigating the school, I was in the teacher’s house.  She had a rather big house and was always busily wandering about, sometimes in her usual school garb, other times in more casual clothing.

I would always start out in this large closet.  Like in the game, I was tiny, so everything loomed over me.  Pretty much nothing was lost to the teacher’s impressive hearing, and even the smallest noise would send her running in my direction to investigate.  I would try to hide under piles of clothing, and sometimes the teacher caught me with ease, and other times, I would barely cover myself with a single misplaced article of fabric, and she wouldn’t see me as long as I stayed still.

I would slowly progress through her house, always on the lookout for hiding spots, always moving with as much silence as I could muster.  Whenever she found me, I would give up (running was always futile anyway with her unnaturally stretchy neck), and I would cover my face because I couldn’t bear to see her when she captured me.  Needless to say, this was a rather frightening dream, and I don’t remember making much progress navigating the teacher’s abode before being sent right back to the starting point.

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